Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 13, Chapter 13, Hueding

In the face of the tail beast jade that she bombards, I saw the wave of the water door, and the flying thunder was born in front of the body, and the space in front of the fly thunder was filled, and an invisible spatial junction instantly expanded.

The power is enough to destroy a whole mountain's nine-tailed beast jade, bombardment in the flying thunder god knots, did not set off a wave of waves, the whole tail beast jade is directly swallowed in the space.

"Bang !!!"

In a short while, the place where the mountain behind the mountain has passed a huge explosion. It turned out to be able to transfer the nine-tailed tail beast jade directly to the village.

At a time, the mood of the four-generation avatar of the woody rock, leaving this last eternal scene in everyone's heart.

The next battle is that the four-generation rigs of the leaves are bravely sacrificed, and the nine turtle foxes of the disaster leaves are sealed in their own son - the whirlpool.

With the sacrifice of the ribbon legendary wood folk flash, it seems that the old grandfather is also suffering from the talents. The sky gradually has a heavy rain.

A few days later, all the ninjas of the wooden leaves attended the funeral of the four generations, and the golden flash sacrificed himself to save the wooden leaves, and the fire will pass to every young part of the village.

Chapter 18 graduates in advance (third more)

Time flies, after the nine tail event, time has passed for a year.

Among the Woodlets Office, a application in front of the three-generation rigs, causing the attention of the three generations of niring.

"I graduated in advance, then the day is now ..."

The smoke spit out of the smoke, the thoughts of the three-generation Naruto were pulled to the battle of the Ninja school seen a year ago, although only two little ghosts, but the two people broke out, the ninja talents had to let him The highest leadership of the Ye Na Village have attracted attention.

"I didn't expect it. Only one year, this little ghost applied for graduation, it is really fearful ..." The amazing Tianzhi made him think that he used to live the Buddha, "No, the big snake pill He didn't reach this old ... "

"Hey ... This is the ninja should go to the dark." The three generations of fire put down the pipe, signed his name on the application, "But I want to graduate in advance, I have to test it well." a bit."

Three days later, the news of the instance graduated in advance was sensationalizing the entire ninja school, and many people in the village were talking about.

"Have you heard? I graduated from the day of the genius for a family." I talked to my companions in a pub.

"I have long heard of it. It seems that the three generations of fire, adults are intention to pull him into the dark, and tomorrow's graduation test has arranged three to bear to fight with him!" There is another in the middle.

"Three endure? Isn't it too unfair? General Ninja school graduated from the level of the ninja couldn't you reach it?" I asked before.

"This is also the news that I heard when I was patrolling in the fire office building. After all, the secret of the secrets of the secret is a dangerous task. The power requires it to be more demanding." I only listened to this in the foreigner: "But the three generations The meaning of adults is that he doesn't need him to defeat three, as long as he can protect himself in the actual battle of the three. "

"It turned out to be, it seems that the three generations of rigs are also painful for these children in the village."

Wooden leaves, or the roof of the root of the woods.

The moment and the nine shadows are in full swing.

"Gossip · Break!"

With a light drink in the moment, shoot it towards two side of the twenty-meter side.

"Bang !!"

Chakra shocks like an invisible laser, directly blown two children to hug the big tree.

This is the gossip of the gossip of the jade system in the middle of this year.

After the nine-tailed incident, it took a year, and the moment was higher than last year, it looked more like a born nine-year-old teenager.

In this year, the cultivation of the cultivation of the moment was unimpeded, and there was no fall in one day. After your own efforts and the help of the collapse system, the moment of Chakra finally reached the endole, the power of the demon fruit in the body also broke through the level of the One Piece World.

Soft Fighting, although the gossip has been refining, but it has not been cultivated to touch the bottleneck, after all, after all, after all, it has not been in the last breakthrough time.

"Calculate time wood and cloud tolerance, there is also a war, I don't know when I can go to the battlefield ..." I feel the power of my body, "the ability to develop frozen fruits It's useless now ... "

At the moment, I estimate my current strength. If you use the ability of frozen fruits, you can kill definitely no problem, even in the hands of the shadow.

This is undoubtedly a monster, which must be attributed to the fits and efforts of the monster, and the help of the collapse system.

"Tomorrow is the graduation and evaluation, I don't know how to say that the three generations of fire will send three endured and me." The sunset has a disdainful smile, "this is Is my postgraduate study? Hey, three endure, it is really not enough ... "

This is not the strength of the power to make the self-confidence expansion of the moment, but in the face of his current eyes and strength, it is completely crushed.

"I hope that I am not interested tomorrow ..."


Early the next morning, the workplace in the Ninja School was covered with people.

In addition to normal watching the testers and teachers, I also came to many other ninja and ordinary villagers in the village. After all, since the genius ninja flag wood Cardi, I was in the Ninja School for graduation, and it is now a moment. People naturally have attracted extensive attention.

They all want to see this legendary day to a genius teenager, there will be a wonderful performance. In fact, even the three generations of fire, although they did not arrive directly, but also observed in the office through crystal ball with telescope.

Today, the theoretical basic test of the ninja and the actual use of three tests, there is no difficulty in the moment, soon it is full, the next is the actual test.

"The day is in the moment, these three are the opponents of the actual assessment, your task is to successfully insistence ten minutes in their hands, or to defeat them, even if you pass the test. He is the class teacher in the moment, nature is the host of this test.

"Test start!"

In addition to the moment, the exercise field except in the middle, it still stands three young ninja. These three are implemented in the elite of hundreds of tasks experience.

"The present generation is really not allowed. It is so small that I will graduate so small." The intermediate look of ordinary endure.

"Hey, little ghost! I advise you to go back to school for a few years! We can be the ninja of the battlefield, and you have not had a small ghost that you have had a school." There is a knife on the side. Pending it on the moment.

"There is no killing of people, etc., don't cry, or go home to eat milk." The other face is cold and not cold.

"It's speechless, why is the most arrogant part of the second priest to these dragons ..." Standing in the middle of the venue helplessly turned over white eyes, although his eyes were white.

"Ten seconds ..." suddenly endured in three under three.

"What? What is it for ten seconds? This test is to keep you ten minutes! Instead of ten seconds!" I heard the moment that suddenly said, I couldn't touch my mind.

"Take him ... Maybe this little devil is stupid ... we are! Let this little ghost know what is the real ninja!" The knife is directly pulled out and bitter, and it will fierce towards it. I took out, and the other two ninja rushed out.

There is no sound of opening, seeing the first rushing of the knife, looking at it, it is going to thoroughly, there is no move, there is no move.

"This little ghost, really is not fighting experience, is scared," Looking at your own bitterness, he will have to pierce this teenager's eyes, and the knife has gradually revealed the cruel smile. He is a cruel battlefield of the Three Retirers, and the flowers in these greenhouses in the village will not have any good eyes.

Chapter 19, I'm going to fight for three things (fourth more)

When you have a bitterness, you will be able to touch the eyelashes of the moment.

The right hand in the moment is in the palm of the palm, and the Soft Chakra is wrapped up. Directly in the face of a knife, I can't see the speed, and I took a palm of his arms.


I saw that the knife was so painful, and the blood spitted in the mouth, and the face was painfully squatted in front of the stomach. This is the soft tricks of the moment, and the body has entered his body and destroys his internal organs.

I saw a trick between the knife, I was in front of the moment, and the other two were very shocked, and I didn't dare to pay attention. The cold decisive decisive double hand is placed before XionG starts printing.