Naruto's Jade Crash System

Take the Crack System Chapter 14

"Wind, wind, taking advantage!"

An invisible wind blade in the air suddenly gathered, and the air was tied to the moment.

"Strive to death! This is the C-class sickness that I learned from the battlefield. It is not your ninja school's little ghost!" Seeing that he successfully put it from the sickness, it is not very convinced.

"Gossip · Break!"

In the face of the wind in the air, it is not changed, and the face is not changed, and the wind blade is struggling to make a palm.


This C-class winds and sickness instantly instantly attached the gossip of the hill, destroyed, and did not block this hit. Directly did not change the face of the face, hit him. Flying out five or six meters long, I fell on the ground after the air was spit out of the blood, and I didn't know.

Eight gossip · Broken hike, this trick is an opportunity to endure from the endurance of the endurance. It is not a comparative impogramme that this kind of Class C willbe, don't say it is a C-class tolerance, even if it is A large stone, it can also be shred with a palm.

"Ox!" When I saw two companions, I lost the fighting power. The rest of the face is straight. I will rush straight. I will pull it out from behind, and I will get up from the top to the next knife. moment.

"Wooden big cyclone!"

In the past, the cultivation of the muma flowing in the past is not falling, directly cultivating the wooden whirlwind into the bottleneck into a wooden large whirlwind.

At the moment, the hands were not moved, just a way to be in the body, and the legs were like a whirlwind, and the legs and feet had already brought a strong hurricane. First, the left foot kicked the temper in front of this, and then the right foot directly kicked his chin, and he took him away from the ground.

"It seems that this day, the day of this day is more than just soft punch." The beautiful body of this hand is straightforward, directly to the neighborhood to watch the ninja.

Just when the moment is falling, everyone thinks that it is over.


The kick to the air and then turn it directly into a beach soil.

"Dimming, it seems that it is a bit bit more powerful than the two waste ..." I saw the opponent became a beach soil, and I was not surprised, but I immediately looked around with white eyes.

"Go to death. Little ghost!"

Just when I was in the moment, I suddenly put it out of the way, suddenly slammed out of the earth, too knife swallies directly.

"Oh, I don't have it." Looking at the end of the ground, the moment of the mouth revealed disdainful smile.

"Back !!" The whole body acupuncture has released a large number of Chakra, and the moment is directly rotated directly.

"Amount !!!" The hand-held too knife is directly flying back, the high-speed rotation of the trick directly hit his five organs.

"Time is just ten seconds ..." At the same time, while being hit, it took out a bitterness, and his crotch was nailed to the ground and announced the victory of this battle.

"I have been defeated!" I have been defeated! "I feel that the crotch is cold, I saw the bitterness of the nail, and there was no difference in urine, and I quickly asked for mercy.

All this is a very light-written, and even feel that the pressure of these three to bear him is not as good as the threat to him.

The crowd watching the crowd fooled in the pan.

"God! He actually defeated three seconds!" I only heard a uncle said.

"This is too exaggerated, is he really just a ninja school still hasn't graduated a little ghost?" This is a newly promoted.

"This is really awkward talent ... I will go back to the universal people ..." In the crowd watching, a ninja with a cat face mask on a face disappeared Original place.

With the praise of the surrounding audience and applause, the moment returned to the three teachers and did not know the fire and other classmates.

"Congratulations, you are already a qualified endorse." I don't know my fire, I handed it to the moment. "This is given to your ninja, you are teaching time. The shortest but also the best students. "

"Thank you teacher." The moment took the ninja care, engraved the sign of the wooden ninja village, and it worked on the forehead, just covered the white bandage of the bundled "cage bird" curse.

"At the moment, I didn't expect that the gap between us is getting bigger and bigger." As the competitor of the ninja school, it is also the best friend who has the best friend. Yis Zhipo has come to the moment. "However, I will catch up soon." Your pace and exceed you. "

I saw the competitors who have been chasing their own, I have been so easy to graduate from the Ninja School in advance, and the desire of Yuxi Poso is more strong. Maybe I have been graduated in advance, I can't wait anywhere here, I think so in my heart.

"I am looking forward to that day, I believe that you can graduate from here." For the talents of Uzhi, the moment never dares to look. " In the original, he graduated from the ninja school next year. Now there is a stimulation of this opponent, maybe it will be graduated in advance next year.

"Hey ... I hate .. I can't go to school with you after graduation, I can't go to school together ..." The most unhappy here is a little girl to the ring.

"Good ring tone, no seek, can we live in a family place, can you see it?" Faced with this tangled little girl, it is also particularly helpless, although she is really beautiful. Cute, but as a person in the two people, it is just to treat her as a little sister.

I touched the head of the ring tone, comforted this sticky little girl, and I did a simple bid for my classmates who didn't know the monsters and the classmates.

The next face with the ninja of the cat face mask, appeared in front of the flash: "The day is in the moment, the Nang Shadow people want to see you, please come with me."

"The Nang Shadow people want to see me?" I didn't know what the three generations wanted to arrange him into the dark, so they were a little surprised. I didn't expect my performance to attract the attention of the three generations.

When I heard the dark ninja in this cat face, everyone in the scene was more affirmed that the future achievements were not limited, and they got a three-generation rigs.

Chapter 20 Add to the Second (Fifth)

Following with the front of the dark ninja galloped, I don't know that there is a fierce quarrel in the fire office at this time.

"Do you know what you are talking about? Group Tibet!" The three generations of old men have already smashed the smoking tuning. When I got it, I would like to ask this person in front of you. "Take the day. Give you??"

"I fly, give me these two potential geniuses, and it is totally capable to teach these two people in the internal part of the 'root'." This person in front of the three generations said loudly.

This man wears white and clothing, bandage is entangled in the right eye, one hand hits the cane, and the other hand is hidden in the kimono, it looks a bit weird, but this person is the high-rise of the wooden leaves, the three generations of darkness, The founder of the root organization - Zhidun Tibetan.

"I certainly believe in your ability, but I am sorry, I have planned to let them join the dark, I believe that they grow in the darkness will never be poor than you." The three generations said.

"What!" The eyes of the group hiding gradually became cold, "Do you have to fight for these two people with me?"

"There is nothing to fight, this is just my decision." The three generations shrugged helpless, but the tone was extremely affirmative.

"What do you mean by flying! Kasi is there, the only small ghost in the village will use the wooden warehouse is also taken away, you are ..."

If the group is still finished, I have been interrupted by the three generations: "The group is hidden, after all, I am a hot shadow!"

Then the three generations of words are turning again. "This, the group is hidden, and now there are other excellent talents in the ninja school. The little ghost in the mountain is good, I agree to join your root ..."

Yes, he is a hot shadow - the highest leader of this village, the group biting his teeth, there is no rating, the three generations continue to say, go directly outside the door, the gods are more cold, and the heart hate Tao: "It's for you forced me. One day, I will board the position of the fire, when you come ..."


Looking at the back of the group, I remembered that this teammate I once embarrassed, and the three generations of fire sighed.

Soon, the footsteps of the mirror of the secret of the Second Ninja arrived in the fire office building, and then the secrets of the secrets sounded the door.

"Come in." The voice of an old man came.

"Naruto, the day is brought to." After entering the door, the secret of the secrets of the secret.

"I have worked hard." Sitting on the three generations behind the work desk said to the dark ninja in front of the office, then point his attention to the moment, "You are a moment, it is a genius teenager who is not buckled. ... "

"The Nangjie adults are known, I don't know what I did to call me today?" The three generations showed an moment, and the three generations were secretly taking the three-generation rigs, if not seeing the three generations of the old eyes, It also revealed a wise front, and the moment I really thought that I was just an ordinary elderly, not the "Ibe," "Subject".