Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chair of the Chapter 15

"You apply for an advance graduation this year. I have known it. I can see that I can cultivate the ninja in the village. I am really gratifying." The three generations of smoke and smoke and watching the moment. "Today, I want to ask you, I want to ask your opinion, then you want to choose a guide to join the team to perform the task, still want to join the dark, directly accept the command of the fire?"

When I said, the three generations also remembered the secret post from the front line, and the cloud of Lei Zhi recently had a movement, three endure, and the sacrifice of the four generations of the Jiuji incident, let the leaves fell into this time. A unprecedented battle crisis, the three generations had to expect these young generations to grow some of them.

Select instruction to join the Ninja team? Or do you join the dark side directly by the three generations of fire? After listening to the three generations, I pulled it in my mind.

"Joining the Ninja team is slightly free, you can choose to pick various difficult tasks, I will have extra time to practice. However, if you join the dark, you can directly accept the field of dispatch, it is generally some combat missions, you can Improve my actual experience. "After a moment, I said to the three generations:" I want to join the secret. "

"Okay, you want to join the dark." The answer of the moment is also more in line with the idea of ​​the three generations. The three generations of ideas are also thinking that they are directly under their own dark part. After decision, I will arrange you to Carti. The team, the young people are more, more suitable for you to communicate. "

"Carti ... I didn't expect to join his team ..." After hearing three generations, I thought I thought.

"Well, this is settled, there is no problem, you go to the dark to report after three days." The three generations looked at the moment, but he found that he also watched the color of this child's eyes before.

"Yes, if there is nothing else, I will go out first."

"Okay, let's go first."

After coming out from the fire, the sky outside has arrived in the evening, and the wooden leaves were red in the sky.

On the road to go home, the trees on both sides of the wind did the trees, and the moment suddenly stopped.

"Go out, I have seen you."

The moment of stopping the footsteps said to the streets in front of the sky.


At the moment, there were two movies, and the faces were all stayed in the face. When the previous one, I put the moment in the middle, and I blocked the way to go.

"The day is the moment, the group hiding adults invite you to the past." The front of the cat face mask ninja said.

"Do you have a big man? Sorry, I don't know, please let it make." The moment said, but the Ninja in front of the previous one is going to the front.

Group Tibetan? The inner heart of the moment is a little wave of waves. For the champion of the group, he understands the original one, the leader of the wood "root" organization, the heart is hit, and the mind is deep, absolutely old fox, if There is no special thing, I don't want to talk to this troubled person.

However, the two roots of the roots will not be so easy to put it, and once again blocked in front of the moment.

"That is sinful, we have to take you away again." The front of the ninja took a sharp bitter from the sleeves, and the back of the ninja directly took out too much knife, and the moment is in the middle .

At the moment, the faint approval can also guess that it is estimated that he has recently made the old fox attaches this old fox. I want to absorb myself into root.

"I didn't expect your root organization to do so boldly, it turned out to attack the same vibrant in the wood leaf." Attack opened the white eyes, and through the perspective, you can see Chakra in front of these two ninja, probably a nectied level.

Chapter 21 Roots (Sixth)

"There will be no one know, because soon, we will take you back." Said that the root tissue of the previous roots directly talked the position of the heart, this is actually a virtual trick, real The purpose is to let the moment to reveal the flaws and then let them seize the opportunity.

"Oh, two in the two? But a pity, you are not enough." He said in the cold voice.

In the moment, the speed of the soft boxing gossip is 28. The palm of the front root is tissue, and the legs are gently, the body is going forward, and the whole person is tied into his arms. , Both hands and two vain, play a few ten palms in a moment.

"Ah !!" Even the reaction is not coming, the front root tissue ninja directly is blocked by the soft way to the body, and fly out.

At the same time, the back root tissue ninja has been killed, and the skin of the blade is almost all of the skin.

At the moment, there is no back, and the 360 ​​degree perspective of the white eye has seen his attack from behind. The right leg of the moment quickly puts back, a gesture of a scorpion, kicked the ninja to the ninja to tattoo.

When I kicked the moment, I lost the original place. When I appeared again in the next second, I had reached the back of the root tissue ninja, and there was a lot of blue Chakra on the hand.

"Spiral pill !!"

"Amount !!!"

Spiral pills bombarded the back of this root tissue, this ninja directly sent a scream, the whole person was in the ground with a spiral pill, and the entire ground was bombarded with a spiral pill.

In the blink of an eye, the two root tissue ninja have fallen on the ground, lost its combat power.

" ..." At this time, the applause came from next to it.

At the moment, I didn't know when the tree next to it has already stood a white suit, the right eye is tied to the bandage, and the chin has a cross-shaped knife with a man with a cane.

"I can't think of you will use the four-generation rigid tolerance." After seeing the spiral pills of the moment, it was a little surprised.

"Treasure!" After seeing this person, the pupil of the moment contracted.

"It's a wonderful battle, although the evaluation of you is already high enough, I didn't expect me to underestimate your ability." Standing next to the group said, a smile on the old face, if you don't know His details, the average person will really think he is a good head.

But I have seen the original plot, or it is easy to see a strong possession from his eyes.

"It can be a bit trouble, I didn't expect to come over." At the moment, I can see it with white eyes, I can see that this is a movie character, although I don't count in the shadow. Strong, but it is far more than going to endure this level.

Although I feel a bit trouble, I don't have too much panic. If all the strength is revealed, there is still no problem in the market. Of course, the premise is that if the group is personally shot, it must take away the moment.

"The day, I am adding to my 'root' department, definitely can get more improvements than you can get in the dark." Tibetan looked at the opening of the moment, "I lack a battle and investigation like you in my organization." The genius ninja in one integration. "

Indeed, after years of development, the root of the Group has gradually absorbed the various masters in the wood, and the ninja of these secrets in the oil female family mountains, the root tissue, even the group is still intended to penetrate to Yishbo The family, trying to dye the power of writing the path.

In the wood leaf, it has been neutralized to a family Ninja, the excellent investigation ability and superb Chakra control capabilities and strong body surgery have always been the goal of Tibetan wants.

"I am very sorry, I have just agreed that I have just agreed to join the three-generation rigid adults to join the secret ..." I chose the refusal. For the group hidden in this mouth, all the day for wood, and implement the darkness in my heart. People, there is really no good feeling.

When the Original Group hugs and Sasukes, they seem to be self-seal, and it seems that many people think this role is washed and white, but it doesn't think so.

Similar to Tibetan people, even if his starting point is for wooden leaves, so many dirty means, so many innocent people become his experimental products and victims, and even the long-term Heping of peace, they, It is also a group hide to go to the abyss because of its selfish purposes. As a partner of a team as a team, I can assume people to assassinate three generations for their own ambitions. Such a person, such a person, a sentence, for the sake of wood, can you wash it?

Although I have never thought that I am a good person, I have a hidden man in the mouth to achieve my own purpose, but I have a crowning person, and I have a deep and bad.

"Oh, I don't have to refuse." I didn't show my angry expression after I heard the moment, but laughed and said to the moment. data……"

The question of the group is not finished, but the moment is a shock, and it is directly attracted by the content in his words.

"Is there a way to solve the 'cage in the' cage in his hand?" At the moment, I wanted to see what I saw in it.

"If you are interested, then you will come to you!" Let me find me! "When I finished the group, I turned around, I thought," Hey, the little ghost, I am sure you will bear it. I can't live to ask me ... "

After the group left, the road was immediately flashed on the two root of the ninja. The two people who were knocked down before, and the instant left.

After everyone left, a person in the moment was in the road to go home, but I was caught in the road: "With the original 'root' for the penetration of the leaves, even the thousand-handed cells and write-eyed eyes can get I can't tell the method of unlocking the day, but this old fox is definitely will not be so easy to give me ... "

For the "cage bird" curse in the hunger, every day, people can't escape, as long as I don't get rid of this curse one day, I have to be submitted to people, which has always been hanging on the head of the moment. The original day is because the identity of the hunger is because the cloud is tolerant, and the day, the brother is done to death, and the moment I don't want to see such a thing will happen to myself.

"No matter what, I have to deliver my life in the hands of others! I have to get rid of such a fate ..." I'm in the same way in Pensing, even I didn't know if I returned home.

After returning home, although it is a bit tired, it is still still divided into a shadow, let him go to the hills to continue cultivating, lying on the chuang, giving them to the ceiling.

Chapter 22, the secret report (seventh more)

Three days later, the moment came to the base of the wooden leaf.