Naruto's Jade Crash System

Rigang Crack System Chapter 16

"The day, this is your full set of equipment, take it."

The moment is standing in front of the dark equipment window, and the people inside have taken out a socket of clothing and a cat face mask, and put it in front of the moment.

"Thank you." After taking the equipment, I went to the dressing room to replace the dark clothes, walked towards the venue of the dark.

After arriving at the episode, the moment found that it has been standing for seven or eight secrets.

"This kid is the little ghost to the day?" Looking at the thin figure of the moment, a secret, secret, sitting on the wooden pile.

Indeed, although the six-year-old moment already has one meter of one, but compared with the mirrored ninja around, the figure of the moment is still so thin.

At this time, a face-parse looks about the teenage secretly ninja went to the moment. He said: "Little ghost, I don't know if the ninja school's level is low, let you graduate in advance, but You listen to it, give me a good performance, don't drag our hind legs ... "

"Don't like this, we should take care of them as the predecessor ..." This is a purple long-haired female nintee walks in front of the moment, take off the rabbit face mask, showing a bright movie face, " You are a new player, my name is the Sumido, welcome you to our team. "

Is it her? !

Although the original drama is very small, the gorgeous purple hair, the bright face, or the body, still remembers this role in this month, and the opening of the holiday is just a eleven. Two-year-old girl.

"Hello, I am the new day to the moment, please advise." Seeing that the thrilling of the holidays is so friendly, the opening of the moment is also polite.

"Then this face, pale disease, the ghost is the moonlight blown ..." At this time, he just got a poor ninja to him, and thought.

The moonlight blown this person also has an impression. The future wooden leaves are particularly endured. The Monasters have the first examinee of the Chinese tolerance exam, and the fiance in the future of the moon, a mortgage in the hill pills, the crash plan Talete the short-lived ghost in the Honestone hand.

"Hey, the port, you don't have to be so polite to him ..." However, the moonlight is still not inappropriate, disdainful looks at the moment, "like this kind of little ghost, I can't count as a ninja, I am afraid that he is I will drag you. "

"Oh ..." Listening to the moonlight, I laughed. I didn't see it when I saw anime. He was so self-righteous. He said to him: "Someone said like this before." Now they have been lying in the wooden hospital. "

"What do you say? Little ghost!" Seeing that the grandgrass little ghost actually put him in the eyes, the moonlight hood glared at him, and the murder was released.

"Need me to repeat? Garbage." Feel the murder of the moonlight blown, inexplicably fade and repeatedly changing the murder.

"It seems necessary to teach you to respect the predecessor ..." Seeing the attitude of the moment, the moonlight blown is directly in anger, the knife is flashing, the turner behind it is directly out of sheath, the whole person is made, the whole man is running quickly I went out.

This month, the moon is not closed, and the strength of the unbearable, the beautiful sword is the tricks of his mixed warrior's roots and leafless swords, because this trick is wonderful, rushing The enemy's orbit became a moon, so there is a "moon dance".

"Hey, sculptaphysics." The moment did not speak, but the heart did not have much, this hand fierce swordsman, this month of light is really a talent, but unfortunately it is too self-righteous.

"Wooden Big Cyclone !!" Faced with the moonlight blown swordsmanship, the moment directly broke the endurance level of Chakra, the body quickly sinks, and kicked the right foot and kicked out, with just fierce The hurricane kicked the arm of the moonlight, the left leg, and the left leg went around and kicked his Xiong mouth.

At the moment, the high-quality, high-quality, directly disrupted the foot of the moonlight, although I understand that the ninja school graduated in advance, but did not expect that the strength of her nectassy was so easy to kill, it was easily broken. Looking straight into the moment of Xiong mouth.


The moonlight blown out of the moment is straight into a smoke, dissipated in the air.

Is shadow! The moment is open directly.

"Try this little ghost! The dance of the three-day month!" Suddenly appeared in the moonlight of the moonlight, there were more than two models, and the battle of three hits will be in the middle.

Between the blink of an eye, the moonlight blown and two bordered in the middle of the moment, a knife-like knife is swayed, and the moonlight blown is three, from multiple directions to flash. And it is suddenly launched, the average person will not be guarded, and as long as one of them hits, it will definitely be fatal and hurt, it is very powerful tolerance!

"Don't be a blow!" Seeing the moonlight blown from the three-day dance, the throne of the moon is exclaimed.

"Since you want my life, then I am also welcome ..." In the face of the moonlight blown, the murder of the moonlight is almost killed, and the moment, I suddenly burst into Ketra, and suddenly the high speed was rotated.

"Back !!" The high-speed rotating Chakra Storm Published directly from the four-week knife, high-speed impact power, the two shadows of the moonlight blast, the directization of a smoke, his body I was playing out.

"Really fake, good little ghost! The moonlight is actually flying ..." Seeing that the remaining dark ninja around this scene is also shocked.

"Cough ..." was bounced back to the moonlight, and the huge impact was almost disrupted in his five organs.

"Don't let him go, the moment ..." Seeing the moment to go to the moonlight blast, it seems to think about him, and the throne of the first chance is blocked.

Although she has not yet set with the moonlight in the moonlight, two people are good friends from Qingmeizhu Ma, and the relationship between the family is also very good. No matter how she can't look at him in front of him.

"Give me a hand!"

At this time, a dark part of a black mask and a silver-haired, a hidden ninja did not sign in the middle of the venue. At the moment, after seeing his iconic appearance and the left eye, the first time Just recognized his identity - the first technician of the leaves - flagmarks.

"Caassi captain!"

"It's Cardi!"

At this time, the secrets around it also greeted. It seems that Kakasi has just been on the secret part of this dark part, and TING has a heart, and the heart is dark.

Chapter 23, flag, Kakasi (first more)

"It seems that your strength is not so powerful as your mouth ..." After seeing Kakasi came, the moment is gone to the moonlight against the ground. "Today, he will see the predecessors and cards. The Cassie team grew so, and then I will kill you directly. "

"Beef ..." fell to the ground, the moonlight blown on the ground, the face was hot, did not expect that he was gently promoted, and he was in a small ghost than him.

"You are the new player's day, I am your team leader, Qikakashi, your teammate, the throne, you have seen it, and there is a big and Tianzang, the members of our team are all. Carti came to the moment, and he said without feelings, as if it was a numb machine.

In these years, Kakasi has just experienced the nightmare of killing wildlife, and the teacher's wave of Water Gate was sacrificed in the nine-year incident last year. The feeling of emotional state is in a cold stage, and the character is completely like later. Some people now call him for cold blood carti.

"The moment you are good, my name is big and Tianzang, and it is your teammate." Kasi came out of a teenager who looked 11 or 2nd, and the gentle chithabat was greeted.

"Hello, please advise." Looking at the young face in front of him, I found this kind of wood, the only wooden, staying, leaving a long hair, long and cute, and a hint.

This is really a uncle of the wooden leaves, and the heart is crazy.

At the moment, I'm curiously, I am a member of this team, Kasi is fifteen years old, and the big and Tianzang have a first one or two years old. In addition, he will be six years old, and it is like three generations. As you say, it is a very young team.

"I didn't expect a few teammates to be a mid-circle column in the future of wood ..." I thought about it, including the moonlight blown, the worst achievement of these people is also specially endured.

"It seems that your strength is good, the moonlight is actually lost in your hand." Kasi used his iconic writing wheel to the moment, as if he wants him to wear.

"The predecessors have been awarded, I heard the big name of Gencai in the Ninja School ..." I said humble, but a pair of white eyes did not show the Word of Kakasi.

"There is not much nonsense, our team is very simple, it is to monitor the situation in the village. Once there is any abnormality, immediately report to the Nanghae." Carti is simple to explain their main work. "Sometimes there is a special task to execute, the Nang Shadow people will call us directly."

After that, Kakasi left, and after the moment, the people were all left.

In the next few days, the work in the darkness in the dark, in addition to staying in the dark monitoring room, it is occasionally acting as a guardian guard, boring.

Although it will still be divided into the hills of the wooden leaves in the process of work in the process of work, but the body is still boring.

"It's boring !!"

At this day, I was sitting in the dark monitoring room, I was bored with yawn, Kasi took a big and got it.

"After five minutes, I went to the Huang Shadow Office, and the Nang Shadow had a mission release."

After I heard Kakasi, I finally came to my spirit. I really see what kind of task will be, it is best to have a little difficult, and I suddenly said.

After five minutes, the three generations of fire brooographics.