Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 17, Chapter 17

"After the third endurance battle, some people in the village still hoped to maintain a war, and they did not want to accept the unified dispatch of the three major powers of the throne. The first few days of the forest of the forest robbed the wooden leaves and The peacetocks of rocky, the current peace is exchanged in the sacrifice of the former ... "The three generations are following the contents of this task." So Kasi, I hope you go to Linzhi this time The country took the reel of the Peace Treaty back. "

"Yes! Naruto!" After listening to the task of the three generations, the four people in the moment will turn to four black shadows, leaving.

Instantaneous surgery, gather Chakra on the foot, improve the explosive force, and manufacture high-speed movement. This is the day after entering the secret, Kassea is handed over to the moment, with the talent of the moment, spent a day, learned this.

Looking at the back of the moment, I spit a smoke in the three generations of smoke muttered: "The squad is still an immature little ghost, Kasi, as the captain, I hope you can bring this responsibility ..."


The next day, the border of the country of fire and the country of the country.

At the moment and Kakasi four people are flying in the dense wood.

"The front is Lin Zhi." The white eyes of the moment saw the one kilometer in front of the front, and the trees began to gradually be scarce, and it was a piece of yellow land and huge canyon.

As a small team, there is a moment of white eye blood, and natural shoulders have a team of investigating ninja in the team.

"Everyone is vigilant, I'm paying attention to observation, waiting for the enemy, I and Tianzang is good at taking the enemy in the front of it. He is good at body skills. The tree before the tree quickly jumped to Cardi allocated task in an orderly manner.

This is very in place with the power characteristics of everyone, and has to say that Kassei is still excellent in tactical use.

Don't look after the strength of Kakasi is stagnant, but almost every enemy that Kakasi is fighting, don't say no longer, even the angle, Didara and Paice these strong enemies, the evaluation of Kakasi They are very high.

Even in the fourth endurance battle, the seventh classes of the seventh class were also sealed under the command operation of Kakasi, and the head of Chakra, which is enough to see Kasi's mind. .

Soon with a few people quickly rush, a few minutes later, I came to a yellow land. After walking into a steep canyon, I was seriously observed with white eyes.

Suddenly, the moment is a sharp note on the cliffs of the cliff above. It seems that there is a different place with other stone walls. When using the white eye Toushi's function, I saw the flowing Chakra.

"Be careful!" It turned out to have a category of stealth, and the moment immediately broke Cardi.

I heard the reminder of the moment, Kakasi and Prescentde were stopped directly, and took out the argument of the weapon.

"It was found, but I didn't use it!" I saw the attraction of their frame, and two gods were displayed directly on the cliff.

"The Earth, the rock, the collapse!" "The above figure is directly printed together. After the print, the cliffs of the cliff on the flash are directly large, and a lot of boulders are rolled down.

Chapter 24, Ruozhong (second more)

"Everyone is careful !!" Kakasi drunk, and there is a blue lightning directly in the hands, and it is easy to crush several boulders with thousands of birds.

"Wooden Big Forest"! "" Dahe also made a wooden resilience, seeing his arms, constantly growing the thick wood, smashed the fallen boulder.

But the enemy is obviously prepared, the two people released together with the geographical advantages, or there are still many boulders falling to the moment.

"You can be evil, you are careful!" Kakasi took a moment to look at the moment, and saw that most of the boulders still fell to them, but they were divorced.

"Don't worry about us! Gossip · Broken hit !!" The moment directly pulled the throne, struggling to play the gossip of the gods over the gossip, and a shackled Chakra shock wave directly put all the falls above all the fall. They all made a fragment.

I didn't work, the two stories above the cliff jumped directly, and I jumped out from another side of the cliff, and the total five people took the moment. They were surrounded by them.

"Wooden ninja strength is good, I didn't expect such ambush, it is difficult to don't fall." The five enemies wear a dark ninja clothing, with a ghost face mask, and the head of the ninja said to the moment.

"Are you just like Lin Zhi? Hurry up and turn out the reel of the Peace Treaty." Kahasi's mask revealed a written eye staring like the world.

"Silver hair, write wheel eye ... You are the recent written eye card cards? The scroll is indeed in me, but you want to take it without such a simple ..." said that Ruo's head is also from I took out a scroll in my arms and went back to the moment.

Seeing this kind of people's head, the moment is simply unable to spit, what is the dog blood setting? It's like it is saying, things are here, you come to me, you can take it away.

"That seems to only kill you ..." Carti in this period did not have so many good moods with these people, directly released a thousand birds to attack the best of the public, "the other person's lead Give me, the rest is given to you. "

I saw that my leader had warned to a piece, and the remaining four ninja said one: "You two to deal the woman, the smallest, let me come, you will drag the wood The little ghost, we will help you after three solve it. "

After that, they all oppressed their respective opponents. Their tactics were very simple. One person dragged the strongest wooden ninja big and the two people went to solve the President of the President, one person to solve it. The smallest moment, solve the head and the portrait, then solve the big sum, and finally go to Kakasi.

"Wood leaves are really no one, actually will send a little ghost like you." Standing to the ninja in front of the moment said, the eyes of the ghost faces are looking at a lamb.

"I persuaded you to be a little more, like you can solve you for ten seconds," I found out that his Chakra was probably in the horizon. Outside of the endurance, the rest is a nectarity.

"Oh, do you want to anger me? I am a little bit like you, but I have killed a lot ..." On the other side, the ninja in front of the moment suddenly reached out of the seven or eight hands, I want to lack it with a moment. The actual experience sneak attack.

However, his sword speed and force he lost, it can only be said to be general. It is basically better than the Swordsman who is not in the hand, and the moment is just a few flashes, just hiding the past.

Seeing your hand in the sword did not work, the opposite ninja started printing.

"Don't be a little ghost, but until this, I have to solve you soon, help the leader."

"Earth, cracks !!"

After saying your hands and put it hard to the ground, the ground started to crack towards the moment, and the cracks have not arrived at the foot of the moment, and it felt the shock of the ground from the ground.

In the moment, I jumped into the air, taking time to see the battle of the teammates, Kakasi's thunder is suppressed, the big and the big and the wind, but not so fast, and The color has begun to be a bit stretched under two-like hits.

"There is no way, you can only speed up the speed!" When the moment in the air is planning to speed up the speed of speed, the following Ninja started to be printed.

"Little ghost, you are upright! The soil, the rock column gun !!" "The voice just fell, I saw the ground at the foot after the completion of the print, quickly highlighted the five huge soil guns, quickly headed down.

The following is the smile on the ninja face, and use these two tricks to help with the use of soil, I don't know how many opponents have been defeated, he can imagine that the body is unwindly, and it is dying. The end.

"Go back to day !!!" However, a light drink in the moment directly broke his obscenity, only saw a lot of Chakra directly broke out, starting high-speed rotation in the air, the rock column released The gun is all over the destruction of Chakra balls.

"At the end, you have already standed in the field of my gossip ..." After the sky turned back, the air turned to the ground, and the moment in front of this ninja, a posture of the soft gossip, a burst of invisible The gossip field is shrouded two people.

"Soft Fighting, Gossip Bai Twenty Eighteen Pocket !!!" When the consciousness of this ninja, it has not yet been produced, and the moment is directly in his body, and a breath is one hundred and twenty. All the palms were all on his body.

"Uh hu ..." The opponent's opponent did not make a scream, and he flew out and flew out, and he was on the ground.

"Call ... Solve one!" After the opponent, the moment turned his gaze to the throne of the holiday.

"Hey, the little girl will give up the resistance ..." Seeing the wooden female ninja in front of himself under the piffness of the two people, one of them did not help made a burst of wretched laughter.

"You can rest assured that after you have completed you and that the ghost, we went to kill your captain Kakasi and the wooden ninja." The other also opened the mouth, trying to use the language offensive to accelerate the opponent.

"Don't think about it, although the age is the smallest, but it is absolutely much more powerful than you think!" The first day of the tribute to teeth, the knife is swayed, and the anger.

"Hey, you still take yourself!" When a ninja took the opportunity to get around the thrill of the moon, he didn't open her shoulder's clothes, revealing a snow-white skin.

"Wow ... I can't think about the woman in the wood." Another part sent to the top of the day, and the mouth spit out of various downflow words.

"I am evil ..." The thrilling of the throne is scallted, but she is very boring under the two in two.

Chapter 25 Roll to Hand (Third More)

"Spiral pill !!"

Suddenly, I was eaten, and the two ruthless turned back, I saw that the previous wooden ghost didn't know when it was already quiet, and the hand blocked Chakra ball in the hands.

"Ah !!!" A shameful screaming of the sneak attack, and the spiral pills in the moment were slammed in the back. At the moment, he pressed his entire person to the ground, the power of the spiral pill passed his The body has played a big pit on the ground.