Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 18

"Go to death! Wooden freedom · Fun night !!"

When I saw my companion, I was attracted by the flash of sneak attack. In addition, I was very stunned, and I was attracted to the moment. The thrilling of the holidays directly seized the opportunity. I just cut out a half-meter-long wound on this Ruozhong, who had just speaking.

Blood spraying, seeing this like this is not alive, I will support the thrill in the moment: "You have nothing to do."

"I am fine, I am still going to have a timely arrival." After the thrill of the throne got up, took out the bandage and woaded the wound on the shoulder, revealing a smile in the moment: "Don't call me, I have a predecessor, I will call me. Pleasant, I am more than you. "

"Then I will call you the jokes." The moment is also welcome, turning around to look at Kakasi and the big and big, "there is still two enemies, you are here, I will help them first." Solve together. "

The like is being supported by the big and wood, but did not pay attention to his three companions have fallen, and the heart is still awkward: "I have evil, why didn't I solve the woman and a little ghost, I am so fast Living..."

"Gossip · Crash !!"

A invisible Chakra shock Bashata went out and went out, and the big opponent didn't pay attention to his back, and the whole person did not flourish.

"Your part is all killed, you also die !!" This is Kakasi to see that the head is attracted to the death of the companion, seizing the opportunity, the thunder, one of the words High speed sprint, the right hand of the thousand birds directly done the heart of the opponent.

When three people came to Carti, when Kakasi had taken the reel in the clothes of the people, I nodded after confirming that it was correct: "The reel is got, the task is completed!"

"Too good, let's go back with the fire!" Big and smiled and said to everyone.

This is Kakasi to go to the moment, look at the wheel of writing: "Why do you use my teacher's four generations of nature?"

It seems that Kakasi also pays attention to the situation here. It is not thinking about it. "Hey, you said the spiral pill? That is when I usually play the balloon, I accidentally toss it, later I know that the original four-generation rigid shadow has such a tight. "

"It is the moment that you played when you saved me when you saved me." At this time, I'm also interested in inserting in the moment, "I didn't expect it to develop, I have developed the four-generation rigs. Susperse, it's a genius! "

"Where, luck ..." The moderately said that his eyes looked at Kakasi.

After listening to the interpretation of the moment and the opening of the moon, Kakasi is speechless, and did not ask other, but directly with everyone embarking on the road of returning to the village, the first travel task, this is successful .


Nightning office.

"Hey ... Carti, your task is very good!" The three generations of hands took the spools they brought back. After reading, he said to Kasi in front of him.

"Back to the three generations, the strength of Lin Zhigang be overridden, this time, this time, the excellent play of the moment has successfully completed the task." Kasi is a three-generation reported this task, "he is In this mission, a total of the enemy's three is endured. "

"Three in the three messengers," I heard the report of Kakasi, "I didn't expect this day to the devil's strength, this is, I can do it."

"And ..." said that Cashedton suddenly, it seems some hesitation: "I saw him using a four-generation eyepiece A * non-printing."

"Spiral pills?" I heard Kassei said that the three generations have also begun to think: "Is it what he developed from this surgery ..."

Thinking for a while, the three generations will release: "Well ... this moment of ninja Tianzhi is not inferior to the water door, is the talent that our village should focus on cultivation, as for loyalty, don't doubt, his parents are for the village Sacrifice on the battlefield, and their day to the curse of a family ... "

Kakasi listened to the three generations, think of the day of the family, and he was also silent. Is it difficult to escape the shackles of destiny even if there is another strong strength?

Lenovo's own experience, suddenly, Kakasi is a little sorrow for that child.

"I really don't know, how is this child's future fate?"


Wooden leaves, back mountain.

After coming back from the country of Lin, it didn't go home first, but directly came to the place where the leaves of the wooden leaves were usually cultivated. Because he feels that the mastery of the spiral pill has reached the bottleneck, you can try to change Chakra's nature changes.

"Hey! The system detected that the host spiral pills have reached the bottleneck, break the boundary is successful, Congratulations to host the skills, spiral hands, swords!"

"Hey! The system detected that the host spiral pill has reached the bottleneck, breaking the boundary is successful, congratulations to win the skills of the skill, the hard turbulent blade!"

Two tips of the collapse system continuously in the mind, the moment is worried after listening to the content.

Great! I have gained two powerful skills!

"Let's try the spiral pill for the sword ..."

After winning the powerful skill of this protagonist, the moment I couldn't help but try it out, stretched out the right hand, like the hand release spiral pills like usually, and carefully leveled Chakra injected into it.

" ..."

A harsh air explosion continued to pass out from the hands of the flash, and only a huge hand in the hands of a huge hand in the hands of a huge hand, and he kept tweep on the flash of the flash called a harsh sound.

"Completed!" The moment of this group of huge hands in his hand, immediately knew that he had completed this is known to the strongest S-class winds.

"Bang !!"

After the wind in the hand in the hand, the sword was thrown out, just hitting the land, the sword was directly expanded into a huge whirlwind, a strong hurricane and glare ray, and the moment directly uses the sleeves. Cover the face.

After the dust settled, the moment saw a large pit in a diameter of 100 meters away, and the wind remained in the wind and Chakrabika needle that attacked thousands of times per second, the whole person stunned.

Chapter 26 Spiral Pills Double Advanced (Fourth)

"Even and terrible power, I didn't expect the collapse of jade system to help me evolve the spiral pill into a 100% completed spiral sword, but also throw remotely, and power is also much bigger than the people. ... "At the moment, he looked at the effect of this tolerance. It was found that his wrist was not damaged, just in the body of Chakra consumed amazing.

"Oh, really can't be like a Naruto, how much tolerance is used in a huge Chakra who uses how much tolerance is used ..." I feel the consumption of Chakra in your body, speculative, it is estimated that I'm going to endure it. Level Chakra probably only three spiral hands swords.

"There is also a rigid turbine blade that is added to the water attribute, try the effect ..." The moment I think of another person who has just achieved another attribute change, and immediately tried again.

At the moment, I released a spiral pill in my hand, and I repeated the steps just injected into Chakra in the water.

" ..."

I saw a high-pressure water gun in my hand, and the water rolls were constantly rotating in the moment, and the huge water sound from above, it was like a concentrated waterfall. same.

"Boom! Boom! Boom! ..."

I didn't want to throw it out of the high-pressure water gun in my hand, I saw a huge water roll threwing out of the twenty or 30 meters high, and the surrounding trees and land were constantly absorbed. After the fragment, fly again.

"This ... how to feel more than the effect of the spiral hand, it is also scary ..." Seeing the disaster scene caused by his hard vortex water blade, it will be surprised when he is trying to spiral in the sword.

"It's too big, it is estimated that some people will come over." At the moment, the woods were almost unspeakable by themselves. "There may be no way again in the future ..."

"Call ... there is a 40% left in Chakra ..." I feel the rest of the rest of the body, and Hui is the pure Chakra control capabilities of his fire, and continuously show such advanced tolerance. Still consuming huge Chakra.

Packed up the items belonging to him, and the moment directly used the instantaneous surgery leaving the woods.

A few minutes later, two dark ninja appeared in the woods that had just been in the moment.

"This is ..." The two darkmen saw the woods that were almost destroyed in front of them, and they were surprised to say that they were observed, and they had a judgment, "" Be amazing destructive power, this It should be a powerful wind ninja and a strong rush to the Ninja fight. Let's go back to report with the fire. "

When I finished, the two dark parties were also left behind the woods.


The moment after the woods came out, with a watched walk on the bustling streets of the wooden leaves.