Naruto's Jade Crash System

Nanghae Crack System Chapter 19

I think I am immersed in two skills brought by the collapse system.

After the past two years, it has been familiar with the collapse of the jade system, and it has a general understanding of this system.

Generally speaking, a goal of evolution of the jade system is mainly based on the subconscious idea of ​​the moment.

For example, the gossip breaks the mountains and hard scrolls. It is a skill in the hot neighborhood play in the moment. There is no two skills in the true nature of Naruto, but the subconscious mind in the moment. After the evolution of the gossip, after the evolution of the spiral pill, it should be the form of gossip to break the mountain and hard turbine blade, so after breaking the boundary, the collapse of the jade system will evolve the two skills into a moment of awareness. I look like it.

Of course, the collapse system also has its limitations and phases, and its limit is, such as the operation of the shadow, which only needs to be printed, and you can allocate Chukra changing strikes. How is it proficient in, there is no way to evolve it in the subconscious, so this skill collapse system has never given an enhanced function.

And its stage is, for example, in the subconsciousness of the moment, it is more expected to evolve the quality of the gossip in the night, and the real condition is impossible to make the moment from the A level directly jumped. To the level of blood, the body conditions and Chakra are also not allowed, so it will lead to the way the collapse system is gradually entering, and the goal will gradually evolve the goal of the hopes in the potential in the potential, so there is a moment. The gossip breaks the mountain.

There is also such the ability of frozen fruits, and the collapse of jade system will directly determine it into a separate ability. As long as the energy of the devil fruit in the moment, the overall ability of the frozen fruit will directly enter the next stage, but But will not be able to enhance its single skills, such as the skating era of the ice army.

It is said that it is also Xiao He, and if the consciousness of the moment is unable to imagine his own evolution to the next stage, then his footsteps will always be stagnant.

It is a bit complicated, but these are also the information that is slowly learned from the two years in the use of these two years. In summary, the collapse system is a very complicated concept. The more you understand it, the more you know it. It will find something that needs to be excavated by yourself.

Time passed, like a white spot, the day has passed a year in the mission of the duty and executive task in the moment.

In this year, the relationship between Xiqiang and the moment is getting better and better. Since the last time Lin Zhi's things, the two people have a lot of time, although the thrown is a few years old, but in the moment this In the hearts of the enemy, the port is just a little girl.

Every time I go back to the family, the little girl, the little girl, will come over every day. When I am free, I will always give you a moment of cultivation of my day.

"My brother, I heard that the Suzhi Poschmates should also apply for a few days. When will I turn to me in advance?" This day, the Ninja School did not pay, the ring is sitting in the moment. Hold a little envious of the gang.

"Yes, I can't think of him, I have chosen this year." "I accidentally said, while giving myself a dark armor," The ring tone, I will get out of the implementation task, you Playing more. "

"I hate it, do you want to go out?" Wen Yan Yingyun wrote unhappy, not satisfied: "The evil can not accompany me ..."

"Okay, forgive me this time." The moment I played the forehead of the ring tone like anime in the anime.

"Good pain ... Every time you say this!" The ring tone drums drums, but the face couldn't help but show smile.

After coming out of home, the costume wearing the dark department walked on the street.

In this year, the Chakra of Chakra has almost reached the peak. It only needs a bit of an opportunity to touch the bottleneck of breakthroughs. The energy of the frozen fruit has also reached the level of the middle-level level, and you have to sigh the devil fruit. It is not necessary to cultivate it so fast.

After the three major countries in the fire style, this year, I only signed a peace agreement, and I still have a country that is still in the country, and I have insisted on the Thunder of the War I rejected the signing agreement. I will soon I heard that the border of the fire in the fire. The cloud has burst out a small-scale war, and some small forces around the surroundings are also ready to score a piece.

Just in the moment, I walked in the street, a pretty figure appeared in front of him.

Chapter 27, Treatment (Fifth)

"Portraits ?!" Seeing this pretty figure in front of him, not someone else, is the thrill of the moon.

There is also a lot higher in this year. Although only seven years old but the height is close to one meter, it is only half a head in front of the port.

"At this moment, how do you still in the street!" The West is also wearing the dark costume, saying to the moment: "Going to the Huang Ying Office, the three generations of adults convened us."

Said to pull the moment, a instant surgery, go straight to the direction of the fire office building.


After coming to the Huang Shadow Office, I saw that in addition to Kakasi and the big, there were ten other dark ninja in the office. They were in front of the three generations of three generations.

"Today, I will call you, mainly one thing." The three generations saw the moment and the portrait, continue: "Not long ago news from the front line, the cloud has begun to launch a war, and the current ninja has In the border and they handed over, but according to the line report, the cloud was tolerated at this time, and sent a large number of elite ninja, even, it is possible to use people ... "

Speaking here, I heard three words in the column, and the ninja in the field became more dull.

As a symbol of the disaster, the column intensity is usually treated as a country's military power. I believe that no matter who I don't want to meet the beast or column power in the battlefield.

"So you call you today, I want to pick some elite, go to the battlefield of the border, support the Ninja in the front line." After the three generations looked at the ninja, it seems to choose from.

"Cassi, will be able to support the battlefield by your team and the ninja, the truth, the moment you left, the end of the test after two days, I hope you will participate." The three generations assigned the support list, and It turned into an instant.

"In the middle to endure exam?" I didn't expect the three generations of points to point to yourself. In fact, he is more expected to go to the front line battlefield, let your ability to break through the actual combat.

"Well, this time, in addition to the ninja of the three major powers of the fire, there are some other ninja villages to come to the leaves." Three generations suddenly, continue to say: "This time is different from In the past, the nine-tailed event and the four-generation destination were sacrificed. Many forces have been uneasy. They will take advantage of this intermediary test, try to explore the current strength of our village. "

"I am optimistic about your strength, so I hope that this time I can endure the exam, let the country of the wind and the country of the earth and other power, see the real strength of our village!" Three generations, Everyone turned his gaze to the moment, although the moment is the only endurance in them, but the power of the moment, let them don't dare to take this a year from the ninja school.

"Yes! I will not let everyone down!" I have accepted this task, and suddenly I thought about it, and I asked three generations: "Naruto adult, I can not go to the front line with everyone after the end of the exam. "

"Hey ... Support for the three-day, the trip is the fastest to take three days, and the time is not too late. You still have to deal with the exam." Three generations to explain.

Ok, after the test is tested in three tests, it is necessary to spend at least three days. After walking out of the fire office building, I thought I thought.

This is a moonlight blast in front of the body.

"Japan to instantly! Today, the convening of the big people is not only late, but also always wrapped in the throne ..." The moonlight hood is angry at the moment, and there are two companions in his team.

"What do you do! He is my good friend and saved me, why do you always find him!" It's still a moment, the port of the side has turned to the moonlight.

"Hello you ..." Seeing the throne, the moonlight is also stunned: "We grew up from your child, you have recently walking so close to this kid, you shouldn't be ..."

"We grew up from small friends! But this does not mean that you can interfere with my personal life, I like to stay with who I will stay together!" I have always been very good for my heart. Clear, but sooner, we have not had an idea outside him.

"You didn't have this for me! It is definitely because of this kid ..." The moonlight stroke turned his gaze to the moment, opening the companion next to: "Out of the cloud, the monk, help me less training together This little child! "After pulling it out from behind, it turned out too much.

Looking at the moonlight blown to the moonlight of his own, the moment is open to the throne: "Don't shoot, let me handle."

"Rabbit hair needle!"

Flying snacks to the moonlight blown in front of the moment, I just wanted to make a three-day dance. I saw that I was slightly smashed. I found my body, I couldn't move, and the inertia of the sprint directly let him fall. In the ground.

"What's going on! Why can't I move!" I can't move the moonlight on the ground. I can't move anyway.

"It seems that the lesson of the last time is still not enough ..." Looking at the moonlight on the ground, he said.

This move called rabbit hair needle, shot it after Chakra, shot it in needle, and with white eyes, the opponent's meridian system, so that the opponent cannot act, it is the trick according to the mood of the night, in this I cultivated in the year.

"Water in the water, the original !!" "Summon!"

I saw a photo of the moonlight on the ground, and the other two ninja spit out a big beach in the moment, and another reel summoned a huge hammer.

"Do you have two dragons of the clouds and steel iron?" Looking at the two familiar faces opposite the opposite side, the heart was dark.

The Ye body that is very fast, the Ye body that is spit out will be covered by the ground at the foot. It is very difficult to discover this ye body under his feet. It is very difficult to move. Another steel iron is aimed at the opportunity, picking up the sledgehammer, jump, and squatting towards the head of the moment.

"Be careful !!!" See the Xiqiang of the first day of this scene.

"Don't want to struggle, I specially called the cloud, because this tension can limit your defensive tolerance, you are dead today!" Follow the moonlight on the ground.

"Is this going to be my life?" Looking at the hammer against yourself, the moment is a cold.

"Gossip · Break!" A powerful Chakra spread out, turned an invisible laser sword, and a palm of the air took the air from the air.

The frozen fruit capabilities of silent air intake will directly refrigerate the YE body under their feet into a wovery, and the feet are easily pulled out from above.