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Racating Crack System Chapter 20

Step by step, I went to the forefront of God, and Shen Moon had already been shocked by the moment of endurance in Chakra, which was shocked. However, just looked at him, there was no one more.

"Can you defeat me?" He looked at the moonlight on the ground, said: "Do you think that three eggs are placed together?"

"The Nang Shadow people just ordered to let you go to the battlefield after three days. For the village, I will never kill you, you are so good ..." After the moment, I was completely crossing the moonlight on the ground, arrogant.

On the side of the day, the throne looked at the moonlight on the ground sigh, and then chased it up towards the direction of the moment.

"Beads ..." fell to the ground the moonlight wind angry.

Chapter 28, the Treatment Exam (first more)

Two days later, the wooden leaves were taking the examination examination room, which was crowded with Ninja from all over the country.

The Chinese tolerance exam, as the name is to bear the test of rushing, one year hold twice, generally the important occasion of the observation of national strength between countries.

As a symbol of the comprehensive strength of a country, the Strong Ninja Village, which naturally enables more tasks, but in turn, the powerful ninja village can only continue to reduce its scarce resources.

From a certain point of view, the Chinese tolerance test is another kind of battlefield that the country is competing with the resources between resources.

"Hey, feed you, such a small little ghost also came to participate in the tentative exam." A ninja with the village of the rain said to the companion next to it.

"Really! I will say, the wooden leaves have too much condition in the past few years, you see that this ninja school has not graduated from the little ghost to participate in the exam ..." Another rain is .

"I hope to catch the time to support the troops to go to the battlefield ..." I didn't pay a dialogue next to the dragon set, and I was sitting on a table muttered.

Because of the Carti team in the moment, only a person is a person, yesterday, the three generations also made him arranged him to another team to participate in this exam, but was refused by the moment. He directly put forward the request to ask for a request Participate in this tentative exam. It is for the truly strong understanding of the moment, and the three generations did not refuse directly agreed with him.

"It seems that the candidates who have been tonic exams have nothing to do ..." At the moment, we won the surrounding tesselves, and thought about it.

"Everyone is quiet, I am the main examination of this exam. Zhonghai, one, then lived this written test ..." At this point, there is a pale huang's colorful ninja, and gradually followed by his speech Quiet.

Actually, the examiner in the mountains in the mountains in the pig deer is not enough to send special endurance, the inspection of the ninja, which is not enough, and it is somewhat strange.

Soon, everyone will send it after sitting, and the exam is similar to that of the song. It is some difficult Ninja theory tests, and some of the ninja have started to use their respective methods, but these are not Insugmentation, after all, in the ninja school, the theoretical class in the moment has always been the first place.

"The examiner, I was finished."

It quickly made a psychic book. After three or two, I finished the test paper. I got up and got up the test paper for the examiner in less than ten minutes, I walked out of the examination room.

At this moment, this is attracted by the school's classroom, and it is looking up and looks at it.

"The day is the moment, he is the day of the Nangjie, the genius of the family ..." Looking at the back of the classroom, the Shanzhong Hand held a test paper in hand.

"It is evil, how did he pay so fast." The Ninja that is answering is out of the ninja.

"Waiting for the second survival driver called him to see!" A grass that is in a must-answer question.

The moment of walking out of the examination room is on the railings of the corridor, and it is close to practice. The help of the test room was all observed in white eyes. It is basically the level of Chakra. There is a strong inheritance of Chakra, but this extent makes the extent of this. No.

Time passed very quickly, and the exam time came to the examination room. The mains will be submitted to the test paper. The examiner reviewed on the spot on the spot.

"Wooden leaves, the day, moment, full of points."

"Tanzhi's country, the wind is magic, 90 points."

"Ziyin Village is tolerated, grass swords, can't get it."


About twenty minutes, all candidates have notified from the examiner's mouth, and a total of one hundred and fifty people participating in this Chinese tolerance exam. After the first test, there are ninety one.

At this time, I walked in with a ninja vest, taking a small scorpion, and I worked on the earrings on the ear, said about the remaining ninja in the examination room: "First, congratulations through the first test, I am the second The main examiner Nara Luli, please follow me to the second test. "

"Johliang Luo Yi and now Nara Luo Long, did not expect the examiner of this three in the three games to be a pig's deer, and the Dad of Luo Wiko ..." I thought.

Five minutes later, the remaining ninety one followed the footsteps of Nara Luojing, came to a huge maomidesenlin.

"Here is the second exam, the survival exercise examination room, death forest." Nara Luozhi, who arrived in the death forest, taught the rules of the second exam: "Every group will get a 'day' or The roll of 'ground' passes through the death forest to the destination and holds the 'Day' 'ground' reel. "

"The 31 groups have a total of 91 people, and the 15-day reels and 15 ground reels are random to you. The day is a group of people. I will give you a reel of a day." Said Nara Luojing glanced at the moment, then said: "If there is no problem, everyone starts to go in!"

"This little devil is actually a group of people ..." After listening to Nara Luo Jiujing, after a group of people, several of the hunger villages made up my mind.

"I actually let him hold the reel of the heavens, the wood is broken, haha ​​..." At this time, the rock of the country is not looked at the moment.

I didn't pay attention to the malicious eyes around. After I took the reel of the sky, I took the lead in the death forest.

"Fast! Follow in! Our group is the reel of the ground, the little ghost is just the reel of the heavens!" At this time, a few sets of ninja, as if he smelled the cat, and the direction I just went in in the moment. Go in.

"This day, the kid ... I hope he is nothing ..." Looking at all candidates have entered the death forest, the examiner Nara Luoi is standing muddy.

After entering the death forest, only the surrounding light is dark, and the dense trees covering the sky are almost covering the whole sky.

After opening the white eye, I saw a few sets of ninja that came in behind, and the corner of the mouth exposed a deep smile.

"Take a quick look! The little ghost is there!" The first thing to follow is the three of the group of villages, and found out the moment to stand under the tree and shouted.

"Hey ... The little ghosts will give the sky the reel of the sky to ..." The underbone of the Thai Village has not spoke, I only see the moment in the tree, I lost my original place, when I appeared, I have already I scored my stomach.

This unlucky slot, I feel that my belly is like a big hammer, I spit out of the blood, and the whole person is weak from the moment of the moment.

In his eyes of his two companions, I pulled a reel from the clothes on the ground and took it in my hand.

When I saw that all the ninjas of all villages were almost here, I was holding two reel luck Chakra loudly: "You have all the people who want to be a roll and the reel of the ground I have now there! If you want, you will hurry with me to the end !! "

After that, the three ,

"Ni! The little ghost actually got the reel of the ground!" All that heard all the way.

"There are two reels on the small ghosts of the wood! Follow it!" A group of ninja has already rushed out.

"That is the direction of the end, will not set a trap ..." At this time, he said hesite to the village.

"Stupid! What are you afraid of! The little ghost is alone!" His companion gave him a typhoon, then rushed to the end of the end.

I saw the ninja that I came behind with my eyes, and I showed a satisfactory smile on my face ...

Chapter 29, you (second more)

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The time is in the afternoon, the forest tree is motivated.

In the death forest, a figure is happily shuttle between trees.

Follow this figure, a large group of ninja is the group, crazy, chasing the front of the front.

"Call." How to run so fast this little ... "A rain fingering said.