Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 21 of Huedings

"You stick to it, soon you will go to the end, wait until this kid run!" His companion helped him to fly in front.

"Well, it is there!" It's easy to jump on the huge branches, and I have seen a tower where the tower is not far from the trees.

Several breaths, in an instant died of the dense forests, came to an empty land in front of the end tower.

"Finally, come, although it is very time, but I hope that you don't have too boring ..." The two reels on the hand were thrown on the empty space next to it, and the blink of the white eyes and arrived in the forest. Ninja in the air.

"Haha! Kid you really ting! Actually let us catch up for so long!" Run to the rock in the air.

"How? Was up to resist the resistance? Let's first grab this little spooky reel, we can more than the trial, who can pass the end ..." Seeing the two reels that are still on the ground, a straw seems to think that the moment has given up. This exam.

"This little child also ting smart, knowing that he only has one person, so I know the reel ..." I also said a wooden leaves.

At this time, I just looked calmly. So long distances flew all the way, and he didn't even have a drop of sweat. He didn't slow down all the way. they.

"I think you misunderstood, because something, I am now very time." I look at dozens of ninja in front of them, and I have a cloud with clouds on the face: " Survival exercises If you need to spend three days in the normal process, you can end it, so I will introduce you all here, solve you at one time. "

After listening to the opening of the moment, the whole air is quiet, and then a smile suddenly broke out.

"Hahaha! What do he say ?!" A ninja tears smiled.

"I think this child is frightening." The ninja in another leaf is serious and sure.

"This little child is really living in a dream ... or say that your wooden leaves are so arrogant ?!" As a rock nose, the rock nose next to the rock nose is said to the nasin.

"He is the genius of our wooden leaves, maybe people have too much praise, make him self-confidence too expanded. Hey, excessive praises have destroyed a genius ..." A heard of the moment The famous wooden rubber is not unfortunately.

If you have any psychologies, they will say that I have seen a roll that I have thrown into my throwing, I want to take a scrap across the reel, and I will take my hand.

"Wooden big cyclone !!"

At the moment, a roll-away kick, I took the body of Chakra broke out, and I flew out of this take the lead.

I saw someone shot, and the battle was on the verge, although it was a bit amazed to the power of the moment, but all the ninja still rushed toward the roll on the ground.

"Very good, this is right." Looking at almost all the ninja shot, pounced towards the reel at your feet, and the moment is satisfied.

"Water, hard turthock blade !!!"

Everyone on the empty ground only heard a huge waterfall water flow, and he saw a constantly rotating high pressure water gun in the hands of the flash.

"What is the water!" I saw the huge movement of the water gun on the flashlight, an arguable asked.

"I don't know, I have never seen such an example, but I look at the level is not low!" The other ninja is tough and swallowed.

If there is a cardiki, there is a sudden change in the high-level nature change in the hand. Unfortunately, there is no endure here, so it is straightforward.


I am afraid that the reel of them is destroyed. It is still in the hand, and the high pressure water gun on the hand is only aiming at the center of the crowd. However, the huge water dragon roll of up to two or 30 meters will be three or forty. Fly out.

"Ah !!!"

The ninja flying by the hard turbine blade is heavy, and the trunk around the empty space is on the empty space. Some seriously injured fell, and some are close to the middle being smashed directly and the trunk lost their lives. .

"What is this forbearance !?"

After seeing the disaster-like scene caused by the flash of the flash, see the huge pothole hole on the air, and lying on the mourning ninja, the rest of dozens of ninja are horrified, some even Directly was scared in the ground, widened the eyes and scared.

"Ah !! Take the law, such as rain!"

At this time, a rain is like being scared. It is called the moment to throw an umbrella. It is raining from the umbrella to shoot countless thousands.

"There are so many people left ..." In the face of the intensive thousands of rains, there is no fashion, the attack without a dead angle seems to make the moment of the eyes can't do it.

"The image of the shadow !!"

In the face of the thousands of sprinkled over, the moment was quickly settled, and there were more eight shadows around him, and the body rushed into the rest of the crowd.

"Dance !!"

I saw the moment and shadow of the people in the crowd. I released it back to the day at the same time. The nine high-speed rotation is like a few huge gathers. I will hit the remaining dozens of ninja. The worst is the ninja who is clutched back to the middle of the middle, and the body is twisted.

"Ah !! Devil! He is a devil! How can there be such a lifting!" This is an emperor that is a ninja that is good to go through the dance of the dance.

Soon, he closed his mouth.

After receiving the shadow, I flicked to him, I took a soft punch to fainting him, then showed that the body was easily defeated on the scene, and the high-quality attack at the beginning of the moment. Next, there is no one, and the situation on the air is clear.

After packing all the Ninja, the rest of the moment is to pick up the ninja on the ground, find out the garbage, find the reel on them, throw it on the empty space next to, then throw him into the bunch of people .


The sunset is soon, and the sun is going to fall. The rest of the sun is sprinkled throughout the forest, and the time has arrived in the evening.

In the death forest in the second game, it is abnormal and quiet at this moment.

At this time, the death forest terminal tower finally came into two on-duty.

"Don't come here so early." One of them said.

"This time is almost the same. Every time I will have some powerful, I have reached the end of this time." After another, I took it into the tower, and I launched the gate of the tower.

"Ah !!!"

After pushing the door, two in the two is straight by the scene in front of you!

Chapter 30 endures? ? ? (Third more)

"You are finally here, really hard, wait!"

Two in the two, only see the door of the tower, piled up two mountains.

A hill that is stacked in a reel, a ninja piled up the mountain.

I saw a black long hair, double eyeliner, and the face-viewed teenager sat on the pile, seeing them after opening the door.

"You, you ..." I have been scared to say that I can't say anything.

"You, what you are here, I think I have passed this exam?" At the moment, I stepped into the gate of the tower, I left two two stupids. Central endure.

"But ... I want the third exam, there is no need to ..." I walked into the moment of the tower, the corner of the mouth revealed a inexplicable smile.


Wooden leaf, fire office.

"Naruto! Well!" A ninja pushed the door.