Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 22, Chapter 22

"What is going on! Panic!" Seeing someone did not knocking directly, it is in the third generation of the document. Some are not Yue.

"Nuger, the results of the Chinese tolerance!" I only heard that this ninja was panting.

"The result came out? That's not very good ..." I suddenly stopped on the three generations of the document, "What!? In the second game is not starting afternoon? The third game begins after three days, What is the result ?! "

"Yes ... is the day to the Bascar ... He defeated all of this tolerance in the Chinese tolerance ..." The ninja coming in. I feel the momentum from the three-generation shadow, full of sweat: "He afternoon In the death forest defeated all the Ninja at the test, took all the reels on their hands ... "

"What ?!" Listened to the report, and the three generations were standing directly from the desk: "Is this a child crazy ?!"

Soon the three generations sat down again, Shen I thought for a while, said to him: "You go to the death of the forest to call me."

"Yes!" When the ninja in the door was instant, it disappeared directly.

"Japan to the moment ..." The three generations of mouths spit out a smog, "It's a freak of people who don't worry ..."

With the previous Ninja, go to the road of Huang Ying, I don't worry.

What wooden show is in the forest, the wind must destroy it, what kind of pig is eating tiger, I will never believe in these.

If a tree is not dare, how can it become a big tree? If a person doesn't even show your courage, how can I become a strong in the world?

Just like the pharmacist in the world, a previous appearance showing the characters who are not inferior to Kakasi's strength, and the medical tuition is praised as the application to exceed the peak period, which has the flexible man. The mind and insight of the people's heart, but long-term play, the role of small people, the role conversion lost self, after the late stage, even the immortal model and the blister, can only hide in the dark corner, not dare to show people before.

Like Yishibo spots, will he play pigs to eat tigers? Will he show someone? No, he will only tell everything that is not as good as his own strength, he is a strong. So he will be in the world, and there is a thousand-handed post and called the myth of the Ibearance.

Moreover, the moment is now not weak, and the strength of the peak is the ability to break through the frozen fruits that will break through. He is really not afraid, although he is only seven years old.

After the door of the fire shadow office, the office of the office was ringing.

"Come in."

"Naruto adult, the day is brought to the moment."

"You go first." The three generations behind the work desk put down the documents in the hand, transferring the line of sight to the moment of entering the door, "I am sitting, sitting."

"Thank you, the big shadow." He is also welcome, sitting directly to the sofa next to it.

"Your kid let me say what you know ..." The three generations did not look at the moment on the sofa. The expression was very tangled: "I let you tolerate the test 'good performance', you" performance 'is too too Overhead ... "

"There is no way to do three generations." I also revealed a helpless smile on the three generations: "I want to start with them tomorrow to go to the battlefield, so I have to end this exam soon."

"Why do you want to go to the battlefield?" Three generations stared at the pure white eyes, and it seems to see what is.

"Hey ..." The moment has made a reason, and the sad opening is said to the Three Generations: "I just want to see what is the place where my parents die ..."

I can't help, this world is cheap old mom.

After listening to the moment, the three generations of moving is moving, looking at the sad face, his face is can't help but feel a lot. . .

"Hey ... then you will go to the front line battlefield tomorrow!" Three generations of meditation, and said: "How is it in today's endurance?"

"Amount ... They are all in hand, the most is only injured ..." The truth truthfully said that today's death forest is to bear the wood leaves, he doesn't have a lot of hands.

"Well, that's this, because you have excellent performance in this Chinese tolerance ..." The three generations said half, and suddenly said: "I will have an idea of ​​fire, I will start with the support force tomorrow. Before going forward! "

Promote me to endure? !

I didn't think this suddenly thought that he thought that the three generations would give him a nectic or special, I didn't expect him to directly attract him.

This night, the ribbed Ninja Village Japan to the Bastro Ministry, and the Chinese Testament was defeated in this year, and the three-generation fire broke the news, and the wings were long spread all over the whole wooden leaves.

The seventy-year-old, when this news is brought back to his village by the Ninja, who participated in the test today, the entire endure is completely crazy!

Yizhi Board.

"The moment is already I have to endure ?!" "Juvenile Uriusi, who is working hard," I am growing bigger and bigger and his gap ... "

I heard this news, I'm more desperately cultivated, tomorrow, it is the day when he applied for advance graduation ...

Day from the day.

"The Nang Shadow adult will be in the brakes ?!" I was holding the two-year-old young field. I heard the reporting date of my family's ninja, "What is joke ?! It seems to find a chance to take him. Talk about ... "

Root tissue base.

"Do not bear it?" Sitting on the stage listening to the report, the hidden face showed greedy expression, "I have no mistakes, I really don't miss you, it is a uncomproved genius ..."

"But ..." It seems that what I thought, his face revealed a gloomy smile: "One day later, you will come here to find me ..."

On the table in front of him, a unknown reel is being placed ...

Chapter 31 arrives at the battlefield (fourth more)

Early the next morning, the venue of the dark part, seven teams, ready to go.

"Sorry, I am late!"

At the beginning of the first, the throne of the rushing, heard this voice, the surprise turns back: "At this moment !?"

Printing her eyes, is a junxiu teenager wearing a black hair, black long hair.

"Do you also go to the battlefield with us? Then I heard that it was true yesterday ?!" After the thrill of the thrill, he took his hand directly to ask him.

"Yes, I am in the same way as Kakasi, I have endured." At the moment, I laughed, and said to the throne: "I came to the battlefield with you."

"Too good!" Xi Yan was cheered.

"Congratulations, I'm going to come over." Carti came over, according to the teenager of the eyes, and couldn't help but floors.

"Thank you." At this time, Kasi's character can take the initiative to say congratulations, it is very difficult.

Other dark members have also come over with the moment.


At this time, there is a face, only that short-lived, oh, the moonlight blown.

Although the appearance of the above tolerance in the moment is in their team, this makes his inner feel more uncomfortable, but after the last lesson and the moment, the identity of the moment makes him not dare to show again.

In a forest in the border of fire.

The two team ninja is happily shuttle between trees.

"Cardi, the front is our camp." At this time, the captain of a class said.

A superb genus and fire.

"Well, wait for you to take you with you." The writing wheel saw a white camp in the extremely far, and Kasi said to the new help of the flying.