Naruto's Jade Crash System

Rigang Crack System Chapter 23

After the two teams passed through the night, they went to the camp of the campfire, and more than a dozen ninja met the two teams in the moment.

"It turned out to be a new help and Kakasi! I have sent it to the Narody of Naruto a few days ago!" At this time, the camp came out of the huge ninja.

"Ding Sang Senior, after the fire, after receiving your newspaper, immediately dispatch us to support you!" The new way to help the previous step.

"Too good, this life is not there, I am really a little bit in front of my front line." I said that Qikang, I will install the camp.

After walking into the camp, they saw a dozen wounded people who were lying on the ground. It seems that the war is not as simple as the Queens, Dikan.

"The examiner who was originally yesterday was not Qikang, ..." Yesterday, I thought I didn't have an unexpected words, I took the exam, the examiner of the exam will be Qiupi, I didn't expect him to be in the fire. Border front line here.

"Big Brother!" "Kakasi!"

At this time, as a few sounds, I walked into a few people in the convertible, it was an asma, Akai Peacher, and I was still in the battlefield. It is responsible for the new generation of the battlefield.

Asma saw his brother, Akai saw his friend Kardi, everyone naturally avoided a cold.

"He is ...?" At this time, the eyes of Qingzukou were attracted. After all, the appearance of the current appearance appeared, and most like a grand graduation.

"He is the day of the day to the moment, don't look at him is small, he is a great genius." The new help of the flying explained the doubts of the Queen Tao, "and he is now an endure."

"What!?" Qikang is shocked, he did not in the village in the past two years, is it so big? So small age? !

Akai, they recently arrived on the battlefield. I naturally listened to the name of the genius in the village. I just didn't know that I was promoted to myself yesterday, and I was very surprised. After all, they have these seniors. Also just in the elite.

"Hello everyone, please advise." The shock of everyone is ignite, and the moment is stunned.

"Amount ... Hello!" After returning the gods, the Qikang sighed: "It seems that two years have not been in the village, and the village has been in this genius ninja."

"Don't talk about gossip, Ding Sang, I see that this war is not optimistic ..." The new help of a steady flying also saw that the situation in front of him is not optimistic, directly open understanding.

"Well, the cloud is tolerance this time, it is time to gather two tolerance and twenty-in-one, this is not enough to bear the quantity of it ..." said the situation in front of you, Dingchu The face was also buried on a cloud: "And look at them, the follow-up force will arrive in success, and even may send the people to come over, so I quickly sent an urgent support with the fire."

"Hone column strength ?!" I also wrote a concern on my face.

Human column is often used as a military force in a country, and the tail beast is a catastrophic weapon on the battlefield. Generally, there is no powerful shadow, and the general ninja is difficult to fight against people.

Qikang is like what I think of, and then I said: "And this time, the two teams have nothing, but it is a small ghost that will use black thunders in their team. Many people have been killed. "

"Black thunder? I have never heard of such a thunder!" Wen said that it is very surprised to help them.

"Black thunder? Is it Daruj?" Flashing a figure in the mind.

Darui, Yunyi's young generation of leader, good at swordsman, the only successor of the three generations Lei Ying black thunder, but also good at the bloody limit, the fourth endurance battle, became the fifth generation Lei Ying . It is definitely a person who can not be underestimated, but I didn't expect that he was on the battlefield so early. If you think about it.

It is night, tomorrow is going to the enemy on the battlefield. Everyone has been in the heart of a night.


Early the next morning, I was woke up, open my eyes, and a beautiful face was printed into the eye.

"I am awake! Everyone is ready to start!" After sitting up, the eve came to him a towel.

"Oh! Thank you ..." The towel that took the evening, and was grateful in the heart.

After a simple wash, I will start with the Tutoji troops. After the rush of about ten minutes, the moment they finally passed through the forest and came to a small shore.

"Everyone is careful!" Suddenly, at this time, dozens of hands and swords with explosions, they flew over.

"The earth, the soil !!" "I have a flash of a flash, and the new help directly stand up and quickly print. I saw a tall wall in an instant in an instant.

"Boom! Boom! Boom! ..." The new help made the soil blocked all the hands of the sword and suffering, detonating in the earth wall.

"It's a wonderful soil! Qikang, it seems that you call new helper from the leaves!"

Chapter 32 Yun Ren (fifth more)

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On the side of the stream, I don't know when I have already gathered dozens of ninja. Look at the balances on their heads, it is the Ninja, which is cloudy, which is a middle-aged cloud of clouds.

"Whaki, the third endurance battle is over, why do you have a reality that you are still involved?!" Qiu Dao Ding is also loudly told the middle-aged cloud of opposite.

"Reality? Oh, what is the reality?" The opposite cloud of clouds revealed the expression. "As long as the country has a living ninja, this war is not finished!"

The cloud is tolerated, the parents die after the second endurance battle, he did not marry, no children, no hanging, is a battle madman who finally destined for himself.

"Do you have a madman !?" Seeing the gods of the warehouse, the autumn channels of the wood, "This time you have made no reason for our fire in the border of our fire, it seems that we can only use blood to talk. "

"This is this! I will cut your head down, give you the fire, hahahaha!" The warehouse crazy laughed, and his face revealed a bloodthirsty look.

The words have been here, the battle between the two sides, one touch.

"Everyone is with me !!" There is another cloud of opposite to the other, and the leader is rushed toward the river on the river.

"Rush !! Partial multiplication !!" The autumn road is also the first to rush, use the secret, and it will have a huge and unparalleled ninja to lend the fist.

"Thunder and place !!!"

At this time, the clouds rushed out of the five inherent, and after the printing, they put their hands on the ground, suddenly a glamorous lightning smoothly quickly, they climbed them.

"Damn! My soil is killed by thunder !!" I saw a new help, his soil was confused by the opponent's cloud, his ninja water, the ninja, the end of the ninja, released water The defense will still guide the thunder to himself.

"Let me come !! Wooden cloth wall !!" Big and quickly plugged in, hands with hands, the ground rolled out the wooden column from the ground, put the ninja of the wooden leaves The arcuate is inside, after using the wooden, the release of the cloud is not harmed to them.

"It's beautiful! The Nang Shadow people sent you to be a broad decision!" Seeing the big and make the wooden blockper blocked the enemy's thunder, rushing in front of the autumn channel.

"I am evil, the kid, the kid actually will be the first generation of the wood ..." Seeing that the five ninja released the thunder that did not cause killing of the wood rubber, rushing in front of the Qiuding Ding. It's awkward.

At this time, there is no move, I have come to front, reach out of the right hand: "Don't return you, will you see our wooden ninja too no polite ..."

" ..."

A harsh air explosion continued to pass out from the brakes, only to see the glare of the white light, from the moment, a huge hand sword Chongqing's hand appeared, kept rotating the sound of the harsh, surrounded Some ninja even reached your hand.

"That is ...!" Kakasi in the side of the eyes, a written eye crazy rotation dead staring at the spiral hand in the hands of the moment, "That is the surgery that the watermen is not completed .. "

"This level of nature changes ..." Looking at the spiral hand in the hand, the other wooden ninja on the side also looked at it, "" finally understood why he lifted him for him ... "

I saw a boy who came out of the river out of a wooden leaf, holding a huge energy in the hands of the sword, the warehouse is a burst of rest, immediately facing the surrounding cloud: "Flash! That kind of wind. "


His words have not been finished, and the spiral hand has lost the spiral sword. The warehouse will immediately use the endurance surgery flowing from Yunyin Village. The body is covered with Ray Check, and the hands are in front of it. The body is retired backwards.

I only felt a giant force to fly out, after a bang loud noise, the dust was scattered, and the Wakuki saw the ground next to a hundred meters, more than a dozen clouds were there, and a life.

"It can make this level of the wind, the rim of the wood, is not a simple role ..." Evergiving a robbery, the arm is stinging, "Just being Wipe to a little, I hurt this ... "