Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 24, Chapter 24

The ninja on the wooden leaves, seeing the moment to throw a rush, causing such a big move, and directly killing the opposite cloud to bear more than a dozen ninja, although only some endure, but also the morale .

"Good boy! It's a staggering technique ..." After the new help saw the killing of the spiral hand sword, I took it directly after a while, I took it directly to the shoulder of the Bashat.

"I am so powerful ..." Xiang Yan also looked at the familiar back of the front teenager.

"The moment is really worthy of our rare genius in our village." Beautiful enchanting evening also looked at the figure of the moment, and the beautiful scenery was connected.

"Well! Everyone is born, fights them!" Looking at the long-proof of the surrounding morale, the new help immediately took the lead in the river.

"Daruei! Hei! You two against the wooden leaves!" Two young clouds have been said after the clouds.

"I, go to kill the little ghost of the wooden leaf!" After that, the warehouse stared at the bottom of the river, the mouth exposed the bloodthirsty smile, pulled out the tooard on the back, the body was shining, instantly scribbled The river is killing towards the moment.

I only see the buddhous wood, I rushed out two young clouds, a white hair is dark, a golden hair skin is white, is the two genius ninja, the new day of the new generation of the four generations, Daruji Hoh!

Seeing the face of lightning on the opposite side, I quickly rushed to myself, I saw that the goal of the Wakuku is myself, and I also show excited smile on my face: "I just want to keep up with it. Something! "

Snapped! Footsteps gently steep, an instantaneous surgery disappeared in the original place, when the next second appeared, it has already greeted the clouds in the river.

At the moment, it is responsible for dealing with the Whaki, and the new help is responsible for Daruji, and the Qiudang is responsible for another cloud, while Kakasi is responsible for the laughter and enduring.

"Kid, you are the roll of wood!" Step on the river, the warehouse stared at the pure white eyes of the moment.

"Is there a need to know so much ?!" The moment I didn't pay attention to the warehouse, but I directly made the soft and funeral.

"Oh, it is really arrogant ..." When I heard the moment, the warehouse is twisted, and I directly penetrate the brutal color, "I will interrupt your limbs, let you know what is known as what is True Ninja! "

Chapter 33 is to endure on the battle (first more)

In the face of the palm of the moment, the Wakuku took out the thunderbetic Kara, and the side flashed over the past.

"Good speed!" Seeing the warehouse flashed his own soft boxing, it was a knife with Thunder, and there was no panic, and the body was sinking a swimming and quickly put it. Pumped the head of the warehouse.

"Such a small age has such a powerful body!" After the screw hand, after the sword, Cangmail thought that the moment, a ninja, did not expect the body to be used in his elite. After the endurance of the cloud hidden, it should be paid.

"Go to death!" The amazing strength made the warehouse in the heart of the murder, and the thunder Chakra covers the Too knife, directly to the legs of the moment, the wooden leaves out of this genius Ninja absolutely can't stay !

However, it is expected that this time, the flash is just a virtual trick. After kicking out, I will take it down. After the warehouse waves, then the moment will move the body to turn another leg. I have been kicked out, and a whip leg directly smashed on the face of the warehouse.

Snapped! After the warehouse was smoked, it took directly to the river, and a long trajectory was drawn on the river.

"Cangki captain!" Several clouds around it saw it.

"I am evil!" The warehouse, who was kicked out, stood now, a hot piece on his face, although the body covered with Ray Chek Kara, this foot did not harm him, but in the battlefield, this is a little ghost Kicking out, he felt that his face was completely unable.

After kicking the warehouse, the moment smiled at the river, stretched with the warehouse. The arms put a move, this beautiful two-stage kick is learning from the original Ri Aki's wooden rigid. action.

"The bad little ghost, I want to slaughter you!" After seeing the movement of the moment, the warehouse like a mad beast, and the body broke out a dazzling lightning, turned into a lightning head to the top.

"Clouds · Three-day month !!"

Rushing to the warehouse in front of the moment, the hand is too knife, and the three moon-shaped swords are saved, and the speed is going to the flash.

When I saw the three swords of myself, I didn't dare to go. When I kicked the flying wood, he knew that he did not endure what harm to this, the endurance of the clouds, no matter whether it is Attack power is defensive, it is a first class of endurance.

"Gossip · Crash !!!"

At the moment, I made three palms. Chakra, I took the peak, and the three invisible Chakra shock waves shouted the three swords of the warehouse. The body was close to the warehouse. Eighteen palms were full of outbreak.

"Good speed! It is troublesome by this ..." Seeing your cloud stream. The three-day , the little ghost in front of him is in touch with him, and the warehouse is suffering. In words, he knows that he can never be hit by the day, or it is unimaginable.

However, in the face of the same body as the madness of the storm, the Whaki found that he could not keep up with his rhythm. Because the cultivation of the gossip 32 palm has begun to the moment of gossip twenty-eighth palms. The time requirements for this boxing method are all finished in three seconds, that is, the moment of the moment is a second. The average of forty-two palms can be played within the clock.

How is the speed of shooting? Almost exceeded the body's limit, the air will pass a hot breath every after you play a palm, although it is not enough to come to the speed of the peacock, but it is not the end of the warehouse. Cast.

It is mentioned that it has to thank the evil fruit to retrofit his body, otherwise the body's body is in his age, and he can't support him using such body.

"Ah !!" I saw the left right stop of the warehouse, and there were still most attacks to fall on him. Most of the body sixty-four points have been blocked. The internal organs were also accepted. Attack, the whole person spurted a bloody and flew out.

Although there is a thunderous Check to unloaded some of the handles of the moment, it is still in his body, destroying his internal organs, and the warehouse of the lost consciousness will soon be sinking on the river. Go down.

"Cangcourse !!" Seeing the Wakuku was smashed out of the river. He is in the river, and the new help of the Darui clipped. It is directly forced to open the opponent. A moment flashed to the water next to the moment, one Pick up the warehouse in the water.

After picking up the Wakuchi from the water, the Hi's palm wrapped a layer of green light and is the treatment of medical tissue.

"Useless, you don't have to try it." Seeing the movement of Xi's move.

After all, in this world, the high medical tuition can not treat the injuries of the internal organs, even the one of the three tolerance, and only in the endurance battle, I only glanced and my brother rope tree. Damaged, but returning to the heavens.

After listening to the moment, I also found that I didn't stop the blood, I couldn't stop from the curse, "Wakuku," Wakuku, " The big people will come immediately, and I will take you back to the village. "

"Yun Lei Gorge?" After listening to the words of Xi Huang said, the moment, "Is it ..."

At this moment, the change was steep, and a figure rushed to the battlefield of the clouds in the river of the clouds from the rivers, from the long and nearly blinking. It took more than a dozen. Wooden ninja, drawing a long trajectory.

"It turned out that you are here! Bastan! Stupid!" A weird cavity came out of his mouth, only people took a margin, the hair was dark, and the shoulder painted a 'iron' word, back Carrying a seven knife.

"More than the adult !!" After seeing the coming people, the people of the clouds shouted.

"Worse! It is a column force of Yun Yin! Eight tail Qirabi!" Different from the invigilance of the Ninja, the people of the wooden leaves have become very ugly.

"I didn't expect Yun Yin, I really sent a column force!" I was dignified by Qiusi, who was embarrassed to endure.

"And is the eight tail ..." The face of the new help, he naturally knows what the column of eight tails will mean.

"Hey! How come you all the wolves? Stupid!" Seeing the battle around us seems to be very unfavorable to the cloud, Chiraby saw the warehouse lying on the ground, asked: "What happened to Wakuang? ! "

"Wakura predecessors, the ninja in the wood, the ninja." He said that he stood not far from the river, picked the warehouse to say: "More than the adult, the warehouse captain is fine, I have to take him back to the village. I will give you here! "

"I didn't expect Cangmu to lose in your hand." After seeing the warehouse to leave, Chiraby turned his gaze to the moment: "It seems that you are not a simple little ghost! Stupid, bastard."

Although I heard a burst of feet, I was a bit funny from the Qirabi's mouth, but I remembered the strength of the Chilabi, I still can't laugh.

The eight tail column is a column, the two-generation murder, the worship of the four generations of Lei Ying, can completely control the perfect column power of the tail beast, although he is only 20 years old, the strength must not be hung in the late stage When the squad, it is so powerful, but the power of the tail beast is absolutely properly.

Chapter 34 Barby (second more)

"At this moment! You are going back!" After you leave, you start to suppress Darui's new help anxious head of the chalk: "The guy is not an ordinary ninja!"

At this time, the autumn channels of the far and cloud tolerance also noticed that the huge palm of the palm hit the opponent, and he also followed: "The kid, you and Kakasi, you and Carti. Let us be on here. "

retreat? Still staying to continue fighting?

Seeing the new help of the new help and Qikang, their reaction, the moment is swaying, although this time retreat is the best choice, but now there is not much war in the woods in the village, if this battlefield After the failure, the cloud is tolerated more people who drive the country, and the consequences are more unimaginable.

Moreover, feeling the fans of the frozen fruit that is moving in the body, and it is not a battle force.

I feel that the stations that stand out in the moment I'm emitted in my own, and the Chila is flashing on the dark sunglasses: "You are not bad! Tell me your name! Kill yourself is not named ghost!"