Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 25, Chapter 25

"The day!"

"Remember this will beat your name!" When I said this sentence, I had already appeared in the top of the Chilabi, and the air turned a wooden big whirlwind from his head.

Feeling the moment of the moment that appeared on the top of the head, the spirit of the Chiortraby: "Good speed, I will play with you, bab, baby."

The wheeled windy wind that is fully kicked out, only feels on the feet, the chilaby's arm has blocked his kick, and the moment I feel that my leg is like kicking on a mountain, but I can't shake him. Body.

Physical conditions are not at a level.

At the moment, I immediately saw the gap between the two. After all, the opponent was a column of the people who were proficient in the clouds, and although she passed the renovation of the devil's fruit, it was still far from the mature stage.

"The power is not very good! Stupid, born." Chilabi passed the kick after the flash, leaned over, and a hook directly hit the Xiong port of the brake.

"It's so fast!" I saw the speed of Chiraby sprint, and I was shocked. Directly distributed Chakra with Chakra, and rotated at high speed.

I saw it back to the sky, and the Chilabi eyes flashed, there was no slight drop, but accelerated the sprint speed, and a punch bounced back to the moment.


The two figures were quickly pophed on both sides. Chiraby was almost almost broke the back of the moment, and barely bounced the Qi Limi. He was shocked by the Christie's boxing.

"Great moves, bastard." After being bounced, the Chilabi did not receive the slight effect, and his mouth continued to say the adjustment of the sing.

The strength and speed of this guy far beyond, and the high-speed rotation is almost being broken by him, and the flash is looked at the opponent in front of him. This is the strongest enemy.

I don't think too much, I have jumped, I came to Chiraby's in front of the Chirabi, and the cheng's Chakra broke out, and the soft boxing gossip was full of power, the whole humanization made a vain, and the sky fist Chilabi sprinkled past.

"Very powerful body ..." Chiraby slammed, while the difference is what this kid is a weird tire. It is so much in the body that can be tailored to the column of eight tails.

"No, I can't rely on the body."

Seeing Chiraby under the soft boxing of his own efforts, there was still a long time, and the moment is watching. He is a palm of the hill to hold the Schilabi, reach out, a constantly rotating high pressure water gun The appearance is in his hand.

"Water, hard scroll !!"

" " "

I heard the waterfall water flow from the hands of the flash, and the chilabi ink glasses flashed, and suddenly he was vigilant: "From the appearance, this water has a very high-level morphological change and nature change. .. "

After flying on the leg, I quickly kicked two hurdles as an attack, seized the opportunity to throw the hard vortex water blade in the hand.

"It's too late to use ..." Looking at the high-pressure water guns you lost to you, Chiraby transported all Chakra to hide next to it.

boom! ! A huge dragon roll suddenly formed in this river!

Several Ninja, who was close to the moment and Chilabi didn't even have been rolled out, even the screaming didn't come, and I was stirred into pieces, and then I took it out again!

"More than the adult!" "Seeing the situation of Chilaby's happening, several clouds were worried.

"Good tolerance !!" See the huge water dragon rolls rolled up on the river, and several wooden ninja unkn to stop the battle.

"The bastard, it is almost hit! Stupid!"

After the huge dragon rolls gradually dissipated, rushing out a figure on the river, it is eight tail! It is clear that the red Chakra on his body is clear.

In the critical moment, I broke out the eight-tailed Chakra hide over my hard scroll, I thought about it.

"It's an amazing water, I will be finished by the positive hit, maybe I will finish the easter ..." Chilabi stared at the moment, from behind, the seven knives were pulled out, each knife was Clean all the joints of the body, and finally bite a strange posture in the mouth.

"I have to be serious! Oh yeah!" I bite a knife in my mouth, and Chiraby said this sentence.

Seeing the boom of Chilabi, an inexplicable crisis suddenly appeared in the bottom of the heart.

Wild heron !

At the moment, I feel that I have lost the trace of Chiraby in front of my eyes. When I told it again, Chiraby has already flipped in his head, and seven knives have a sharp front to him.

too fast! !

At the moment, the Chilabi has already manipulated the seven knives to quickly attacked him. Hybrid Sports, Chiraby pierced in a fuss in a flesh eye.

I can't see his attack lines at all!

Every knife seems to be like a life, flexible jump in the port of Chilabi, and it is difficult to predict the attack routine and the horrible model speed to make the moment. Deep wound.

"Can be evil, is this the strength of the movie level ?!" Although there is no fatal injury, the wound being opened is still stabbed.

Under Chilabi crush-pressed knives, there had been to explode all the potential, and the rigidity of the soft boxing and the rigidity of the wooden flow, and it was used to use it.

In the face of the fierce offensive of Chiraby madness, the moment made it hard to give up hard, in this high pressure, no matter how soft and just punched, the ideology, the more skilled, the more The distinctive body seems to have gradually have a trend of integration.

"Eight tails, become bee !!"

It seemed to be able to adapt to his own attack rhythm, and Chilabi suddenly broke the speed again, and the moment did not come to the reaction directly by him an elbow.

At the same time, while singularity, Chiraby has a manifold, and seven knives turned into a seven stream of flow to the moment.

At the moment, I was trying to resist the Silabi's fierce offensive. It was hard to feel the signs of my body. I have begun to adapt to his attack rhythm. I didn't expect that the opponent suddenly broke out. I was shocked in the air. Looking at the seven knives to break the air to fly to yourself ...

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Chapter 35, Ice, Thousand Miles (Third)


After flying out of the seven knives, Chirab flashed countless thoughts in the heart, and finally looked down.

"Heart !!" I was watching with a glimpse of a cloud of embarrassing.

"Is this still changed?" Seeing that the moment was taken out by Chiraby, the Qiuling is sighing, is it to sacrifice here today?


"No, the real battle is now just starting."

A cold and familiar voice came from the battlefield center, and the sight of everyone on the field was not compromised once again.

Chiraby looked up and looked at it. He saw that he was in the river. He flew out the seven knives he flew out of the ice shield in front of him.

"Is this ...?" Chiraby looked at the ice shield in front of the moment, how much power he flew out, he was very clear, we wrapped in his own eight tail, don't say one side. The ice shield is that a five-cential steel plate can throw it, but it is biased by such a ice shield.

Withdrawing the ice shield in front of him, I watched the seven knives that dropped into the water, and the moment was long: "I finally blocked."

This is the ice shield formed by the moisture in the air, although it is less than the degree of millennial ice, but Jianying has also exceeded ordinary steel, otherwise it is impossible to block the lattice. Spurs.

In fact, he can directly resist this seven knife with the ability of the frozen fruit elementalization, but it is impossible to minimize this skill or try to reduce the use, otherwise the all kinds of ability of the Ninja world is endless. Find out rest of his way.

"So ..." Feel the ability of the frozen fruit in your body, and the moment is exposed to Chiraby showing a eager expression, "the second round, start!"