Naruto's Jade Crash System

Take the collapsed jade system Chapter 26

After getting the frozen fruit, I have been now three years. Although I have always cultivated and developing fruit capabilities, I have never used it in actual combat, and the fruit capabilities developed in these years have long been silent. , I have to come today!

"Deathfrost !!"

I saw a breath in my stomach, a white fog quickly spit out from his mouth, and the white fog had not spit it with Chila than the side of the ice. Ice is about more than 20 meters. fog.

Chiraby just wanted to rush, I felt a blemless ice cold, and the face became rushed to the end of the beast Chekla, and the red light flashed on a layer of red Chakra jacket, and the speed of speed was suddenly improved. Slaid shore shot.

Chiraby just hid on the shore, I saw the fog of the fog behind, the whole river was frozen into ice, and the fog covered is too big, and the clouds that have not been dodge on the shore. After the shroud, it was directly frozen into a ice sculpture, and after a breeze was scraped behind the river, he fell to the ground into a fragment.

After the Ninja, who did not be affected by the lyrics, he didn't pour a cold in the moment.

"What is that, is it a frost ?!" The Chibi who escaped the death frost looked at this scene and his heart was secretly speculated.

"Why is this insertion of this kind of tissue ?!" The frozen force made out of the mutant also caused an uproar.

Deathfrost, this trick is a flash of the world, and the Xi Zhihu is so hot that this tricks are tricky. After the body produces a large amount of frozen force, spit out from the mouth, form a huge ice fog wall, thus freezing all the goals, and it is a skill that combines the current world characteristics.

I didn't have time to pay attention to what people thought, because the next second moment saw Chilabi on the shore has been wrapped in the beast Check, stepped on the ice, dragging the long tail, rapidly hit him.

"Tail of the beast is ..." Seeing the Chilabi who has already rushed to his side, wrapped in a red Chakra, behind, after a few Chakra tail, the speed was doubled than before The white eyes of the moment have almost captured his actions.

But there was no fear on the face. I saw a few words from the icy spit from the moment: "Frozen Abyss !!"

At the high speed, the Silabi suddenly felt in the fence of the feet came out of the ice, and the legs and feet were numb. The whole person's movements were not from the autonomy, as if the whole person fell into a mud.

The frozen abyss, introduced the frozen force on the feet, let the whole frozen ground becomes your own battlefield, the frozen ground exudes the coldness of the ice, let all the opponents on the ice are gradually numb, Finally, I was frozen on the ground.

At the moment, I didn't have the ability to blew the broth in the One Piece, but I went to the Sunday, refer to the skills of many second Yuan World, and I also develop more stronger skills.

"It's really a tricky ability." Feeling that the body gradually was frozen from the cold, the movement was hysterested, and Chilabi broke out more Chakra, slowly condensed on the earthquake leg. Frost, with the power of the beast, a punch, to the moment.

It is useless, in front of the devil's fruit, I can hang you after you can let you fly a kite.

Suddenly, in the face of the fists who waved in Chilabi violently, it immediately stretched out again. Out of a hand, open to the quasi-labeled five fingers, and slightly spit in the mouth: "Ice spirit!"

Time, in the heart of the palm of the moment, the chiller is highly condensed in the four weeks of the body, and the winks of the blink of Chilabi wrapped in the end of the beast, and the ice is in a huge ice.

After receiving the arm, the moment looked at the huge ice, and you can see the flying in the inside. It also raised his fist in front of the fist. I feel a lot of frozen fruit energy in XIA, and shouted. .

This recruited ice is a high level of water in the surrounding air, the density is extremely high, and the level of Jianying is comparable to diamonds. Unless the Qila is completely sealed, it has burst out of the octave, otherwise it is impossible to break away from it.

"More than the adult!" Seeing Chiliby was in the ice in the ice, the remaining ten in the battlefield made a layer of death.

"Dry a good moment!" At this time, the new help also helped Daruei, a moment flashed to the moment, although there were too many questions in his heart, but it was not asked in the eyes.

"Your people are defeated by our wooden ninja! Do you still have to play ?!" Qikao Ding is pushed open with huge palms, and asked.

"There is no way ..." The cloud endured the swords of the sword, and retired from the remaining several cloud of cloud, after the killing, the leaves were in addition to the necked and endured In addition, the cloud has been injured in most, only the rest of him and the scenes are supported in the field.

I didn't expect that Chilabi even lost in the kid of the wooden leaf. At this time, the remaining clouds in the battlefield have no war, and when they sprouted, there has been unexpected changes. .


Chapter 36 is completely beasts (fourth more)

It's really afraid of what is going on, and the mouth is smirk.

I saw that I saw the chilaibi in the ice, and I had a few huge octopus tentacles. In the eyes of the white eyes, I can see a huge chakra that Chakra continues to live. The tsunami generally hurric out from the Sirabi body source.


A non-changing bullhead, a monster, broke the ice, the mouth roared, a sound wave visible to the naked eye came, and some of the odds around the hierarchy had a blood in the ear.

"Breast, except brothers and your wooden blocked flash, no one can make me so many wolves!" I saw the huge octopus monster's eye stared at the moment, and the mouth was spit out: "Let you see me now. The true face of the murderer! "

Looking at the huge monsters in front of the eyes, I saw it as if I had endless Chakra in the body, I was so shocking: "There is such a huge Chakra ..."

The tail beast is the avatar of Chakra, and the eight tail is only the presence of nine tails, and its Chakra is not a general video level.

"We have retired! That is the complete body of the Chiraby adult! The whole battlefield will be destroyed ..." The cloud is tolerated with the surrounding clouds, lead them slowly retreat to the forest on the river. .

At this time, the ninjas of the wooden leaves seems to be pursued, borrowed! The huge tentacles of the eight tail suddenly squatted, and the Ninja of several wooden leaves was directly swept away.

"It's evil ... Is this monster, is it really what we can fight ?!" Seeing the huge eight tail of the river, some wooden ribs have sent a voices of trembling.

"Today, you are all here!" As the sound of Chilabi sounded, the eight tails opened a big mouth, and only the tail beast is crazy in its mouth, and a huge black Chakra ball is formed. .

"It's a tail beast jade !!" At this time, Qikang and the new one help their faces have emerged on the look.

"That degree of condense Chakra ... with soil, Lin, I can see you soon ..." Kakasi looked at the tail of the eight-tailed, but it flashed a flux.

I saw the tail beast jade that was condensed in the eight-tailed mouth, and I also smelled the breath of death, immediately released all the in-body Chakra, a huge spiral hand sword quickly formed in the hand.

I hope that I can change its trajectory. The tail of the eight-tailed beast is suddenly stunned. The air is twisted, and the direction of the tail beast is bombarded. The bite the teeth will lose the spiral of the spiral. The sword is lost!


The spiral hand has a big ring after the bottom of the sword and the bottom of the beast, a dazzling white light and shock wave spread out, and everyone unconsciously closed his eyes.

After the glare of the glasses, everyone opened their eyes, and the tail beast was flying over the past, the next second, the mountain behind him took a huge explosion.


The spiral hand released in the moment has successfully changed the trajectory of the tail beast. When everyone is going to make a breath, they will let them happen.

"It's a dead boy, I have destroyed the trajectory of the tail beast." I said that Intgered Chakra on the anger of the orange.

Damn, feel that the body has consumed a empty Chakra, and the moment biting his teeth, only to fight!

Close eyes to mobilize all the remaining frozen fruits in the body, and the hands are in front of it. The cold in the air is crazy, and there are dozens of huge ice columns around the eight-tailed, and surrounded the Eight tails.

"Millennium Ice !!" With a light drink.

At the moment, the handsome! Dozens of huge ice columns are closer to the middle, and they will be a huge ice, and they will be frozen in the octave, frozen into a high mountain.

After the release of the millennium, it was empty in the body. He was born with his footsteps, and the whole person couldn't stand in the river.

In the coma, I used the last firm to say a word: "Hurry withdraw, this can only be temporarily sealed ..."


Between, the moment seems to feel that he floats on the water, and it seems to feel that you will sink the abyss.

Time I don't know how long it has, a warm feeling will wake up from the coma.

The fascination of the eye, first saw a beautiful face, then heard the sound of the port.

"I finally woke up! Too good!" Seeing that the moment woke up from the coma, the thrown raised the hot towel on the forehead.