Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 27 of Hueding Crack System

"How long have I been coma?" I sat up and found that almost all of the wooden, ninja is around himself.

"You are already coma for two days! I don't wake up, I am afraid." A good voice passed to the ears of the moment, and the moment looked up and looked at the past. It turned out to be the evening.

"I have been in order for us. Of course, I am worried, and he is my teammate ..." Listening to the evening red tone, the evening face is explained, but the sound is getting smaller and smaller.

I turned around and saw it for four weeks and found it in the tent of the camp.

"After I am coma, how is the war?" I learned that I was coma for two days, I woke up for the first time, I wanted to know how late.

"After you coma, we quickly took you withdraw your camp." The new help and laughed.

"Listening to the investigation, I came back, I was broken yesterday. After coming out, I got it flat. Haha ... Your kiss!" Said that the autumn channel Dingchu was also connected to the moment.

"Why is your kid?" At this time, the new one will help the courage to look at the moment, the battlefield on the battlefield, the balance of the ice, they don't want to remember.

"Probably because my Chakra is the property of the wind and water, it will produce this effect after combining." The moment did not think about the reason for the long-term thinking.

"Is the property of the wind and water?" At this time, the big and reasonable thinking, said: "It is theoretically like this, my wood is the nature change of water and soil."

But theory is only theory. In fact, the woods have done so many trials after thousands of hand, and they have succeeded in such a wooden rusher, and the power of the big and Muwei is even more There is a height of the ace.

I'm knew that it is probably because the thousands of hands are embarrassing, and Chakra is born in the power of Yang. The concept of yin is the root cause of imagination and spiritual strength, from intangible, and the concept of yang is the root cause of life, give material life. The wood in the moment is definitely gave life by Yang, so it will have a big difference with the ordinary wood of the big.

When the thoughts of the moment returned to reality, he only heard the big and issued questions: "But why is it not printed in the ice?"

For this problem, I have already prepared the answer, I saw him turned over white eyes: "I use the water and the hard scroll and the wind, the spiral hand, have you seen me?"

Also right, is this son of the son of this child? That is too big, and everyone thinks.

After that he didn't pay attention to the idea in the tent, it was found that he was coma for two days, and the brain has been brushing the information that has been continuously passed by the collapse system.

Chapter 37 breaking the boundaries (fifth more)

After walking out of the tent, the moment will conscious into my mind.

"Hey! The system has detected that the host chacla volume has reached the bottleneck, breaking the boundary is successful, and congratulates the chart of Chakra to a higher level."

"Hey! The system detects that the host of freezing fruit has reached the bottleneck, breaking the boundary is successful, and congratulations to the ability of the main frozen fruit to increase the higher level."

"Hey! The system detects that the host is soft, the gossip has arrived at the bottleneck, breaking the boundary is successful, congratulations to host the Soft Method · Gossip 256 Pocket."

Continuously three from the information from the collapse system, the whole person is stunned after he listens, the trough is too powerful? !

Feel the ability of Chakra and frozen fruits that you have to overflow in your body, and the whole person is ecstatic, so that this broke through the shadow and general level? It is necessary to know how many people don't break through the two floors, and how many people will not break through their life. I didn't expect the collapse of the jade system to barely bold the province for decades.

The shadow level, in this Naruto world, the S-class Ninja, the ability of the ability has exceeded endurance, unique ability, and the ninja, they can be the ninja in the village, can also be a leader, but still loyal The ninja, such as the 'Legendary Three Ibah'. It can also be a S-class ninja that is extremely valued by countries, such as the ten people in 'Xia', this is the S-class ninja that has gathered from each rivot; some of their capabilities are more comparable to the shadow of the five villages. Therefore, each of the rivals will prevent them.

Since the s-class ninters usually have special capacity, such as bloody limits or secrets, blood sections or people column,, it is awe-inspiring, not dare to confront them.

Of course, I have known above this movie-level ninja, there is a higher level, such as the strength to reach the super shadow-level whirlpool head, the older generation, and the universal universal universal room and Yuxioba, or even the six-level Hui Niji, six cactors, big cylindrical woodworks, etc.

The ability of the devil fruit reaches this level, then don't say more, the actual combat force is absolutely above the ordinary film-level ninja.

"Although it is only a new starting point in this world, I now have the ability to temporarily don't flex in anyone now." Feel the strength of the whole body and under the whole body, I can't help but grip. fist.

Sure enough, it is the best shortcut to improve strength on the battlefield. It is in an out-of-the-fact improving strength. At this time, Kakasi's voice came later.

"At this moment, we are making a tactics that will be dedicated to the charity of the charity tomorrow ..." Jikaki just came out of the tent to see the moment of spilling, the whole person stayed in the original place: "Your Chakra?"

The original moment is in Kakasi's eyes, if you say that the powerful ability, at least in Chakra, Carti is still aware that he is a gap, but not too big. However, I was discussed in a while, and Kakasi found himself once again, but he felt the same momentum as the three generations of fire, and the big snake pills were the same.

"Well, the battle before yesterday, let me break through." The moment smiled, ignored Kakasi, and took a tent.

"Breakthrough? That's not ..." Kakasi's mind seems to think about what. "How can there be such a monster in the world ..."

After walking into the tent, I saw that everyone is spending the tactics of the tomorrow around the sand table.

"The moment you come back ..." The new help is in a few in a few, suddenly seeing the moment, just want to say, but it seems that there is an incredible thing.

"Your strength ?!" Seeing the moment of revealing on the moment, the new help of the new help felt that his IQ is not enough.

"The battle before and eight tails, let me break through." At the moment, the clouds said lightly, turned their attention to all the ninja in front of you, confident: "Tomorrow's tactics is very simple, gave me eight times, this time I It will definitely let him see me. "

After the sunset, the afterglow came from the outside, and even the people had a little blind.

What monster he is! ? How big is he? I have reached the same realm of the three tolerance of the Naruto Adults? !

Although it is very precise, everyone is still shocked.

Although there is no history in the history of this age to achieve the movie level, in the five major ninja villages, it will be a lot of Warring States era. For example, the four-generation spooks that have just been taken in the village of the village in front of the village, I heard that a little ghost that is almost the same, but at least people are column power, with the power of the tail beast.

At the moment, it is just a general day to family boy, why do the power barriers encountered in each ninja seem to be the same?

"Tomorrow, this battle, the cloud is tolerated, and it is estimated that there will be more of the strength." At this time, the calm Qikang is dry, and the attention will be pulled back to the battle of tomorrow, "But I yesterday Also sent a letter to the Nanguar, I believe that the new support forces will come to us soon. "

"Is it? That's too good!" Other everyone heard that the support was arrived, and the morale was increased.

"However, ..." The new one helps this face is looking at the moment, "I have to ask you this tomorrow, I have to ask you."

At this point, everyone has treated the attitude of the moment, has been treated from a genius, and transforms to treat one strong. After all, through the battle of the day before yesterday, everyone knows that if this war does not have an moment, waiting for the wooden leaves, will be annihilated.

Feel the change of your eyes, I also seriously said: "Reassure, give it to me."

After being abused, of course, I want to abuse, watching the sun glow in the tent, and I have a fist in my hand.


No later words overnight.

The next morning, the sun just rose, and suddenly broke into a wooden ninja outside the camp.

"Not good! Ding Chi predecessors! ! Yunzhi attacks us this side!" This wooden rubber ninja screamed loudly.

"What ?!" The Qikang, who is organizing, and the new help of the new help, I am going to rush to the battlefield, I didn't expect them to attack so soon.

I heard the sound was also drilled out from the tent, I heard the eyebrows, I didn't expect it so fast.

Qikang Ding is now Shen Sheng: "Since they are here, let's go out to fight!" After the finish waved, let the ninja went out to assemble the army to prepare for the war.

Most of the wooden ninja attended the third endurance war. The Ninja in the war period has the quality of the Ninja in the peace period. In less than five minutes, all the Ninja army have been assembled.

Ten minutes later, with the leadership of Dikan, the army, the army came to the empty land of the huge forest.

In the past, it was a hundred meters, which was the mighty cloud of the army. In addition to Chiraby and the ancestors of the day, there were more than three endurance, the number of other neoculi, and Increased to more than one person.

"It seems that this war is hard to play, I didn't expect cloud tolerance and so many support." Seeing the number of opposite cloud, the expression of Qikang Tao is very dignified.

Chapter 38, fights, Quirabby (first more)