Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 28, Chapter 28

"The timid ghosts of the leaves!" At this time, he said that the end of the clouds said: "I didn't expect you to come out after the last battle escape! Hahahaha!"

"Hey, I don't know who is the last time who was killed, only a few soldiers! Today, a few support began to say a big saying!" This is the new way to help.

"Give me!" "After listening to the new help of the new help, I didn't have much nonsense. From the previous major wars, they have already made a few uncleenen fence with the wood, so direct Make all the clouds to kill the wooden army.

"Everyone slaughters them !!" "" Faced with the attack, the autumn channel is also welcome, directly commanding the woody ninja rushing to the cloud tolerance.

"Give me death!"

"Haha! Kill them!"

"Said them!"

In the army of the wooden, the head is first tied to the most in front. The shadow of Chakra is turning, a simple instant, and a few flashes have passed the distance from 100 meters, appearing in the cloud. Before the troops.

"Last time you are lucky, let you run away, I can't think of your boy! Stupid! Breast!" At this time, Chira is dialing the cloud tolerance, directly on the front blocks.

Both sides know that if you don't stop the other party, let the other parties to go to the other ninja to deal with your own, this is the decisive role that the moving power is in a war.

"Hey, haven't heard that the tax is doing some of the three days of thinking?" Seeing Chilabi blocked himself from the cloud harness army, this is in a moment, "I will let you defeat in my feet!" Today I will defeat in my feet! "

"The little ghost!" I heard the emergence of the provokes of the moment did not waste, and the red Chakra was directly attacked. He opened the tail beast mode.

"Soft Fighting, Baguar 256" !! "

In the face of the Chiraby of opening the tail beast mode, it is also unfair to explode, and the strength of the promotion of the shadow is directly promoted, and he has played the soft boxing of the two hundred and fifty-six palm. The shot or even frictional air brought a hot flame.

The more embarrassment of the Soft Fanture Method is more difficult, but every time, the fist is also powerful.

This feeling, what is going on? How do you have improved this kid? !

Just asked a hand, Chiraby saw that it was not right, the speed and power of the moment were doubled more than the last time, and the soft punching of the whole power is almost almost let him react, directly in the air. The flame bombards in his body.

"Ah !!" Although she barely blocked a few tricks, but the unparalleled anti-boxing is still bombarded on the Qirabi's body, the huge power and the soft boxed Chaklage directly started to destroy him. The internal organs, can't help but hung up the mouth.

"More than the adult!" The few clouds around the battlefield saw that Chilabi was hurt, and it was excited.

"What is your strength ?! Why suddenly improve so much ?!" Chilabi stood up and did not dare to pay attention to the moment.

"My strength is breakthrough every day. If you still take the eyes, look at me, then you are ready to be funeral here." Extension. Out a palm to the quasi-labby, said.

I didn't expect my soft boxing and eight palms, I still stand up, I saw that he was blocked by the acupoints that I was in the body, I was so open, I thought about it.

"I can't think of the wooden leaves, I will have this kind of monster, it is a terrible talent." Chira said, while Chakra on the side rose, "I have to kill you today, otherwise Our village will never have the day. "

"Break thunder plow hot knife !!"

When Chakra suddenly rose to the peak, Chiraby slammed a sprint, a speed of almost faster than usual.

When the reaction came over, Chiraby has already passed the distance between the two, and a punch has hooked in the moment of Xiong.

"Solved." Chiraby muttered, from the feelings sent in the hand, it is definitely a hit body. Since the brother is practicing this trick, so far, so far, there is no one. Escape this kill.

"In the moment !!" I saw the Chiraby who suddenly been raided by a bunch of fists in two, and the mullet on the side was shocked.

However, the next scene has made Chilabi and all the ninja were shocked. I saw that he was bombarded by him with a bad thunder plowed knife, and it was turned on a bunch of ice.

"Ni! Ice dense ?!" Chilabi suddenly saw the broken ice block on the ground and went up to the moment, in the past, there is no shortcomings in front of him.

"No, not for the body." It's very fast to react, "It should be the stem of stemming like the hydration of the foggy lamp family. It is really trouble, seeing physical attacks, it is basically Invalid. "

"Good insurance, almost be kill, and reach this level of the ninja, there is no small look." The moment, the moment to re-condense it, "I just relaxed, I was almost killed. It is also good to have a natural devil fruit elemental body. "

"It seems that he can only use it completely." Staring at the moment in front of him, Chiraby sang Chakra, gradually, gradually, a huge octopus tentacles exposed.

"Flash !!"

Seeing Chiraby preparing to completely beast-made, the neighboring wooden and cloud in ninja spread, facing this level of existence, they can only fall as cannon ash.

"Everyone uses tolerance to deal with it !!" "The new help the first reaction, immediately commanded the ninja of the wooden leaf to use the tail.

Ten time a dozen wooden ninja has made various tips toward the huge eight tail.

"Hey !!!" I just came out of the eight-tailed body, I was attacked by all kinds of sickness around, and I sent a roar in eight tails, directly slammed the tail, and flew out of a group of wooden ninja around.

"You are returned! Let me come!" At this time, I shook my head. I shouted against the ninja of the leaves. In the face of the high-end tail of the eight tail, these low-level sickness could not work, but instead Ansimized injury.

After the end of the big eight tail, the moment gradually closed his eyes, gathered in all the frozen fruits in the body, and then the ice blue energy of the amazing cold came to him.

"Ice Age!!"

At the moment, a rock, followed by directly flying, jumping a punches, the ice blue capabilities on the hand were on the ground in front of him.

puff! !

Soon, the amazing frozen force seems to spread the plague, blinking, except for the moment and behind the wooden, the whole forest is frozen into a wide world of ice!

"This is, what is the power!" The wood, ninja after the moment was scared by the scene in front of him, and looked around the entire ground, including eight tails and all the cloud, all were frozen. It became a lifelike ice sculpture.

"Is this the power of Ninja ..." Looking at the world of ice, the sluggish Kakasi muttered.

The Era of the Ice River, this is the strongest trick of the Pira King World, and I can freeze a sea area for a long time. This skill is the first choice, so I will choose to choose. Keep this skill.

After the freezing fruit ability promotes the general level, whether it is the quality or quantity, it has been improved, and the freezing force released from the moment is unlimited to the extent of the millennial mystery. The following Ninja is as long as it is frozen, unless I will soak it in the water to thaw the rescue, otherwise only a dead road.

Chapter 39 Ice Age (Second Double)


A broken sound came out, I saw the ice on the tail soon, there was a crack, and the cracks immediately began to get more and more.


Finally, I broke the ice, and I sent a roar of a shock.

"This dead ice ..." said from the eight tail from the ice, suddenly saw all the frozen clouds around him, angered: "You actually put them all ..."

"You have lost it." Looking at the anger of the anger, the moment is very light: "This ice-icing is at least a week, but they are obviously only ten minutes."

"Damn!" Looking at the companion that has already turned into ice sculptures, the eight-tailed painful sent a low, he didn't have a way to save them.

"Kill you!" I didn't return my companion. I gathered Chakra directly in my mouth. She was prepared to release the ninja of the tail beast.

"Users who are useless." I have been teach. "Seeing the eight tail of the tail beast jade, there is no expression in the moment:" In front of the absolute power, everything is vain. "

"Go to death! Wooden boy!" Condensing finished beast jade, eight tails first, we must kill this disgusting boy to revenge the companion of the village.

"Heart! Be careful ..." Kakasi next to Kasi saw the bombardment of the beast jade, worried.