Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 29, Chapter 29

"I know!" I will give it to my hands, and Chakra gathered to the palm, and suddenly set off a wind, both hands condensed a spiral hand sword.

"This trick is not used to me!" Said that the time is in the position of the tail beast, waving the two spiral hands and sword directly.


Two spirals and hands collided together, suddenly exploded a glamorous white light and shock waves, and the snow-white ice took a giant pit.

"The moment is actually blocked!" The ninja of the wooden leaves suddenly couldn't believe this is true.

"The end of the beast jade is blocked ?!" Eight-year-old unbelievable looked at everything in front of him. He released the destroyed land of the land, and the beast jade was blocked!

"Is it uninterested?" For the beast jade that was blocked, it was very calm. After promoting the movie level, as long as Chakra is enough, he can release the spiral hand in a roll or a hard scroll, block down. The tail beast jade is really not so beautiful.

"You are not my opponent!" Come on the non-salute, after blocking the beast jade, the moment is once again.

"Obey !!"

At the moment, the right hand was wrapped in the ability of the frozen fruit, and a huge icebird, which was a huge icebird, which is also one of the few skills that have been reserved from the Qing Dynasty.

! !

Almost half of the giant icebirds of eight tail types, directly hit on the Eight Tail, leaving a layer of snow-white ice behind eight tails.

"Ah !!" After being born in the octatus, the huge impact and the frozen force covered in him made him suffer, and he took the pain and angry.

"Millennium Ice !!"

Looking at the fist in the same hill, the face did not change, and the two arms were extended. There were dozens of huge ice columns in the void, and the eight tails were surrounded.

"You will stay here today !!"

A roar, the moment is full of hands! There are dozens of ice columns in the air to gather in the middle, freeze the eight tails in the middle, solidify into a huge ice origin.

"Win !!" When I saw it again, I was thrown again, the ninja of the wooden leaves was cheered.

"It's too powerful! I actually grabbed the eight-tail column!" The woods behind him simply did not imagine how great victories.

Standing in a world of iceless ice, the brilliant ice is filled with a perfect face, the long hair of the dark, like the wind, like the gods of the world, all the people of the wooden leaves can see "

"Beautiful ..." Xiang Yan looked at the figure of the moment.

"This kid, it is simply unlike human." Seeing the look of the throne, the corner of the red mouth next to him can't help but floating a smile.

After the battle, I looked at the wooden rubber of the battlefield on the ice, I feel that the energy of almost squatting is almost empty, and I feel that there is a little wrong with my heart, but I can't say it.

Suddenly, I suddenly thought of what I thought of, I slammed the eight tail of the white eyes and saw the millennium. It couldn't see the eight tail of the huge ice cream. The tap of the fishery was hung in it.

Damn! Obviously, I saw that the eight-year-old will use this shot and open the tuning angle as a substitute. I actually make him rushed away!

At this time, Qikou has discovered that it is not right, and it has also seen an endage of the ice in the ice cream into a tenture, and immediately wants to organize everyone to pursue.

"No need to chase!" I thought they were still chasing people, but they didn't kill Chila compared him, and they stopped them: "It is estimated that he is escaping to the clouds, His speed is hard to catch up. "

It turned around to turn around, although this war is not large, just a local outbreak war, but the harvest of the moment is not small, Chakra and the frozen fruit ability have doubled to a higher realm, and then he needs to be good. Master, dig out more forces.


Soon, the battle report here immediately came to the leading office of the five major countries.

Wooden leaf, fire office.

"It's good! It's all over this invasion!" Listening to the report, the three generations of the face showed a smile, "You said that the eight tail of the clouds sent by the bullse of the eight tail of the clouds are retired by the day. ?"

"Yes, the Naruto, this front-line battle daily with a strange ice, and killing the eight tail of the embarrassment." The front of the office desk is single knee. Real report on the front line's battle.

"The nature of the ice and water combined with water is ..." The three generations of the brain can't help but emerge in the figure. It is a teenager he can't see. "This is equivalent to him with the second blood. In the limits, I can't think of this extent ... I hope that the day will not have anything to do so. "

With the spitted smoke ring, look at the sky outside the window, the three generations of thoughts farther.

Cloudy Village.

At this time, the four generations of Lei Ying is in the office.

"What ?!" Listening to the report, the skin of the skin is full of four-generation Lei Ying's angry voice full of Lei Yai office buildings. "You said that the ninja sent out was all in the wood ?! "

"That than? What did he do ?!"

"After the adults escaped, most of the muscles on the body were severely frozen. Now I am receiving treatment in Ninja Hospital ..." I saw the four generations of the four generations of Ray, and the clouds reported did not dare.

"How many ninja is sent this time this time ?!" The full our ninja army is more hurt, and it is hard to calm down the four-generation Lei Ying asked.

"Wood leaves, the original one hundred ninja, this mainly a young woman in the wooden leaf, called the day to the Basket, killing all our ninja with a strange ice." Four generations of thunder The cloud is reluctant to answer.

"Woody day to a family?" The four generations of Lei Ying took a sigh of relief, and the eyes were swearing: "I remember this name, I can't think of the nine-tail incident, after the golden flash sacrificed, then so many things still still Genius cradle. "

"After the injury is restored, you let him bring more Ninja, we must take this war!" The four generations of Lei Ying said, and the eyes revealed a firm firm to victory.

Chapter 40 Returns (Third More)

Bloody yellow sand and kills it.

Time has been more than a year, soon ushered in the wooden leaves for 51 years.

In this year, the woods and clouds have burst many wars in the border of fire, and both sides have invested more of the strength.

With the increasingly killing of the enemy on the battlefield, the name of the woody white eyes began to strengthen the end of this war.

Among the woods, as long as there is in the battlefield in the moment, it will smell the wind, and the moon is increased. At a moment, the name of the white eyes of the white eyes began to be compiled by people, and they were passed on all the endurance.

In this war, it is increasingly sure to have a multi-tail column and follow-up two-tail column, and the ability of ostrich and frozen fruit. The elite in the Warrhery, so the battle of the country of Lei has become a fight.

Lei Zhi is coming, whether it is tether or logistics, it is very difficult, finally in the autumn of this year, to take the arm warned to the woods, and seduct it to this war.


"Wood, I am back ..."

The autumn wind rose the leaves of the avenue, and the door of the wooden ninja Village ushered in a special guest today.

Looking at the huge wooden doors in the front of the wooden leaves, it is still the magnificent momentum, and the heart can not help but feel a familiar feeling.

"Please show your pass." Although he has judged from his white eyes and care, he is the Ninja of the Village, but according to the two guards of the routine, I will stop it.

"Hey, this is my pass." The moment took a pass from the body and handed it to the door of the door.

"It turned out that the day is in the moment, I am embarrassed, please go in!" After reading the pass of the moment, the door to stand sudden look, excited.

"Oh, thank you." There is no restraint, I have stepped into the door of the wooden leaves, and I just saw the trending people and bustling stores, and there was a laughter and selling voice.