Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 30 of Huedings

In the moment of entering the village, I didn't pay attention to the two middle and neighborhoods of guarding the gate.

"Is it him ?!" said a sense of exciting.

"Of course it is him! Are you still seen more younger than this ?!" This is another voice.

"The youngest in the history of the leaf! The day of the nationality! Is he not on the battlefield of the front line? How is a person returned?" Asked before.

"You haven't heard it yet? The cloud has been submitted to the armistice agreement, but he is the greatest hero!" There is no envy in the other.

"No ... I heard that he is eight years old? The same is the ninja, the gap is actually so big!?" Said before.

Did not pay attention to the discussion between them, standing in the moment on the wooden street, looked at the familiar and strange streets in front of him, and felt very much.

Wood leaves, I am back.

After a war's baptism, the eight-year-old moment seems to be more mature than last year. It seems that it is already a ten-year-old teenager, wearing a white ninja and service, a brunette straight in the waist, perfect The pedestrians on the streets will comeide.

In this year, there is no new evolution of the collapse system, but the ability and experience on the body have been fully improved in the battlefield. Whether it is all kinds of sterilism, or frozen fruits. Ability, he only needs a heart to mind, you can believe in hand, and the actual strength is more than two people.

"It seems that the strength of the strength reaches the next saturation, and there is a long way to go." Walking on the moment of the moment: "The next goal, find a way to learn the fairy model, then find way to cancel the curse Print. "

The immortal mode, a power in the original, thinks that it is very resistant to the sky. After opening the immortal mode, all the power of all the scriptomy and illusion will be several times or even dozens of times of ordinary state. .

And it is a moment that I have reached the story. If you don't move, you will come out of the ten tail, or the six-way spheres and Huiye Ji will use the people who will use the jade, and the level of this blood is connected, in addition to body integrity and Xianke or the same Outside the level of blood, any nuretie is invalid.

Therefore, after the immortal mode is a moment that has come to this world, it must be one of the capabilities that must be learned.

"Forget it, I will go to the three generations of old age to report a lot!" I thought about it, I was instantaneous, and suddenly disappeared on the street.


Wooden shadow office building, three-generation fire office.

The three generations that are being smoked while smoking on the desk, is being slightly fascinated by a document.

At the moment

Ninja login number: 102111

Date of birth: 12/24 (8 years old, Capricorn)

Height: 1.60cm Weight: 49.2kg Blood type: T

Ninja School graduation age: 6

Ninja upgrade age: 7 years old upgrade to endure the same year upgrade

Task experience: D: 0 times C: 12 times B: 9 times a: 4 times s: 1 time

"No matter how you look, it is a big genius!" Looking at the Ninja information on the file and the photos clearly revealed the childish face, the three generations were sighed.

At this time, the wind has blown, and a movie quietly suddenly appeared on the windowsill.

"Three generations of fire, what is, this is so awkward." A crisp with some light sound, appeared in the fire office.

"Brake ... moment!" After seeing the people, the three generations couldn't help but stunned, just chanting him, and this quiet way ...

"How come you come back ?! Is the front line Ninja army not coming back?" For the moment of sudden movement in the Huang Shadow office, the three generations did not appeal.

After promoting the realm of today, the mentality of the moment also has changed, there is no so many constraints before, and it will become a random, after all, it is now threatening his people have succeeded.

"This, the mercy of the mercy has returned to the country, no matter what I have, I am too boring in the front line, so I will come back first." I said that I didn't care.

"Although this is not very conforming to the regulations ..." The victory on the battlefield made the three generations look very good, it is rare to have a joke: "But this war who makes you a maximum hero of our leaves."

The three generations of old age are still very kind, watching the three generations of moment.

"But ..." said three generations of words turned, said: "You have time to go to the day to see it, don't know what to do ..."

Does the day? After listening to the three generations, I was flashing in my eyes. I didn't say anything.

I looked at the flash of light, and the three generations found that he could not see the teenage of this ten years old.

"Maybe, I am really old?"

I was thinking about whether I should consider retirement, and I will open the responsibility to the next generation of young people.

"Three generations of adults, in fact, I am coming to you today, in addition to going to you, I still have a request, I hope you can promise." Said, the moment of burning staring at the three generations of eyes.

"Oh? What is the request?" The three generations were sobed to the moment. "As long as I get it, I will try to satisfy you."

For the rare genius ninja and the biggest hero in this village in front of the village, as long as the requirements raised in the moment are not too much, he will agree.

"I want to quit the dark department first, I want to go to learn medical tick with the adult." He said seriously.

Chapter 41, Japan to Zongjia (fourth)

"What do you say ?! You have to go to the master's medical treatment ?!" The three generations widened their eyes, and it was incredible to watch the moment.

"Yes, I have to go to learn medical tick with the master." The moment I confirmed once again. "

"Temporarily exit this dark department, I can agree, but why do you want to learn medical tolerance ?!" The three generations looked at this talented teenager, or felt incredible.

"Because I am very interested in medical nails." Seeing the three generations of surprised look, moment explained: "Moreover, with our day to the control capabilities of Chakra and the insight of the human body, I think I am suitable for learning. Medical, isn't it? "

"The right is very suitable ... But do you want to intend to be a medical ninja?" The three generations still can't understand the idea of ​​the moment.

It is clear that there is such a strong talent, but I want to go to learn very little medical tickness. Is the genius idea is so weird?

"Is there anything bad to do medical ninja? Just like your disciples, you can save the wounds on the battlefield." Looking at the three-generation moment showed a smile of livestock.

"Do you want to think about it again, you have a sickness in the talents ..." The three generations still have some concerns. He does not want to see that the ninja that has the talents has limited his achievements because there are too many things that are too much.

"I have decided, please fulfill it." Seeing the three generations is sincere for himself, for the elderly in front of you, there is a slight movement, but I still insist on my decision.

"Well, since you insist, then I hope that you will make a good time on the road of medical and sickness." Since it has been decided, since it has decided, the three generations are no longer informing.

"However, the agency has been traveling in various countries in these years, and the travele is uncertain. Her specific whereabouts need you to find it." The three generations said out a piece of paper, wrote it, "I will help you write the recommended I believe that you bring her, just say that you are introducing the disciples to her, you should give me a face of this old man. "

I looked at the three-generation rigs that I wrote on the table. At this time, he was like an ordinary grandfather. He couldn't help but flicit in the eyes, regardless of the evaluation of the three generations, at least him to his village The consecutive generation has always been spared.

"The letter is written, but because some things happen, the temper may be somewhat surprises, I hope you can get along with you." After the three generations will give the recommendation letter to the moment.

"Thank you three generations of fire." The result of the three generations of recommendation letter, and he was here.

"Don't thank you, I see that there is a good child like you in the village, I am also very pleased, I hope that the will of Fire can pass on you." The three generations showed a kind smile.

Although it is not interested in what the will of dog fart, it is still a three-generation road with a three-generation.