Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 31 of the Crash System


After bid farewell to the three generations, from the fire office building, it took directly to the day to the national direction. It was a home for a long time, and I didn't know how the sufficiency and ring tones were.

I think of the usual daily sufficiency and gentle Melin Aunt, and there is always like to stick to his little Loli ringtone, and it is rare to show a warm feelings.

Stepping on the light footsteps, I quickly went to the day to the family. After my own home, I didn't have an emergency, anyway, no one, but the first time, I wanted to say hello to them. Tell them myself back.

After knocking on the door of the day, the door is coming from the day to Mei Ling Meiyan's face, but this year is not seen today, but with a silky.

"Heart! You are back!" Seeing the moment outside the door, the day, the day, showed a surprise smile on the face.

"Mei Ling aunt, I am back." By worse the face of Mei Ling, I looked at it after I entered the door, I didn't see the difference between the badge: "Uncle's uncle goes out to perform the task? How Ningjiu is not at home."

"I heard that you went to the battlefield, I was worried about death, but I heard that you have become a big hero of wood, it is really proud of you." I haven't seen it for a long time, and I have a lot of words to Mei Ling, I have a lot of words. But the face has flooked: "You have a lot of uncle to go out with Ning. In a few days, it is Ning to perform the days of the family's ceremony ..."

I won the words, the furniture ceremony, I naturally know what it is, I can't help but touch the curse of the forehead, the furniture ceremony is the ceremony of each family of children to apply a "cage bird" curse.

Do you? After coming back, I will see it, otherwise it is not a rule, and I have a moment.

During the day, the family of family, Zongjia House.


The practice of rushing the foot on the wooden floor in the practice.

"Action is too slow!" The day of the white day, the long day, the sun is being guided by the three-year-old young field.

The three-year-old young field has not awakened in the eyes, and it has also used the tender soft boxing and the day and sufficient, and there is no refinement of the rhythm of the Chekra's young fields.

"The pace is not keeping up!" It sees that the chap of the young lady is, and the sunshine is so frowning.

It seems that the hormitors in the personality are really unparalleled, and they see the clumsy daughters in front of themselves, and the sucking heart is sigh.

At this time, the daily difference and the day of the day, Ning, the father and son are sitting on the floor to watch the daily foot guided the young field.

"Dad, Xiantian Miss is so cute." The four-year-old Ningxing looked at the patterns that were cultivating, and he couldn't help but rose the sky.

Listening to Ning Ji Tian's words, I think of my son soon, I will hold a family ritual, and I will not release the curse for life, and I have a glimpse of the bad breath.

"Ning, you have to remember, you are to protect the young lady of the guests, the protection day is born to the bodies of the family!" The daily difference is teaching Ning.

"I understand! Dad!" Note I nodded, and he still understood what is the fate of the family.

Looking at the daily father of the practice in the middle of the practice, looked at the ninja Tiantian in his eyes, thinking that his son, Ningtu, but only the ninja of the family, a life was placed I don't know if I don't know my heart ...

"Well? There is a murder!" However, this hate the murderousness of the fate of a family, and it was captured by the daily footprint.

I saw that the source of murderous is, and I will stop the latte and the lattice of the sun and the horma. I immediately stretched a print. It is the handset of the Cancer of the "Cage Bird" curse in the day.

"Wow, ah !!!"

When the blink of an eye, I really felt a pain in my head. I couldn't help but hugged my head. I was hard to imagine that he was so strongly and strong, actually paind to roll on the ground, even the mouth of the water. Clothing.

This is the power of the mantra in the day from ancient times, as long as the guest is a handset, you can instantly destroy the brain nerves of the family. Moreover, in a moment of death, the mantra will automatically seal the ability of the white eye and avoid the white eyes take away by others.

"Dad, what happened ?!"

I saw the spell of the sputum on the head of the breath raised the horrific blue gluten, poured on the floor, like a knife, and I went out.


The sufficiency is just wanted to warn the day, and I don't want to get my hand. I don't want this to have a little drinking.

Chapter 42, Treasury, please (fifth more)

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I saw a teenager who walked in outside the door, a teenager wearing a white ninja, a black long hair was scattered on the waist, but the hands of Jun Xiu's face was an amazing momentum.

"Who ?!" The sufficiency that recovered the handprint, I actually, some people were drinking him in the Japanese house, and I saw it and saw the move of the moment.

"At the moment !?" After seeing the coming people, the sucking frowned, said: "Are you not fighting against the Ninja army ?!"

Does he are the strongest genius in our families they often mention? I saw the joy of the entrance to the door, and the young Ningxing and the young Tiantian are thinking at the same time.

"The cloud has been defeated, and in a few days, they will come to the leaves of the League Treaty." After the door, I looked at the ones, and I watched a gift for the supe of sufficient: "The supens, please You have a lot of uncle. "

"Today, I'm watching myself, I don't care about your stupid behavior, but I don't have to be an example." After all, it is my own biological brother, and there is no difference between the sufficiency. "The opening of the moment is also Gave him a step.

Moreover, it is a raising power from the years, and there is no news from the front line. It is not a moment that is the biggest hero of this war. There is still a lot of value worthy of the guests, for a variety of considerations. Every sufficiency will give some faces, this is the advantage of strength.

I also know this, so I've been a lot of time to talk to the day foot. "" Thank you for your greeting tolerance. "

At the moment, it is very appreciated by the sun, and it can not help but look down and down, say: "I heard that you are very good at the battlefield, even the Nangjie adult is also like you. Not in the mouth. "

"That is the cultivation in the family, there will be today." The blind man is shameful, modest.

"Hey, there is such excellent genius, our day is also a more face in the village." The supens is nodded at the moment, and the young lady behind him is tangled: "Tiantian, this is you I'm saying, saying. "

"Baby brother." Hearing a greeque in the young nuts to hide behind the sun.

"Oh, the young lady in the young lady is really cute." Looking at the three-year-old young nutai, then cute looks make it a smile.

The day, the young Tiantian is also one of the favorite female characters in the Naruto World. The character is shy like a neighbor girl, although there is no ninja's talents, but the world is so big, there are always some people suitable for this profession, there are always some People are not suitable for this profession, which does not affect her charm.

Then, I fately put the pale rate on the ground, saying to the sufficiency: "When the sufficiency of the supens, I will take a long-awaited uncle and Ning."

"Well, you will go back." The supens is the same, but also added: "Ten days later is a three-year-old birthday, which is the successor ceremony of the guests. At that time, each day will participate."

Is it ten days later? Isn't it just a day when it comes to the Huafi? I don't know if I have my own intervention, the daily difference will die in the day.

I looked at the pale rate of pale, I was silent for a while, nodded: "Be sure to participate in time."

After finishing, the moment is holding the day, and I walked out of the day of the day.


On the road, I saw that the big pale face was cold sweat, and I couldn't help but worry: "Go okay, uncle?"

"I just saw it, I'm, this is the fate of our family." The face of the bad breath is the color, "even if you live and die, you can't have yourself. In the future, I will have to carry this way. fate……"

Delivery? At the moment, the fate of the family to a family of fate is learned from the beginning, so from birth, he started to practice hard, what is it? It is to break such a destiny, not around anyone.

Fortunately, through the help of the system and their own efforts, he finally has the strength now, as long as he finds the way to crack the spell, he can truly dominate his own fate!

"I don't believe in fate, I believe that as long as the strength reaches a higher level, everyone can dominate their own destiny." The moment said softly.

"The strength reaches a higher level ... I hope I can really do it, I am still young, you have no talent, maybe the day, the fate of the family will really change it ..." It is not sweet in the tone, and there is still a certain period.