Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 32 of Hueding Crack System

When I was in the moment and the arrival, I didn't understand what they said, just staring at the big eyes on the other side of the big eyes: "My brother, my father said that you are Is the most talented ninja in our village, is it true? "

The most talented ninja, heard the Ningxiao's true words, slight smile, reach out a hand, kneading the cute little head, "From a certain extent, it should be considered."

"What is!" Ningxing pushed the hand in his head, and the hair was smashed. Some uncomfortable said: "I will definitely exceed you in the future! Become the most talented Ninja in the village ! "

I heard the noise of Ning's child, and I couldn't help but hang on my face. "That Ning, you have to come on, you have a ninja that is more powerful than Dad now!"

"It's more powerful than Dad ..." Ningjun stunned, Dad in his small head, but he was only a powerful ninja in his mind. "I don't care, I will definitely exceed him, it is more powerful than him. Ninja, hey! "

"Ha ha ha ... this child."

In the sunset, the figure of the three people on the way gradually became far away.


In the morning, in the morning, I broke my family's yard. I didn't come back for more than a year. I have already covered dust.

Putting on white ninja and suits, simply sorting out a moment, today, today's ninja school is going to rest, take the time to look at the little girl to the ring tone, and Yisiza, I heard that this child has been rumored. It is more than two years than the original.

After all, it is the true genius of the earth in this world. It seems that he has also given him a lot of excitement and motivation, and it is lamented in the same way.

Suddenly, there was a breeze along the roadside along the way, and I wrinkled his good look, but I didn't even open it.

"Go out, don't hide the head." Stop the footsteps, suddenly said.

"The moment is worthy of the talents who are most valuable, this keen insight ..." After the moment, there was a black ninja in the face mask.

"Is it a group of people? Gray hair.

This feeling seems to be a bit more familiar? Looking at the ninja in front of you, if you think about it.

"Our roots have a blow to all the winds of the wooden leaves." The mask ninja said, and made a gesture for an invitation. "Tony Hidden people know that after the moment, I will send me to invite you to our base. trip."

"Go to your base?" The moment picked the eyebrows, and the tone was flat: "If I don't want to go, what will it?"

"The moment is laughing, you are the most valuable talents who have also hidden people. Before sending me, the group hidden people still told me not to be rude ..." The mask ninja is very sincere, the words turn: " Said that our base has the same thing, I believe that the moment will be interested in ... "

Ok? Treasure hidden hiji, is it to eat, I want to crack the 'cage in the curse, I heard the heart, I wanted to see if there is anything I want in your hand ...

Chapter 43 Root Organization Base (first more)

"Since you are so polite, then I am not embarrassed to refuse not, take a way in front." After the idea of ​​rating, I said to the mask ninja.

"Please come with me." After hearing the moment, the mask ninja went to the moment, and took the moment in the direction of the root tissue base.

On the way, I looked at the back of the ninja in front of the roots, and the shape was about ten years old. There was also the tone of speaking, and the moment I became more and more like a person in my memory.

"What is your name?" Silent in the moment.

"We are root, there is no name, no feelings, no past, there is no future." The front ninja did not look back, the lighter voice stopped the question of the moment.

There is no future in the past?

Chew in the meaning of this sentence, looked at the front of the body, there is some taste: "That ... do you know a person named Pharmacist Yeai?"


The front of the ninja footstep, instant is stiff, and after he is so late, it will be quickly reacted to the opening: "I didn't hear this name."

Oh, is it you ... Pharmacist.

Just now, the ninja turns a fleet, let the moment have identified his identity.

Pharmacist, shortcomings for the helpless assistant, a medical, espional, and , etc., the original orthodontics is very optimistic, the mind is smart and mind. As the wax orphan of the third endurance battle, the pharmacist wild is adopted by the Pharmacy of the Leaf Panye. Later, she was taken to the root tissue to threaten the pharmacist wild anly to perform a spy mission, and finally because they know too Many confidentiality, Treging Treasure tricks them two self-conflict, also sent Dabelong while solving them, but he was invited by the big snake pill to be invited to join the Village.

"Look at this time, he has not become a big snake flower ..." If you think about it, you think about it, I think of the life of the pocket, I'm also in the same way, I have said that the darkness of the Ibea is mentioned more. More vigilance, this innocent manner is really casting too much tragedy.

"When it is here, please come in with me." Soon, I came to a tree with his pocket, and a six-side channel on the ground was slowly opened.

After the door opened, it revealed the dark stairs inside. After the pioneer entered, there was no more thinking about it.

After entering the scene, it is much bigger than the imagination of the brake. I walked over the long corridor under the way of the pocket. There was a dim light fire on the two sides, and the stairs of one floor continued to the ground, from the stairs Going to the bottom, I will also see how many layers in the moment, the root organization is a huge underground world.

"It's really welcome, I'm going to come to a lobby, and a huge stone chair in the front of the moment came to a huge stone.

After bringing the moment to the group hiding, he went back, but before, his eyes glanced at the moment. The day is now ... Why do you know that name, what role do you play in this?

"This underground base is really in line with your dark temperament." I didn't pay attention to the group hidden in the seat, and I suddenly ridicule.

Bold! "

"It turned out to insult the group"! "

I saw that the kid in front of my neighbors didn't speak on their group, and I didn't talk about it. The two masks around me have not been prepared to teach the training. After a long time to brainwashing, I have a group of Tibet in this organization. The only god in these ninja people.

"Stop! The moment is my important guest." Town is softly drinking the hand around, and then the moment is a smile. "I didn't expect it for more than a year, and I have become the most dazzling on the battlefield. Nova, I really didn't miss you. "

I didn't pay attention to the hidden smile and praise. I opened the door directly to see the mountain: "Let's talk, ask me what is going on."

"Oh ..." The group has issued a gloomy laughter, "I'm going to be very clear about your talents."

"Greatly understand." Heart micromillillary head.

"Then I will talk nonsense," said that the group took out a scroll from the sleeves, and it was in front of the moment, "the day, a family of the bird 'in a group, is here."

I saw the reel of the group, and the pupil of the moment, I can't help but put the line of sight.

Note that the bottom of the moment, the group has exposed a satisfactory smile, "I believe that you have such a ninja, you should soar on nine days, and will not want to be a bird in a cage forever?"

"So what do I do if I want to do it, can I don't have a bird in a cage?" The moment took back the eyes of the reel and looked at the group.

"It's very simple." Tony hiding on the face of the moment, did not hide his desire, "Join the root for my effect, this unlocked the reel of the national curse, is yours."

From the bage of the fate of a family, then enter your hidden cage? After listening to the group, it was silent.

"If I can't unlock the cage of the bird ', even if I joined the root to him, I have no use value. After all, I can manipulate my life at any time." The moment is a hanging, soon, I will have a conclusion, "So," His reel is definitely true. "

After a moment of silence, the moment is finally opened: "I have received the task of the three generations of fire, I need more than a year, I think about it, I will give you a reply."

The colors of the group were stiff. He didn't expect this boy to stand in front of this boy, unlocked the key to a fate of a family, can he still hold back?

"Well, after you come back, you will give me your answer again." Then I will release it, and I will see for so many years, he will definitely have a farm and patience.

"Well, there is nothing else to go." After leaving a sentence, turn around it.

Staring at the back of the moment, the colors of the group revealed that crazy desires, muttered: "The day, very fast, your strength will only serve me ..."

I have to say that since I have a lot of noise on the battlefield, the power of retreating the Yunqi Eight-tubes, the group has long been could not be illegal, not to mention it is still so young, there are many upgrades.