Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 33 of the Crash System


After coming out of the root base, the sunny sunshine and fresh air is outside, so that there is almost some kind of illusion.

"It's a gloomy guy, and the parties are selected in this kind of underground." Walking in the woods in the heart: "Although I really want to solve the spell, but I also hide this old fox, give me a reel I will definitely give me a spell of their roots. "

What does it mean to jump from a cage to another? Moreover, the hidden means of the old fox hidden is not so easy to deal with. In the moment, if they are unsuccessful, they will only fight the snake, and the consequences are unimaginable.

"I don't want to think about it, anyway, I have a lot of useful value to the day, and I can't help me without any reason. If the strength is re-upgraded, I will find the opportunity to directly put the reel from the group Grab, or sneak into the guest to find a clue ... "

All the way ago, I quickly came out of the woods.

Chapter 44 makes it again (second more)

"!" A slightly different voices sounded.

Just walked out of the woods, still in the moment of meditation, suddenly heard someone in front of him, I went back to my expectance.

"?!" I saw three people who came in front and rushed over, one of them was a two-year invisible Uzhi.

"When did you come back ?!" Yu Zhi Pubo went to the moment, and he didn't see him in the past two years. He also had a lot, it became more and more pleasant, the whole person's temperament was more quiet.

"Ah, I just returned to the village yesterday, just plan to find you ..." At the moment, I said, I was in the ninja school, he and Yisi Bohedi were competitors, but it was also a good friend.

"I have heard that the news on the battlefield is, it is really a genius of the day ..." Su Zhi Ho's eyes looked at the moment. In the past two years, he has graduated in advance and promoted in the village. I also set off a hot discussion, everyone will regard him as the strongest genius after the moment.

"You have a prize ..." I just wanted to have a crisp voice on the side of the shade.

"Are you a moment? It's just a little ghost!" At this time, I will transfer my sight to the edge of Yuxi, this person says that this is a scorpion, color black Girl with purple and beautiful appearance.

is her? !

Looking at Unex, this is a pretty girl wearing a grid underwear. At this time, I was looking at the expression on the face.

"I didn't expect Yuxi Poso to have a teammate." At this time, I also noticed another young and endure of another Daiki mirror, "there is a mountain city."

"Little ghost ..." Looking at the expression of red beans, a slight smile, suddenly I want to tease this naughty girl, "Royal hand washed red beans, if I didn't remember, if I met, if I encountered it High-level ninja, should you speak well and use Strong? "

"I am evil, how do he know my name ..." The expression of the red bean is stiff, then bite the teeth and greenery and say hello: "You have a good day!"

I heard a word from the red bean mouth and greeted myself, I smiled at the moment, "there is no need to have a lot of red beans."

Seeing the fashioned expression on the moment, the red bean can't stand almost, I want to put his handsome five senses to a piece. After graduating from the ninja school, I have followed the red beans, more or less contaminated with the big snake. The pellets on the pills make her character in the crowd.

"The day, I'm going to myself, my name is the mountainous youth." This is the mountainous blue leaf next to the mountains and polite, and the heart is saying to the brakes, and the heart is in the heart of the young. "

"Hello." At the moment, this mountain city is a little impression that the long-awaited rushed is a little impression.

"I heard that you have a title of white devil on the battlefield, you can't make it so fast after you can't graduate, I can't catch up with you." At this time, Yuxi Buchedi is overburdy. Eye.

From the ninja school, it has been flexing in the momentous Yisi Pubie. Although the progress is flying in the past two years, every time I heard the brilliant record in the front line battlefield, it is still the blood of the heart. It's rare to meet today for a long time, of course, I want to tell him to check my current strength and see if there is a gap between the two people.

It seemed that the , .. .. . .. .. .

"The next is the third play field, let's go, let's practice." The next moment I had to take the way to take the scene next to it.


The third playground.

At the moment of stood in the middle of the venue, the opposite side is a solemn Yuxi Pip, surrounded by red beans and mountain city. Yuxi Pub directly opened the written eye, the strength of the two years of moment, so that Utizhi has had to treat it seriously.

At the moment, I noticed the double hook jade in Ukikosah, said with a smile: "It seems that you are not idle in the past two years, write the eyes and evil."

"You have been walking in front of me. Of course, I will not stop my footsteps." Yuxi Pubei slowed down six bitterness, clap his hand, "You are careful, I started." "


In the air, Yisi Pubie hands, six hardships, come on the moment, just in this blink of an eye, Yisi Pubie has taken two bitterness, and he has changed two The bitter trajectory, instant eight suffering from all angles to the moment, there is no dead angle.

A delicious hands of the swords, it is worthy of the most excellent people in the hands of the swords in the world, and the moment is sigh.

It is necessary to know what the hand sword, only in Uphiso, in order to get the power of the realm of the Xixiang Road to the eye.

In the hands of others, in addition to sprinkling a sword with a wave before the war, I have never seen the role of the name of the name in the impression of each other. On the sword, there is no one.

"Back to the days!!"

But there is a remarkable shortcomings in the delicate hands, you can easily block, especially the full-scale definition of this full-scale, especially in the moment.

"Art fire escape ho fireball!!"

Just at the moment I just stopped back to the day, then the big fireball had been coming, and I suddenly covered myself.

So fast printer! After you have lost your hand, you immediately released the crash, and even the red beans and blindle next to it didn't see what he did.

"The kid will not be burned ..." Looking at the flash of fireballs, red beans on the side.


I only saw the place where I was swallowed by the fireball, and I didn't see my trace after the fireball, and I left a clean water on the original ground.

Is water! The little shocked, immediately reacted, took out a bitterness without turning.

"Too slow!" I have already appeared in the moment. I have a clear hand to grasp the hand, and the other hand instantly makes a few vain.

A moment of soft punching in an instant is flying out, squat! I became a piece of wood on the ground.

For the body, very fast, the speed, the moment to see the hunting, turning into a piece of wood, there is no panic on the face, and the life and death of the battlefield in the battlefield, let this extent to fight in his eyes It turned into a play.

"Hearing it." When you open the white eye, you will see the bouquet of the big tree behind it. If you turn around, you will take a palm, and the gossip hits the powerful Chakra shock wave. The big tree was blown into two trips.

"Fire · Feng Xianhua Claw !!"

From the big tree, the gray face came out of the gray, quickly printed from the mouth and spit a flame, then took out the sword in the 10 hand, and the sword flew into the flame to divide the flame into ten small fireballs, and the ten small fireballs were wrapped. Ten hands in the sword violent.

"It seems that you really have a lot of progress." At the moment, I looked at the fluttering of the fireball in the sky, and I couldn't help but sigh the progress of the progress, which has been unlimited.

"But here so far."

Chapter 45 Leisure Time (Third More)

" " " I saw a high-speed rotating high-pressure water gun in my hand, and the huge waterflow was almost allowed to think that he held a deafenak in his hand, and saw the high pressure water gun on the flash. The pupil in the write wheel is shrinking!

The degree of Chakra reasons change ...

"Water, hard scroll !!"

A light voice came out, and the hard turbine blade was thrown on the edge of the.