Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 34 of Hueding Cracks

boom! A huge dragon rolls up, on the spot, the fireball and the sword are filled with flying, and even the powerful rotation directly puts the exercise field and the red beans and the mountains, the green leaves are flying out.

After the dust is settled, the and red beans have three people in the mountains, and the girles of the mountains are on the ground. They looked at the absence of unrecognizable exercises - full muddy water stains and middle huge potholes constantly remind them. Everything happened just now.

"This power ..." The three shocked sitting on the ground and looked at the scenery of the scene.

"I am sorry to bring you two, but I have already collected my hand, I am cast in the middle of the venue, you just have been affected ..." I explained it with them, while I finished Refers to the huge pit in the middle.

"Breast, if you don't care about it, what do we do!" Red beans jumped from the ground, and the huge pit in the venue made her ambitions - if this power is directly hit by her body ...

"Sorry ... I will have too little, so I can't use these few ..." I saw the red beans whispered, I said.

This is the truth. In addition to the day of the day, the attack on the moment will seem to have a spiral hand sword and a hard scroll. It seems necessary to learn more. I'm going to think, I thought.

"It's evil, I really don't know how to have a freak like you ..." In the moment, I became a patching behavior in the red bean ear, I can't help but bite the teeth.

"I didn't expect to have a bigger and bigger gap ..." "I still stand from the ground and look at the moment.

I don't think I recently cultivate it with a short-selling brother, I still can't catch up with your footsteps, I want to think about it.

"Waiting for your write-wheel eye to reach a higher realm, I believe that your strength will definitely go." The moment is not comfortable, he refers to the higher level of the kaleidoscope, every open kaleidoscope The Yisi Wai people who write the wheel eye are the improvement of the rebellion. It will instantly reach the battle of the shadow, and the ability to enter the speed of rapid.

"Write the eyes of higher realm ..." I thought that I thought I'm saying that I didn't find the secret of the kaleidoscope.

"You seem to have not used a rumor to use the ice skills used on the battlefield?" At this time, the red bean came to the mouth, she heard that the white eyes will use a strange when it is in the village. Ice.

On the other side, the mountain city is also admired. The original is that it is already strong enough. I didn't expect this world that is more stronger than him.

"Amount ... Are you talking about?"

When you hear the red bean, suddenly smiled, reached out, swaying in front of her, blinking red beans saw that there was a lot of crystal clear ice roses.

"Wow! It's so beautiful !!" Looking at the ice roses in front of her eyes, the red beans made a sincere amateur, and the girl's love was in his eyes.

But after the ice rose, the red bean will change the wind, and even one hand hooks the neck of the moment, and the evil laughed: "So small to learn people to send roses, is your kid, is it interesting to me ?!"


I saw that the expression of the red bean girl was in less than a second, and the three people in the moment had a huge sweat. Sure enough, it is a disciple of three tolerance.

Is the ability of ice, really is the opponent in my life ...

Seeing the ability of the moment, the heart of the said.


After bid farewell to the and red beans, the moment is leisurely walking on the bustling street in the wooden leaves.

In the endless people, I watched the street occasionally ran through a few playing children, and enjoyed the shops around the people, just came back from the front line battlefield, finally felt a kind of idle.

Perhaps the front line came back to the cloud, let the entire wooden leaves shroud in a peaceful atmosphere.

"It's a bit boring, the portrait and Carti are not coming back in the front line. I am still a few acquaintances in the wooden leaves ..." I waters, I'm a bit boring.

"Is you? My brother ?!" A silver bell came from the moment, and the moment looked back.

"Ring Ton ?!" Looking back at the moment, the day, the day, the ring tone, no more than a year, but he fell more slim, and two beautiful girls were held.

"Really you, my brother! I looked at your back, especially like you ... I didn't tell me!" Excitedly ran to the ring tone before the moment, and the big eyes rose the surprise color, but mouth But I complained.

. "These two are ..."

"Wow! He is the moment you mentioned all day ?! Really handsome!" Seeing that the look at the bottom is noted, the two girls immediately got into the moment, exaggerated in the eyes .

"You are the genius ninja day in the rumor to the moment? I didn't expect that I was so handsome ... I feel so happy ..." Another beautiful girl in the fluff jacket is also the face of the Huang hong, while holding his hands. Your own cheeks.

"You are suitable for me!" Seeing two women with the past, the mouth of the ring, the mouth of the ring, there is no goodness to turn and follow the moment: "This is a dog flower And the mountains in the mountains, two of them are the best friends in the school. "

Canadian group and female girls in the mountains? This dog is not a sister of the canine. It is a beautiful girl who looks at the top two beautiful girls.

"Hello, I am the day, the ringtone is in the school, I am taking care of you ..." The state of politeness greetings with them.

"Don't use it with them, my brother, in a few days is our graduation test ..." The ring tone rushed to hit the arm of the moment, turning to the dog and the mountains were proud. The expression, "I said to you, my brother is now an end!"

"It's really incredible, I am as big as us, but it is already endured ..." The dog said with a flower, and the eyes spoke.

The middle of the three prematured teenagers, the moment can only smile: "I invite you to visit the street ..."

Just came back from the battlefield, in fact, he is really uncomfortable to enjoy this feeling ...

"Really?! Too good!" I heard that three teenage girls were happy.

In the next shopping and shopping, the moment and the ringtone they have traveled over a leisurely afternoon. Under the leadership of the three girls, they also tasted the cuisine he had not eaten before the wooden leaves.

It is also good to perform the commission and endure income of the task before. It is a long time to add a life to this boring ninja life.

Chapter 46 Woody Celebration (fourth more)

Ten days of turning blinks, the same afternoon, the wooden streets are particularly quiet.

Because today is a major celebration of wood, the Wayr countries have gave a long-term business, and they finally sent mers to sign a peace agreement with the wooden leaves.

"It's coming !!!"

"Yunyin messenger !!!"

"There is also wooden frontline troops !!!"

With a few horrified, the huge cheers broke out on the streets of the leaves, and the heroes from the arrival of peace and the hero return.

Listening to the sound of the surrounding crowd, I opened my eyes to look at the door of the wooden leaves, and my eyes were fluttering.

The door slowly opened, and the door of a brigade came in outside, and the front is a few riding ninja, which is the messenger of Yun Yin to sign a peace agreement.

The back followed by the big neighborhood, the head is a three-person group of pig deer butterflies, and the new help and Kakasi, the throne of the moon.


After entering the door, I saw a big old and far. I saw the population in the moment, and I was pleased to dance his arm.

I heard the throne of the Valley, and I watched the glory of the throne, and the happy smile was swayed toward her, and ignored the moonlight of the army behind the arm.

"Is that person ..." The eyes turned to the head of the Yunyi Messenger.

That is a middle-aged ninja, the face is full of Hu, the loose clouds are covered with a black eye mask, and one eye is revealed with Kakasi.

This guy kidnapped the young fields to kill the sun and the sun, so that the day is the daily difference of the ghost ... with a different kind of mind, the moment is carefully looked at this Ninja.

With the gradual deepening of the team, the crowds around the woody street have also sent a bigger cheering, which is the cheering of peace.