Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 35 of Hueding Crash System

"It's really unexpected." I was trying to have the moment of the mercy, and I didn't care about him behind him. I have riding a horse to myself.

"Is this not the white devil who made people gums in the battlefield? When did you actually hide in the village in advance?" A more than 30 years of clouds, riding a horse, with the battlefield Qi, looking at the moment, there seems to be a little mocking.

Gradually, cheering people are quiet.

All crowd surrounded by all the people have been put on the moment and this cloud.

"I didn't see you on the battlefield." In the face of the provocation of the cloud, the eyes of the flash of play, "I feel that I am not as good as I say this boring provocation." I have time to say this boring provocation. Early back to the village, pay homage to the compatriots you die in my hand, isn't it? "

"You !!" The cloud is loud, and the words are stabbed. When he is the older scar, he will always remember that his predecessors are raised back to the village, and the mouth spitting the blood finally rescued the invalid scene.

"Domestic mouth! Don't forget our purpose!" The previous mercy messengers interrupted his words, dissatisfied with him.

"Hey!" The reminded cloud of reluctance seems to have recruited his task that he came today, and the .

I watched the cloud of returning, if I met him on the battlefield, I didn't pay attention to what ice sculptures I would freeze him.

If there is anything to shrug, the moment turned and squeezed out the crowd. He didn't have time to attend the wooden holiday. He also had to participate in the day to participate in the success of the family ...


In the evening, the day is aquattan.

When I was present, the empty space of the ancestral hall was full of people from the family to the family. After seeing the moment, the ringtone was sneaked with an flash in the corner of the edge.

Standing at a forefront of the front row, I also greeted it again after I saw it. After the arrival of the arrival, I found a white bandage on the head of Ning Ji - it has been engraved The curse of the furniture.

"I am very happy to see everyone can gather in this day. Today is the big days of our day, in addition to the birthday of the little girl, and this is also her successor in our associate successors ..."

On the steps of the entrance of the ancestral hall, the day, the sun and the day, all the days of the family, said, in addition to the ninja and behind the ninja, there is a short old man - that is the old man of the guest, that is The father of the sufficiency and the amount of time, the right is still above the feet.

The young field wearing a colorful kimono today, and he stood around the sun. He looked at the numerous people below, and she was like a gentlest rabbit. I didn't looked up at the following.

On the day, the leader of the parents, and the long and complicated inheritance ceremony have continued to the sky, the crowd in front of the ancestral hall has gradually dissipated.

A round of a round of white moon hangs above the sky, laying a layer of silver in the sky, there is countless insects, and looks the whole sleeping wooden village is particularly quiet.

Suddenly, the day, the day of the family of family, came out of the noise, and dozens of days played a raging tire to family members and searched around around. Their tract passed to the whole day to the family, and the Ninja to the home in countless days woke up from the sleep. Under the order of the guests, rushing to the villages of the Ninja Village, searching for the enemy's trail.

I have already been lying in bed, I'm going to fall asleep in bed, under his sensitive perception, the noise from outside, immediately wakes him.

"What happened to it ..." Grass put on clothes, and I pulled out the room directly.

The night, got a natural barrier for all sinful cages under the night. When I arrived at the day, I was already clear, and dozens of assault people lifted the bullion of the torch, and the middle day was lying on the foot of the black dress.

At the moment, I opened the crowd, the body on the ground is the leader of today's wooden celebration and talking on the team, that is a cloud of embarrassment!

"Master of Master!" At this time, the other days of the moving and quiet came, and some even did not have never wearing neat, and the hands were put on.

"Immediately to inform the ninger! The cloud is the head of the head of the day, and the secret to the family, and the secret of the white blood of the day is already killed. It is already killed, it is important to go!" Seeing the people around you. It is realized that the daily sufficiency of this seriousness is shouting, which is related to the daughter, and is also related to the family and the entire wooden leaves.



Still happening?

In the early morning, the moment has been standing in the day of the day to a Talks, surrounded by herself and dozens of homework, and the elders of sufficiency and the old, the three generations of the three generations and several other ninjasters. .

"Before I came over, I have talked over the representative of the country of Yunzhi." Sitting in the day of the day, the three generations constantly swallow the smoke in the mouth, "Obviously, their behavior is to explore the white eyes Secret ... "

"But just, they biting this time is that Yun Yun Nae is killed in the wood ..." Talking on the table, the three generations put down the smoking stripes in the hand, staring at the day to everyone.

Chapter 47, Yunle Event (five even more)

"Before the coming, the Napporns have been talking to me." At this time, the day of the old old, the face of the vicissitudes of the vicissitudes gaze the supens, "The conditions proposed in the country of Yunzhi are that the wooden leaves are handed over to this kill. The murderer of the dead cloud, has a white eye, the next day, the world, that is, you, sufficient. "


"They are too too much !!"

"This must not promise !!"

On the day, the elder voice just fell, the surrounding day, the ninja has issued an angry protest, and the protagonist of this matter is silent after the day of the day.

"It seems that I can only use this ..." After the silence of a moment, the sun was opened, and the tone revealed that "if I sacrifice me, I can save the whole village ..."

"Don't worry, sufficiency." The sublets said half, and was interrupted by the elders, "Don't rashly, the blood session of the day is an important king card in this village. The mission of the guest is to protect this. Bloodline. "

"I know this is very important, but is it necessary to let the village re-caught the war?" Said the daily foots of the village and the family to instill family mission and fire will.

"I understand, of course, I can't let the village have been involved in the war ..." The day is long and said, "So we will have the existence of the expenditure ... Let the daily pending you will go to death Those people! "

"What ?! This ..." When I heard the day, the sun was shocked to look at him behind the silence.

"He also agreed to ..." The day is slowly said, it seems that people who have to sacrifice from his mouth are not his son, but only a name.

"But what do they want is not the secret of the white eye ?! If the amount is dead, the white eyes will be sealed, I am afraid that the country will not promise so easily ?!" The supreme is hesitant to say.

"Hey, they are estimated to play this abacus, will make it the body of the day to sufficient sufficiency ..." The day, the old old, the old, said, "So as long as we fakely promise, hand over you the same I have a difference, I don't want to say it. "

"But ..." The supens is still hesitant. After all, it is his biological brother, and the person who killed the cloud to endure is him.

"Don't hesitate to have a sufficient day." The day, I am staring at the sufficiency, I said: "The ancestors are only the bloodline of the day, even if it is a brother, if necessary, I have to give up! This is the day of the family fate!"

"Damn ..." The supens is holding a fist and hate.

The scene once fell into silence, and finally stood in the day to the long-lasting, and came out.

"Where is the sunshine in the next day?" It seems to hang a relaxed smile on the face of the night, watching the brother from birth from birth from birth, "I am so fear today. foot……"

"This matter is serious, how can it easily ..." The sufficient words said that half of the eyes were angry, suddenly, he blocked his stomach and fell on the floor.

It turned out that he suddenly took the time difference between him, a boxing in his belly.

"Let me go." Looking at the sufficiency in his hand, said in a quiet opening.

This suddenly happened that everyone was shocked, and I saw the sun and foot of the ground: "What is the difference between you, you still have this son ... How can I choose to die for the guests? ... "

"No." The bad night gave a look at the people present, and said, "To tell the truth, I have always hated the people ... But I do this today, not to protect the actor, but In order to protect your brother, and love the village. "

"For me, this is the freedom I can choose for the first time, even if I choose to die." Soon the night, "starting from birth, my destiny can not choose it, Ning will always see It is a powerful me. So I want to understand, I hope that after I die, please tell me for me, his father is not to protect the rectific, but to protect Ning, protect your brother and relatives, and Whole wooden leaves are voluntarily selection ... "

When I heard the arrival, some people were moving, and the three generations were also silent.

"No, I don't agree."

At this time, a clear voice broke the silence of the scene, everyone looked up, standing on the edge of the edge.