Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 36 of the Capaci Yushu System

The slowly walked to everyone, and the moment looked at the arrival road: "Uncle is a sad family, is it really worth doing this?"

"What do you say ?!" "At this moment, I suddenly arouse the anger of all the days of the day, especially the day, I stared at the elders.

"Three generations of fire." There is no responsibility of the day to the day of the day, turning his eyes to the three generations. "Is the wooden leaves have no weakness to only rely on sacrificing innocent ninja to exchange so-called peace?"

"Headless boy! When is it going to you here, you will talk to the fire.

In the face of the sun, the elderly, the eyes did not lift it, and it was still staring at the three generations.

"At this moment, you don't know ..." I heard the question of the moment, the three generations did not be angry, but the light explained him. "Although we stepped back the country, the third endurance battle has accumulated Consumption, there is still one thing happening three years ago, our village is really no longer able to bear a war's impact ... "

"I can't accept this practice. If you can't protect your so-called peace, you can't protect it. Then we have died in the battlefield, what is the meaning ?!" " Say, emotions have been excited.

"You are stinky! It seems that you have some days of yourself, and I have made you proud of the battlefield." Seeing the kid of the moment, the kid of the moment is completely ignored by the old man from this day. The day is directly blocked by the elderly.

"In the moment, don't rude to the Nangjie adults!" Seeing the day, the day is always blocked, and there is even prepared the day to the national curse, the day is anxious to shout.

"Don't I say it wrong?" Looking at the long-distance old and old, the moment, I was straightforward, "I still have you, the sunssen is your son. Is it your son? You are so easy to let him die? "

When I heard the moment, I turned anger to the face of the elders, "This is the resolution of the wooden leaf, and the time of the day is a member of the family. His mission is to protect the origin of Zong family. I let him alternative sufficiency. Where is the wheel got a boy juno !? "

"" Is the mission of hunger? Hehehe ... "In the chamber, there was a deep laughter." What is this shit system?! Running a family of loved ones into people and homes, if you say this It is to protect the bloody limit of the day, then I ask you, what is going on in the white eye that is falling in the fog hidden ?! "

In the moment, the attitude of showing and saying, let everyone present!

Chapter 48 Due to the Daily Due (one more)

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Did you fall in the dark eye? That is the last time I've been a battle, how did he know? After listening to the content in the moment, the three generations of eyes flashed a silk.

"If in such a system, the white eyes will still fall into the outsider, then you can only explain one thing." Looking at everyone who was shocked, the moment continued, "It is the ridiculous system without existence. The necessary! "

"I don't know what to know!" I realized the seriousness of the words that I said, the day, the elderly reached out the hand gesture of the controlling curse. "That is the home of the last, and the furniture guards are unfavorable, will lead to one The white eyes of the guests are in the fog hidden. It seems that I need to let you know your own mission! "


"Don't impulsive!"

The voice fell, and the day to the elders directly gave a handprint, see the three generations of the three-generation rigs around him around his hand, and it was too late to stop.

However, there was a scene that made them more shocking. I saw that I didn't make a miserable screaming, but the upper part is ice.

This is an early morning that I have already thought about the curse of the curse. The curse of the cage is in the brain of the furniture, directly controlling the brain of the people's body, and manipulating the life and death of the membership, but the moment The body passes through the transformation of frozen fruits, and it is always possible to change his body along with the brain. How can a curse of the guests can manipulate a ice?

But I'm knowing that I can't keep this element of it, I'm going back to my brain or the original brain, so I opened the eyes of everyone horror: "I am free to turn my body to ice, you think you Why did you make me? "

Scene is still quiet! ! !

"How is it possible ?!" The day, the elderly did not believe in evil, and found that the moment is still not moving. "The day, the family has been circulating the curse of the Warring States, and it is actually useless to you !!"

"Have he reached this extent? The day of the mantra can't control him?" Seeing the flash of ice, the three generations of the old turbid eyes passed through a light.

Looking at the eyes of everyone and the elders to see the ghost eyes, I will continue to say: "How can I know the height of the sky, I have been limited to a small pattern of a small family, I have been more than a small pattern. However, Unecho, you have to know that Yizhi Bo is not divided into family, people are not a strong glory than the day? "

"So, Zongjia's own ridiculous system, but the person of your associates will be the scorpion of the compatriots!" Every word of the moment, all the words were like a hand sword in their hearts.

This is impossible, this is impossible, is it going to be wrong? !

Looking at the time of the living standing in the same place to the elder and the sunshine on the ground, he knew that he was completely unable to say that he was completely unable to say that he was influenced by the family concept, and he only had rights in his eyes. And struggles, family honors, there is no statement, no familyhood.

"Is it true to the system of the country?!" The words of the moment, there is undoubtedly a stormy waves in the sunset's heart, I saw him muttering on the ground.

"Enough! I don't have to say anything!"

When I thought I had already convincular them, the bad breath actually made a moment. "Instead of my brother to die, this is what I have decided, no matter how it can't let the village fall into war ... I am in the moment, you are not the same as us. You are still so young, you are the true genius of our family, the ancestor day does not have this talent ... I believe you will definitely see the day of the day, I will have your brother, I believe. He will definitely be proud of you in the future ... "

"The old man, let's do it." After the end of the brake, the bad night went to the long future.

When I was suddenly thunder, why did he do this? Why do I have obviously convince you, why should he choose to die?

Suddenly, he understood it.

He still has Ning, and there is a Meiling, and all his people who care all in this village.

This man has to say this, in the village, the fate of his death has not changed, even if it is stopped, it will not change this fact that this village has no belonging.

It's hard to experience what he is with your mood. It can only be deceived to lie to himself. This is your own choice. Is it to protect people who love yours and villages?

It's time or dead.

Subject to the front.

I didn't change anything even if I stopped.

I saw the talk room as if I lost the soul. I gave a moment of meditation. I awarded a command to all the days of all the days in the field: "The day has been appointed an important task before I am now, so I will leave the village for departure. I hope that you will not arrange other work in this time. "

I'm knew that the three generations would be to protect him, but it is still the head and does not go back to the day.


"Oh ... How is the strength of the movie? But it is a strong antique in front of the fate ... You can't change it ..."

The night in the middle of the night, did not take an umbrella, and it seems like a soul of the soul walks in the street in the wooden leaves.

He did not dare to go to the home, and he did not dare to tell Meiling and Ning. I didn't dare to see any desperate and sad expressions from their face.

Have you to compromise the interests of the small people to become the interests of most people? The face of the moment revealed a bitter smile, this village in front of him seems to be very bored.

Wooden leaves for 51 years.

In this year, the fire of the fire in the fire in the fire has signed a peace agreement, and the people of the two countries cheered, which means that many years of war have finally ended, and the third endurance battle ended. But very few people know that a person named the day to the daily difference is a small wave in the many sacrifices of the peaceful peace.

On the night of the fall, the forest of the fire is full of forests, and the moment has walked on a clay trail in the border of the fire.

The portrait is good, Meiling and Ning will be good, there is no bid to anyone, just playing with the three generations, leaving the wooden leaves, embarking on the road to find a hand.

In fact, there is a matter of this, I have tried to change, but the result is still the same as the original. With the interests of large people of the wood, there are always some people who are forced to sacrifice.

If the amount of time is like, the white teeth is like it.

I am afraid that I still take care of everything directly, I will kill the day and the sun and the sun are old. I can't change the fact that I can't be sacrificed by the leaves of the leaves. When the country of Yunzhi is threatened by the war, the leaves think To compromise, you must meet the conditions of the country, just don't make it, just right is the abandoned chess.

Unless its strength, it is strong to say that it can disintegrate the point of the whole system. In that, things will change it ...

"Rarked wooden leaves? I hope that before I came back with a stronger gesture, I will continue to stay in the hypocrisy. Otherwise it is too much ..."

On the desolate border, it came to the moment of laughter, a teenager's figure, gradually.