Chapter 49 Operators and Silent (two even more)

Tian Zhi, a small town called Yu Yu, seems to have a unusual guest today.

A teenager wearing a white kimono, came to the door of the town, looked up and showed a slightly childish face, and the dark long hair straight in the waist, and it is worthy of this place.

"Is it here, I have been looking for two months, I finally played a trace of the agency." Into the town, looked at the crowd, and I found a lot of people.

Tian Zhizhi is a small country between the country of fire and the country of Rock, and the national strength is weak. It does not belong to his own ninja village. The leader of the country seems to be an idiot. After the opening of these days, in addition to the news that the agency did not have the news here, the moment also explored the rebellion of the wooden leaf, and the three-nailed big snake pill was confused by the leader of the country. Here, it established a muscle village. .

But these follows have no relationship. He came here to find a master, then from the aperator's psychic beast, find a way to the SHI bones of the Three Dafai Shengdi, learn the immortal mode This more only.

From the people around the people, the moment found that in addition to ordinary people, occasionally pass a lot of ninja. I saw the hotel next to the hotel, I decided to go in and took a break, I would like to inquire about no new news.

After entering the door, I just gave a few small dishes, and I sat on the seat of the hall. At this time, the dialogue of the middle-aged man dressed next to the two conferences, attracted the attention of the moment.

"Have you heard of it? The casino has been a guest."

"Do you say that the fat sheep is? I heard it, I heard that she has lost tens of millions."

"Yeah, there have been people who have never seen such luck, but they are really beautiful ..."

Said that the two lamons did not have a smile that a man understood, noticed the content of them, and the moment would not be lucky so well. Is it her?

"Hello, ask, how do you just say what the casinos say?" Headed over and asked two of them.

"Why, do you want to go to the casino?" One of the conferences got the moment, and the consciousness nodded for another one.

"I just want to go there to find someone." As if he didn't pay attention to the gods of the two convalators, the moment continued.

"That's coming to us, take you there." After finishing the hotel owner, the two waves took a picture of the hotel.

After following the two streets, I discovered that two guys took themselves to a unmanned alley.

"Kid, see your good, I will give it a lot of money." The two conferences showed the true face and smiled and said to the moment.

"It turns out that you are this purpose." Looking at two waves of the weapons, I am sighing.

I heard the moment, the two waves were more proud, "Xiaozi, I will hand over, maybe the uncle, we have a good mood, take you to the casino to find ..."

Haven't finished it, the two waves flew out, two people slammed into the walls of the alleys, did not see how the moment is moving, and they have come to two people. "If you know, now Take me to find someone, otherwise, you will die here. "

After listening to the moment, I said that I was cold, and I thought I didn't even see his movements, I was shot out, and the two waves were scared quickly climbed from the ground.

Following the two guys through a street, the moment came to a casino in this street, but didn't enter the door, I have heard the continuous noise.

"Adults, don't gamble, you have lost more than 10,000 continuously!" A young girl has passed to the moment of the ears.

"Haha, there is no relationship, I have money!" Another good voice passed into the ears, but the owner of listening to the voice seems to be drunk.

"I finally found it, this is definitely a master and silent." I heard the two voice conversations, I didn't hesitate to go into the casino without hesitation. I have been looking for him for more than two months. "

Just entered the casino, the moment is around, and the gambling table has two beautiful women who are attractive to the audience in addition to a row of middle-aged uncle gamblers.

A hair slightly golden glowing looks for more than twenty-year-old beauty, wearing a green long weapon, writing a 'gambling' word behind, is somewhat slightly squatting on the gambling table, amazing Xiong attracts surrounding hungry wolves That is.

Another black and hair girl wearing a black kimono, it looks probably 189 years old, temperament is quiet, is holding a pet pig next to persuade the giant Xiong woman.

At a slight look, I really look for more than two months old, and I just want to go to talk, I saw the master suddenly stood.

"Hey, let's go, today's luck is too bad." Said that the program was blurred drunk eyes, and one hand took the silent shoulders and walked out of the casino in the casino.

I saw a charter and silently walked out of the casino, and I also quietly followed. I have walked over two streets behind the aperator and the mute, and the two of the two in the moment suddenly stopped.

"Go out, starting from the casino, you have already followed our two streets." Outlet turned a beautiful face, looked at the body, and there is half-time in the eyes.

"It's really a princess of the three tolerance. It turned out that it didn't get drunk at all." When I saw a master, I found myself and I walked directly from the back.

"You're ..." I saw a young woman who had walked to himself. I looked at Junxiu's face. "You are a day, is the three generations of old age call you?"

From the moment of the moment to the family, the first reaction is that the three generations of fire sent people to find themselves.

"Yes, nor." At the face with a relaxed smile, staring straight at the buddy of Meiyan, "I am coming to you, learn medical tolerance."

"Looking for me to make a teacher?" The master is not surprised. From the young age, relying on the three endure of the strength and the people of the wood, seeking her to make a teacher, except Kato mute, the niece, She has never received any disciples.

Seeing the agency seems to reject, the moment directly took out the recommendation letter to him, and handed her.

"Oh?" After taking the letter to the moment, I looked at it. The ahead was somewhat surprised to pick a good eyebrow. "The new top three generations seem to be very optimistic, saying that you are a very talented Ninja ... ... What is your name? It seems to have heard this name. "

"The master." The silent mute heard the name of the moment, and the face changed to think of what, and said two sentences to the palm.

"It turned out that you were the white devil we heard in Yunzhong ..." Listened to the whisper, and the prime man was hunting and played. "I didn't expect it to be a handsome teenager ..."


A 'well' word appeared on the forehead.

Nima, that is the outer number whose cloud is to me, is it good? !

What are you talking about? ! Can you still chat? !

"That is all the rumors of the cloud," the face is still hung, but she still said.

Once he thought he had thought that there was a handsome title like 'instantaneous water', called a 'Eternal Maska' what is also good, and the reality is such a powerful.

Only the wrong name is not called the wrong number, in the battlefield, in the eyes of the enemy, what is it not like a devil?

Chapter 50 Wind (three more)

"Selling is really good, although the face of the old man is not embarrassed, but I have to do my master Ji Ji's disciple is not so easy, I have to see if you are a good ninja like a rumor." I have collected the recommendation letter of the three generations, and it seems that I want to test this handsome teenager in front of him.

"It seems that someone wants to interrupt our communication." At this time, he had already noticed that people on the street have already gouang, and there is a large group of people from the street.

"Ah, it seems not some little ." The aperator also noted a group of people around the street, from the dress on their body, actually is a group of ninja.

"Head boy! I know that you are ninja, actually dare to hit us! You don't know where it is the place where the wind is jurisdiction, the crowd jumped out of two people, which turned out to be the two lamons that were previously learned.

"It turned out to be troublesome ... It's a trouble." Listened to two waves, and the agency couldn't help but slam.

The card is not falling, and the crowd jumped out of a person. It turned out to be the boss of the casino. It is an anger to say: "You are a hateful woman! It is also a ninja, just actually use transients in our casino. It is so much amazing! "

"The original planner has just used transients to make a gambling gamma in casino. It is really bad ..." Listened to the casino boss, and there is a somewhere of taste to glimpse, it is really harsh character. What about it.

"If you want you, you still think about how to get out." The agency was exposed to the crowd, it became a bit, hateful, and glanced at it.

"It's the Ninja of the Wind, the number is really a lot, this can be a bit trouble." At this time, he appeared unexpectedly, glanced around, and he was troublesome, but his face The expression is still so painful.

It is probably a little uncomfortable to see the moment. The agency is still a reminder: "I advise you still don't want to be very good, the person they take the lead can endure, I don't want to see people in the same village. In front of me."