Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 38 of the Capaci Yushu System

I don't have to remind it, I'm still noticed that the ugly man standing in the most in front of the crowd is the strength of the endurance, but listening to the order, I still reveal a smile, "I can do this. If you care, it seems that the master has already appreciated me as your disciple ... "

"Betting, I have not promised to accept you to make a disciple!" I saw a huge gain word on the forehead of the flash of the flash, but I said: "But if you can defeat this group of ninja. , Then you don't have any disciples, you can't ... "

Just a plenary, I want to test the test, see if this kid is really like the three generations of talents, the former for the former is the best test stone, anyway, if you have something, she can solve at any time.

"Hey, the two stinky women and the stinky boy, there is no need to put us in the eyes?" The ugly male ninja took the lead saw the moment and the operator still regardless. To talk, it's directly angry. "This uncle is the wind of the wind - the wind!"

I didn't pay attention to the angry winds and wild, and I suddenly exposed the express expression after listening to the agency. "Too good, then I will promise."

Seeing the excitement of the moment, there is a bit anxious, "this is too messy! The master, although there is such a rumor on the battlefield, but he is still a child ..."

"Hey, my mood is very good, I will try not to kill you ..." I'm slowly moving towards the Ninja in the group of the monk, and the people who don't know. It will definitely think that this boy is going to take a walk.

"Good boy! Let the uncle ..." Seeing everything in the moment, a ninja on the edge of the wind is directly smashed, and it is a small boy who is unknown.


Unfortunately, he didn't finish it. At the moment, it disappeared in the original place. When the next second appeared again, it was already on his face, and he didn't finish his words and stepped back.

"So fast!"

Everyone in the field is shocked, including a hand and mute, especially from the ruthless cinema of the Ninja, when he reacted it immediately, I wanted to stop, I have rushed into the crowd to kill.

No, it should be said to kill and kill.

I saw that the moment of murder into the population, whether it is the soft boxing of the rock or the just punch of the wood, the moment is a letter, after more than a year of battlefield experience, it has already been soft and just The fist is a perfect integration, just a punch, there is only a terrible surface destructive force, and there is a fatal chakra Erosion.

The ninja dealing with this group of winds is simply a small use. It is like a professional warrior to bully a group of kindergarten children. I only see that I have swayed around the figure. Some people are moving out, as if they are ruthless in harvesting straw general.

"Ah, ah ..."

In less than a minute, dozens of ninja have been lying on the ground.

"How can I ..." I can't catch the speed of the moment, I watched myself, I found out all the ninja around him, the wind is wide and the eyeballs are scared. "You, who are you?! "

"Me?" At this moment, I lost the last final ninja in my hand. I opened the white eyes and looked at the wind, my face revealed a demonic smile, "You guess what person."

"Devil ..." The wind is in the open white eyes and the smile on the face. It seems that suddenly thinks, "I know, you are the white devil!"

"Your mouth is more annoying than yours ..." It was once again lifted the ostrich of this outward. It seems that the waves and clouds war have also touched the eyes of the parties.

"Well ... It's so powerful." The silent look at the back of the moment, muttered, "that many ninja, he did three or two."

"It is indeed a small child ..." Seeing the strength of the moment, the aperator is also surprised, and if you don't want to solve it, "It seems that the three generations of old men are really recommended for a nice. Talent ... "

"What white eyes demon, but a little ghost!" Seeing the light smile on the face, the self-esteem of the wind in the wind seems to be touched, and the hands of the hands quickly.

"I am the wind of the wind!"

"Ibold · Shadow · Bubble !!"

The surprising scene has appeared. After the scene, everyone only saw the wind in the wind, turned into a handsome teenager, and behind the four wings, four wings were rapidly Ye body rapidly shot.

"Back to the days!!"

Although I don't know what effect, I don't want to be gotten by this unidentified YE body, decisively release Chakra, and my original high-speed rotation makes it back.

hiss! hiss! hiss!

The wind is in the wild ye body, and it is constantly given back to the ground, the aperator and mute I only saw the flat ground quickly melted a pit, it is a poisonous water!

"You can be evil, you will die together!" Seeing your poisonous water is bounced, the wind is playing again.

"The Oil Anti - the Obstel !!"

At the moment, the three people only felt a shock on the ground. The foot of the foot suddenly sinking. The ground of the entire street was actually falling down like the sand, and they went to swallow them.

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Chapter 51, the teacher's hand (four even more)

It's really trouble, after all, is an endurance, still a little level, I feel that the body began to sink, and the strength of the frozen fruit directly.

"Frozen Abyss!"

At the moment, I broke out, and the ground sinking on his body was instantly frozen. Easily pulled the legs and stepped on the ice. By the way, I walked over and silently pulled out, although they own It can also come out, but in front of ladies, it is still as good as possible.

"Thank you ..." I was pulled out from the ground to stand on the ice, and I looked at this everything. "Is this ice? It's a magical ..."

"I still sigh, I will solve him first, let's talk about it again, silently" teacher '. "The moment, I looked at it, then turned over and looked at the wind.

"I have confisited your disciple! Who is called who is a sister!" The onboard is muttered, looking at the ice in the ground.

"This is actually killing you." Seeing the moment they actually standing in the ice, the wind is in a bit difficult to accept this fact.

"So you say these dragon cases, it is the most self-knowledge." The moment looked at the unbelievable expression of the windshot of the wind, helpless shook his head: "Don't say killing us, it is the lady next to me." You can explode you in minutes. "

Seeing him or a pair, I was too lazy to explain with him, in the hands of Chakra, the water attribute Chakra crazy injection, and a high-pressure water gun that constantly rotatively roaring in hand.

"That is ..." Silent little mouth tightly, surprised to look at the hard scroll on the hand.

"Good amazing water" changes ... "Seeing the hard scroll blade on the hands of the flashlight.

"Water, hard turthrans." The calm from the mouth, the name of this technique, and the white eyes of the slightly smoldering, "Goodbye, the wind of the wind, I hope you can be here It's alive during surgery ... "

At the moment of white eyes, the wind of the wind is in the wind, excluding any opportunity to show the end of the body, directly reach out, high-speed rotating the hard vortex water blade, I vote.


The wind is still trying to say something, but it is directly swallowed in a huge water dragon roll in the twenty-three-meter high.

After the disappearance, it is the street that is destroyed in front of the full-scale, and is full of sore.

The difficult swallowed water, the mouth of the mute, said: "This is too powerful, it is too big ..."

"I finally knew why this kid slammed the people of Yun Yin ..." The apeer also looked at the destructive power of the flash of the hard scroll. "The combat ability of this kid is still on me ... "

Although the aperator is one of the legendary three tolerance, it is more powerful in the universal strange force, but she is involved in the medical field. In terms of medical and theoretical knowledge, the entire endurance is also available to the right.

"How, I have a qualified to do your disciples?" The moment took over the two people and laughed.

"Hey, it seems that your strength is not bad." The apeer saw that the expression of the hippie smile, "Then I will follow my life for a while, I have to see if you have a talent of medical tickness. "

When you say, your ahead will take mute to turn around, and you will follow it immediately.

"It's really a bad personality, it's still four or five years old. It is still so proud to ..." He is whispering in the back of the moment.

"What do you say ?!" Who knows that the previous program ear is surprisingly sharp, it seems to hear the small whisper of the moment, immediately turned to a punch, at the foot of the moment, the moment is standing unstable, the feet have been a huge Cracks and pit caves, then she watches the moment.