Naruto's Jade Crash System

Rigs Crack System Chapter 39

"Ha, there is nothing ..." Suddenly turned a hand, I watched a flash, looked at the demonic expression, and the outrageous monsters, I can only laugh. "

Seeing the soft expression of the moment, the aperary hand snorted and turned back, while quiet quietly pulling the clothes, whispered him: "Hey ... the master people most mind she" The age, if you don't want to die, don't say anything, I don't want my brother who just know, ... "

After listening to the silent, I hang a huge sweat bead on my forehead. Some gratefully looked at the gentle and quiet mute: "I know, thank you, you, sister, you are a good person."

Listening to the good card issued in the moment, mute is just a soft smile, and three people have stepped out of the town.

All the way, time is so late.

The three people finally came to another town in the border of Tianzhi, and stayed at the hotel.

"Hey, little ghost, don't say that I didn't teach you well." In the room, the aperator threw a autumn knife fish in the table, "the medical tutoring is the foundation of the Ninja Chakrary, the high medical care Ninja can use Chakra to stimulate cells to achieve the purpose of cure wounds in patients, and through form changes can also achieve the effect of detoxification and attacks. "

After spending more than ten minutes, the probilization of the program explained the knowledge about the medical tattooing, and immediately referred to the autumn knife fish on the table. "This autumn knife fish is made by my medical tattoo." In the false state, when you can transfer the activity of Chakrary to wake up, it is entitled. "

After that, the aperator hugged the pet pig that only called the boldly dolphin, and went to the door and added a sentence: " Not everyone has the characteristics of medical ninja, you will slowly toss. "

After the program, a person sitting alone in the room, looking at the autumn knife fish on the table, caught in a contemplation.

Medical tissue, moment knows that it is a cell that uses active Chakra to stimulate the target to achieve the purpose of cure. Like the longitude of the runti quality of the Ruti, it belongs to the category of Yangjun. Although it cannot give object life like Yang, it is also an integral, very practical, very practical.

I thought here, I immediately stopped to stand in front of the table. Close the eyes and carefully mobilized Chakra in the body, and the Chakra flows to the palm. This step is complete, but it has tried it for a while, but I can't mobilize it. The activity of Chakrary.

Looking at the surgery Chakra or the blue of Chakra, did not become the kind of green tolerance, there is no discouragement, and any cultivation is impossible, and when he cultivated spiral pills and soft fists are also such a step. A footprint is slow.

The sun outside is soon, and the time is at night. At the end of the evening, I am hiding in the room. I am trying to cultivate Chakra live, even the midway is quiet, and I have not dundated.

Finally, all the people all in the small town entered sleep, only the room in the moment also spare slight lights.

"I finally succeeded!"

I am excited to look at Chakra of my hand, and my weak green light is scattered.

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Chapter 52 Society to cure the intelli (five even more)

Early the next morning, a knock on the door and the wooden door of the mute room.

"Who! The big clear morning to knock ... Let me know who is bothering me to sleep ..." The apeer went to the pajamas and climbed up and opened the door. I saw it outside the door. I was a smile. At the moment, I suddenly angered: "Head boy! Why are you knocking in the door to sleep!"

Looking at the hand on the door, wearing a thin pajamas, a huge suxiong, if the hidden sleep, the exide face is lazy sleep, can't help but let the thirty-year-old soul feel the heart Jumping.

"That ..." The moment is a rare blush, but it will soon think of a matter of work, one hand out of a living autumn knife fish, and handed it to the front, "You see, my teacher, I succeeded." ! "

"Ni ?!"

The master of the face suddenly became a shock, and widened his eyes and looked at the back of the hand. The autumn knife fish on the hand did not believe it: "Your kid will not be a red-autumn knife. Is it?! "

"How is it possible, don't believe you." I heard the question in the program, I was unhappy, but he worked hard to complete the achievements all night.

In this way, I thought I had a moment of active Chakra, gathered to my palm, and I saved the palm of the green Chakra rays.

"This ..." The master did not dare to pay attention to the green Chakra of the moment, almost did not wake up, couldn't help but blink, "even if the day, the chakra control ability of the family, you nor May be ... "

As a result, the palm of the green Chakra was still presented in her eyes, and there was a flash of a smile.

"Then I will not bother you to sleep first." With the ahead of your own results, I will take back Chak Rahes to turn to my room. "I slept too late last night, I also have to go back to the room to make up feel……"

After going back to the room in an instant, only a person standing alone stood at the door of the hotel.

"This kid is really a genius ..."

At noon, the hotel's dinner table.

"How is this possible!" Silent exclaimed and looked at the moment that was eating, his mouth was O-form, "he was a night ..."

"Yes." Looking at the shocking look, the master nodded helpless, why not this expression in the morning, "This kid is definitely a freak."

When the promulgin, he looked at the opposite side of the opposite side. "It seems that the three generations of old man said that there is no sentence to your praise, it is a terrorist talent and learning ability ..."

"Ah, don't pay these all my talents, I spent a night's efforts yesterday ..." The moment I lost a fried tempura in my mouth, and said that .

I didn't pay attention to the eating phase, the apeer was a face: "How long does you know that the general ninja wants to inspire Chakra activity?"

"At least half a year! Just quiet, I spent four months when I gotten out, I successfully stimulated the live Chakra ..." The agency self-contained, "It seems that you will teach you to cure. ... "

"Treatment surgery ?!" I heard the agency to start teaching himself, the moment is a spirit, and he has seen him in the battlefield, which is the medical tick used by the cloudy teenager.

"Well, let's take a meal first, I will start teach you again in the afternoon." Said that the planner and mute also began to eat the meals on the table, while eating a hand, continue: "Say, you have the characteristics of the family It is really ideal for learning medical tolerance, more Chakra control than anyone, and the bloody limit of Toushi human meridian acupuncture. "

"Well, I think so too."

I have a little bit, I decided to come over and learn to learn medical, I will find a chance to learn the model, another aspect is the unique Chakra control capabilities of the day, and can Toushi human body. White eyes, and practice soft punch for the human body understanding, it is indeed very suitable for learning medical tissue.

After eating, they have begun to study on medical and sickness, and the agency and the big snake will have a lot of teachers. It is a good teacher.

Ten days later, there were a suburban in the country of Rock.

"Successful success, the teacher, you will see!"

With excited shouts, the success of the moment, slowly, slowly, slowly, the wound on the ground, and the wounds on the ground.

"I know it." Looking at the moment of ignorant, the board is very calm, and the ten days learn to cure it. For this amazing talent, she said that she has already numb.

More than ten days ago, I'm going to walk all over the country, and their feelings are also increasingly detrimental.

In addition to the teaching of teaching, the agency also taught all kinds of knowledge about medical care, such as human knowledge, cell research, and some knowledge of medical devices.

"It's really powerful." Silently looked at the dog's bear gradually heacted the wound, starting to get up and slowly moved, I couldn't help but praise: "I learned to be cure in the 10th day, I have to see how long, medical treatment I have to exceed me ... "

"Where, the sister, the sister, I respect the seniors ..." I'm modestly said, my face with a compliment smile, these days got along, many times this gentle division sister is taken care of him.

In fact, the moment I know that I will learn the mute of medical tachoscope from a child, although I can't reach the level of the agency, but I have a short time to catch up with her is not possible. She will say that it will be regarded. The favorite of this genius teacher.

"Well, I will learn to cure it so soon, very good, it is a disciple of my Ji Ji." After the success of the success of the trend, the apeer was unfair to the moment, and I was in my name. .

"Hey, the famous teacher is grateful ..." Wen Yaqi did not have a horses who didn't have a good shot, looked at the pride of the plan, and couldn't help but laugh.

"Well, your boy is very eye." The master nodded and looked at the eyes. "Since you have learned to get the treat, you have to be skilled, you can learn the palm, During this time, I taught you Chakra surgery knife and my strange punch. "


I heard the spirit of the moment, although I was still inconvenient to ask myself to learn the way I want to learn the model, after all, I know more than ten days, but the apeer can give my stunt to the moment, this Explain that she is very trustworthy to optimize themselves.

This shows that it is more close to his own goal ...

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