Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 40, Chapter 40

Chapter 53 is another year (because these chapters are just ...

One year later, under the huge waterfall of Sichuan Province.

The water vapor is filled, the waterfall is like thunder.

In the water fog, I saw a black long-haired Yun Xiu's teenager, and it easily faced a ten-meter-high wild spirit beast, a huge tiger, one tiger stood in front of the waterfall.

Suddenly, the two cheeks of the temper, opened a pair of white eyes, and the hand blocked a ten-meter Chuck pulling, waving the tiger flying over.


I saw that the juvenile hand fell, and the blue Chakra blade was swaying on the giant tiger. The giant Tiger made a scream, nor did it have any wounds in it, and he was in front of the waterfall. Struggle on the ground twitching.

"The upgraded version of the Chakra surgery knife is really easy to use ..." At the moment, he looked at the chakra surgery knife in his hand, can't help but show satisfied smiles.

In this year, I followed the aperation of my hardships, I was helped by my diligent efforts and the help of the jade system, and finally gave the refusal and Chakra surgery knife to break through the bottleneck, upgraded into palm and extended version. Chakra surgery knife.

Chakra surgery can cut to the target without any trauma. Generally, the general medical ninja can only maintain the length of the hand to one meter, and under the upgrade of the film-level Chakra and the collapse system. The extended version of the Chakra surgery knife can be maintained until ten meters or even longer, usage is similar to Sasuke's thousand birds, but the thousand birds will start to be blocked by objects, and Chakra operates can pass through clothing, etc. Any obstacle is directly cutting the human body, undoubtedly a very horrible killing of the enemy.

"Next ..." The moment recovered Chakra surgery knife, started to release the green Chakra rays, "Try my palm fairy again."

I walked over, and I have been cut by Chakra surgery knife, and I put it on the palm of the palm. I almost turned into the eyes, I saw the muscles of Chakra surgery cutting in the giant tiger. The organization rapidly healed, simply like not hurt.

"Treatment effect and treatment rate is more than too much ..." The satisfaction recovered the palm of the fairy, seeing the healing Juhi is frightening, maybe it's simple head, I don't understand why I don't understand why I hurt it again to heal it.

"I will go back, they are still waiting for me."

I looked at the giant tiger that fled and fled and smiled. In this year, his harvest is more than just these two sickness, but also all kinds of medical means and knowledge of the blind, and the monster will be perfectly integrated into his body, other original The skills are also increasingly refined.

Finally, of course, there is also a warm emotion between them, this is the most rare gain, think of here, I can't help but reveal a warm smile on the moment.

A nourished hotel, I haven't went in. I have seen the drunken plan for the lobby.

"Really, you don't drink again!" The mute of the side pulled the hand sleeve and the whispered persuaded.

"What is the relationship, I like to drink, I don't have so many troubles ..." The drunken planner said.

Looking at the master drunkenness, I was uncomfortable in my heart. He knew that the dead brother rope tree and lovers brought to her too much blow, and even let her suffer from probularity, this is the ninja and She is a big ironic.

These years have been self-exiled, and they are turning into the country, except for some dissatisfaction with the high-rise of the wood, even the reason is that this is difficult to heal in her heart.

"Teacher, sister, I am back." After entering the door, I went to the wine table and greeted them.

"The stinky boy is back!" The drunken prime hand got a heroic, a moment of moment, and buried the face of the moment in his huge shuang peak.

"Oh ... let me go!" I didn't expect the plan to suddenly make such an amazing move. At the moment, the face was hard to struggle from the hand, and the big mouth was breathed.

"Call ... call ..." I didn't expect that I haven't worry about the battlefield, but I almost suffocated in the big breasts of the program. I thought that my past is a worship Xiongist. I just made the scene of the blood. I can't help it. Red has a face.

"The master, you are really." Seeing the mute next to the appearance of the moment, he couldn't stop smiling, while blaming his hand.

"I didn't expect the stinky boy, I will blush, haha!" Drunken eye confused ahead looked at the laughter of the blossoms, and then asked: "How is your palm?"

"Well, it has been fully mastered." The fair face of the moment is in red, and he replied. I really didn't expect men who have added it in the age of 30.

"Is it completely mastered? Your kid is really a freak." I heard the answer, the program was spoken to some wine, muttered: "Obviously did not teach you the fairy, you can have no teacher through."

Because of the previous moment, after the test of saturated bottlenecks, the collapse system automatically upgraded it to the palm of the fairy, which is also a paid why they will automatically learn the reasons for palm.

"The sky is really awkward, I didn't expect to only one year, you have surpassed my sister." Silent unde envy, she is really hard to believe in learning medical care from the small followers Treatment, it is more than a year of a year.

"This kids can not find the second person in the endurance, the medical sickness of the medical and sickness is about to catch up with my master. Now it is the actual experience ..." Also praised, this year, the performance of this year is in the eyes. She is estimated that they have no moment to this talent.

"This is much more than the teacher's teaching and teacher's care, or my progress is not so fast." The moment said, this year, the master and mute to him, he is in the eyes, he is I am really grateful to the apeer and mute.

"Don't be modest, this is the result of your own days and efforts." Said that the planner looked at the face of the brakes and smiled, and smiled this: "And we will be a big handsome guy after we grow up." I don't know how many girls will be fascinated by you ... "

To make you fans first, look at your own ahead, and the heart is dark in the heart.

"I have no thing to teach you, I have to rely on yourself, this reel you hold it." Suddenly, I took a reel from my clothes, I handed it to myself. "This is my second grandfather left my sick scroll, which records all his water."

"I remember that your Chakra is a water attribute and wind property, give you just." Looking at the moment there, the aperator said: "With your talents, I believe that it will definitely not humiliate. It. "

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Chapter 54: Psychic Scrolls (Part 1)

Attention took a reel of the hand, looked at the valuable gift of her, and I couldn't help but somewhat red in my eyes.

Putting up in the past now, there are very few people in his memory, like a planner, and even the relics of the second-generation noodles of many years, she is willing to give themselves.

The two grandfather of the program, the second generation of fire, the younger brother, the younger brother, the gods of the ninja, with the flying thunder and the water, the roll, his ninja, for any Ninja It is undoubtedly a precious.

"Teacher, I ..." "Look at the beautiful face of the program, the tone of the moment is a bit condensed.

"Head boy, you won't cry? Haha!" Seeing the moment, the board was laughed and laughed with a arm on his shoulder.

"Taste, your harsh woman ..."

The moment is soon kneading the nose, and the emotions of the out of control gradually calm down.

"It's really a bit of stinky boy, calculative time, should you go back to the wooden leaves?" If you ignite the moment, the aperator looked at him.

Yes, time has been more than a year, and the three generations have been reached, and I should go back and live.

"Well, I have to go back to Huaye in the past few days. Are you going back with me?" It's not to look at the first two people, and the mood is inevitable.

"No, the place where the leaves, I don't want to go back again." The idea of ​​the program seems to floating very far away, and the face squeezed out a smile. "If your kid has a conscience, there is time. Look at us. "

I heard the master, I knew that the palm was deeply loved on the wooden leaves, and I love the village who was built by her grandfather. Although she hates the shadow of the shadow, she always implemented the so-called fire. Will.

After all, she still returned to the wooden leaves. Then, she raised her hometown, only that day, I don't know if I will still be there.

"Right, teacher, I can sign a psychic contract with your psychic beast, so I can find you at any time." I think of my most important purpose is not to learn medical, but learning. Cactus pattern.

"Tongling beast, this is certain, but you have to call them to be a big man, because each of them is the split body of the immortal in the wet bone forest in Xianli." For the moment of the moment, the apeer is pleased to agree.

In the moment, I have to sign a psychic contract, that is not very dedicated, after all, I have a lot of points, the original Sakura is also signed a psychic contract, such as the contract.

Said the program to take out the hotel biting the finger to reach out to the ground, the spell is launched on the ground, and a smoke is over, and there is more than a big place on the ground.

"Opener, your disciple? No problem, sign the contract directly." He saw the disciple of just harvested, and then promised, saying out a huge reel from the mouth.

After the reel lying on the ground opened, the master fingers the character of the dense Ma Ma, and said to the moment: "Just pressing a handset here, the spiritual contract is completed."

"Okay." For a place to blank on the reel, I immediately bite the fingers, with the blood, pressing a five fingerprints above.

"Okay, our contract is completed, small moment, after you have a good thing, you will use the spiritual call." After signing the spiritual contract, he also slammed it directly with the moment, and he said. A sound disappeared.