Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 41 of Hueding Crack System

Finally, I came out this time, I came out, I was really collecting the goods, I thought I couldn't help but I was grateful.

"Don't stand, hurry back, let's get up, you will go in a few days." After the moment, after the completion of the Psychic Contract, the prime hand walked into the hotel.

You are the most important person in this world. Whether I happen, I will protect you, look at the background, and the psychology is secretly said to myself.

Three days later, on the border of Sichuan Province, the moment waved farewell to the agency and mute.

"The stinky boy should take more weight, delicious dying!" The agency sidedly, waving his hand and flashing, flashing a different crystal clear.

"At this moment, come back, come back, you will be a biggest ninja!" Wen Jing quietly stood next to the hand, vigorously waving the snow white arm.

I heard the sayings of behind, I didn't look back. He was afraid that he would be reluctant to leave, and he still had something to wait for it.


I believe soon, we will meet again, walk in the main road leading to the fire, the psychological silent.

At the time of winter, the snowflakes floated, and the endless forests were wrapped in a thick layer of silver.

"Really cold."

The door of the wooden ninja village has been secretly built on the snow, and I don't consciously suck a cold air.

"Yeah, the wooden leaves have not been so snow for many years." The other in the middle of the hand has blown a sip of hot, and suddenly I saw a long-awaited road that was slowly covered by snow.

"Look, someone is coming." The people waiting for the people went closer, the face gradually became clear, and the white ninja and clothing, the dark hair did not contaminate the snowflakes, the handsome face is bloted on a pair of pure white eyes .

"Ah, it is the day to I have to endure!" One of the guards touched loudly.

"Yeah, we have seen it, you have made the task of the full shadow." The other in the middle is also taking greetings with the moment.

"Yeah, you are good, I just implemented the task outside." The moment of walking to the door is nodd from the two guards, and I have turned it, "I have a good time," I have been more than a year. " ""

After the simple handling of the passage, the moment stepped into the village, watching the village wrapped in the silver, still bustling, and in the street, it is still a traffic, and there is a lot of feelings in the heart.

Wooden high-rise, day to Zongjia, I am back again, I don't know how you will use this time. I thought that I was in the bad night, I can't help but hold my fist.

"Hey, let's talk to the three generations of old age."

I have a part of the three generations of the three generations in the amount of time, but it is flat and arguing that the three generations have always been able to love themselves.

Otherwise, the day, the day, the day can always control the curse. Even if the instant uses the elementalization to temporarily avoid the past, if you will be saved by them, it will be to destroy the brain nerve. After all, it is impossible to keep it in the elements. It is still a death command to the day to the day to protect the life of the moment.

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Chapter 55: Ninja Hospital (the second is even more)

Wooden shadow office.

Three-generation fire shadows are sitting in the office before looking at the documents on the table, see an unusual information, can't help but frown.

"Three generations old, I came back." At this time, a sound suddenly broke out, interrupted the three generations of thoughts.

The three generations put down the files on the hand, and I saw a slightly saw that I didn't know when I was already sitting in a juvenile, and my face was in a smile.

"In the moment! Can you come in in a normal point!" Looking at the sudden appearance, the three generations were full of wrinkles, but they couldn't help but pull out a smile, but it was so sincerilled. " Your title is getting more and more, I am not honored. "

"Yes, there is nothing big, anyway, you will not be angry." At the moment, he didn't take the tempura, he was guided by the three generations of temper, and he would not pay this little thing with him.

"It's really not a little stinky boy. Why didn't you see it?" Three generations remembered the moment that the moment I saw was still a torque of the torque, and now the character has become more and more likely, "Yes, How is your business? "

"Ah, things are finished." At the moment, he thought of more than a year of gains, showing a smile. "My current medical and sickness level has been catching up with the master."

"Fast catching up the hand, what happened ·····" Listen to the moment, the three generations are psychologically prepared or shocked. "You don't dare to say ... ·····"

"When did I blow? I don't know?" I saw the expression of the three generations questioned, and I was helplessly turned over white.

"Oh, just have a chance to try." The three generations came back and laughed, took the document on the table, said to the moment: "The ninja in the front of the village, many times Our village thorns, the ninja we sent several times after they came into contact with them, and now the Woody Ninja Hospital is estimated to be busy. "

"Since you have become returned, I just take you to see ..." Although I have said that my medical tattoo, I have said my medical, I have, I haven't doubt it, I haven't been too suspicious of the three-generation heart. He knows that the horrible talent in the moment, and knowing that he is not a person who is open to the river.

"Wooden Raffle Hospital? · I haven't been to it. ···" Seeing the three generations standing from the back of the desk, taking the fire on the side of the fire, and the moment is directly jumping directly from the windowsill. Follow up.

After the three generations came out from the fire, the secret of the secrets of the guards along the road were somewhat surprised. From the beginning, she did not see someone passed from them, but did not expect the three-generation fire, but they had no reason to have no reason. Blaming yourself and others are not given.

"It's time, the front is the Wooden Ninja Hospital."

Following the three generations bypass the Huang Shadow office, wearing a few avenues behind, and they came to a white building.

"Go in with me."

After walking into the building of the Ninja Hospital, I have seen many wounded people who are reconstructed, followed by the three generations of footsteps, and the moment they came to a hall written by the wooden medical class.

"Ah, Naruto!"

Many medical ninters in the hall come and go, wearing a white coat, wearing a white hat on his head. After seeing the three-generation rigs, he greeted himself.

"Don't have to be more ceremonial, the moment you will take the medical room with me."

Said that the three generations of biggest step forward, pushed the door of the medical room, and the moment was followed in.

After entering the door, the moment is in the eyes and is a white hospital bed, lying on dozens of ninja wounded, and more than a dozen medical ninja exudes a slight green light, which is treated with the treatment of the injured.

"Here is the medical room of the Ninja Hospital. They are our wooden medical ninja. These injured ninja are some wounded after a fight in the past few times." After three generations glanced, after a circle, followed by Simple introduction.

I walked to the head and walked to a medical ninja that was treating the injured. I looked at the injured lying on the bed, whispered: "Let me try it."

The medical ninja, who is working hard to treat wounded, he wanted to stop, he saw the three generations of expressions, and only three generations were nodded slightly. "Let him try it."

After the medical ninja lets open, the moment is opened, it is easy to find the injured part of the wounded, gently put the hand, a gentle green Chakra wrapped in the moment.

Under the eyes of everyone, the wounds of the wounded in the hospital bed immediately recovered with the speed of the naked eye, and between the blinks, the shocking wounds made a flat skin, as if they were not hurt.

The injured ninja followed the treasure of the moment, the eyebrows of the crumpled gradually came, gradually recovered, opened their eyes and confused: "Where is this? I don't die?"

Seeing this magical scene, the three generations of face showed a happy smile, and a group of medical ninja surrounded by white, showed a surprise expression ...

"Who is this teenager?"

"It is actually palm fairy! That is high medical, I,"

"What is going on, then the serious injury is restored in an instant ?!"

I didn't pay attention to the expression of a group of medical ninja, and the hands were put on the chest, and I went to the smoke, and I had more than a dozen shadows around him.

Each shadow has walked to the wounded in the bed, reaching out of the palm to release the palm of fairy, time, green rays, and the people in the medical room shrouded.

Several breathing time, all the ninja wounds lying on the hospital bed have been restored, and the general ninja does not have the shadow of Chakra. It is impossible to do it like this, and more than a dozen shadows use the palm of the fairy. Treatment of more than a dozen goals.