Naruto's Jade Crash System

Take the Chapter 42 of the Collapse Your System

"It's too powerful, all the wounded people have recovered!"

"Naruto, this is ..."

I saw the super-first medical tattoo after the moment, and the medical ninja in the medical room was curious to three generations. I hope that the three-generation fire can give you the identity of this boy.

"Cough, I will introduce you to everyone." The three generations saw the eyes of everyone, coughing, and introduced them: "This is the day, I have been in the moment, I have just implemented the task from the village, I'm going to go. Hand's true biography ····· "

"Ni! It is the genius in that rumor ..."

"He is the white devil who makes the clouds in the battlefield."

"I didn't expect him to be a disciple of adults, and there would be such a superb medical tolerance."

"It's so young, there is a super-hot strength, it is a legendary genius."

After listening to the three generations, after the identity of the moment, the ninja in the medical chamber began to boil.

But the three generations of followed, I have been unexpected in all the expectations of all people, including where they are also awkward.

"From now on, I officially appointed the squad leader in the day to the wooden medical class." I sweed around the court, three generations solemnly announced.

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Chapter 56: Long Medical Class (the third is even more

Chapter 56: Long Medical Class (the third is even more)


The three generations of voice just fell, and the medical ninja in this is not here, it is also surprised.

I didn't expect the three generations to see himself, so that she would make myself as the squad leader of the wood leaf, this is not a general position, so that the Ethnic Yue Zhiso Fu Yue, the Diwu, the Wai Yue, the captain, is a huge power. Job, will definitely be eligible to enter the highest decision-making layer.

This is what I plan to cultivate me again, but unfortunately I don't want to be your favorite look. ······ I feel the three generations of hard work, I can't help but smile.

After the third generation announced the appointment, the medical class presenting the medical class is still quite a micro word of the moment. After all, let a small boy becoming your head, who is not willing to be happy.

However, the super-first medical smecking level just shown in the moment, everyone looked in the eyes, it was a height they were unsatisfactory, and the situation was better than the people, and other oppositions were not imposed.

"Why do you want to do this?"

After coming out of the Ninja Hospital, I still break the silence, I can't help but ask the three generations asked questions.

"Do you say that I appointed such a squad leader for the medical class?" I heard the question of the moment, the three generations were slow, while smoking the pipe, said: "First, because of your medical tattoo And reaching the superior level, it is fully capable of serving this position. Second, since the four generations sacrifice, I have left the wooden leaves, and the remaining young ninja in the village is not enough to have some burdens. At the moment you are the most talented in the new generation of ninja, I also believe in your ability, you will never let me down ···· "

"So trust me?" After listening to the three generations, the moment was slightly fascinated, and the heart thought: "But I will leave this village sooner or later, some things, I am afraid you live up to your expectation ..."

"Also, there is no too much worry." Three generations can't see the idea in the heart, suddenly remembered to speak with the moment: "I have already turned it with them. I haven't passed my permission, absolutely will not Use the curse for you ······ "

Your allowed, maybe it's a day, you may not care about killing me, I am helpless.

"There is a matter of the bad night. ······" It seems that the three generations thought that he was still thinking about the bad breath, patted his shoulders: "Some things, if one day Let you sit in this position, you will understand that it is very helpless, the bad night is sacrificed for the peace of the village, no matter what, he is the hero in the village ... "

After listening to the three generations, the moment is silent, and all the way to the branching intersection, the moment waved and the three generations.

I hope you don't let me down and become like the big snake pills ... "

Staring at the background of the moment, the three generations of thoughts farther far away ····· "

After bid farewell to the three generations, there was a little in the snow, and there were some children throwing snowballs on both sides of the wooden street covered by Snow.

"No matter what, there is three generations of orders, at least I am absolutely safe." I walked at the moment, while sideways deeply shallow footprints on the snow, "I have to think about it in this time. The reel of the release of the mantra is taken there.

"Hey, your white monster is the day of the female princess of the family, just give us a white eye!"

I didn't know that I walked to a small wood in the end of the street, and several children in the woods attracted the idea of ​​the moment.

Three of the three or six-year-old children are surrounded by a little girl under the background, laughing at the little girl with pure white eyes, and only one of the chubby children laugh: "Will it? Don't appear in front of us ! Hahahahahaha ···· "

That's not ...? I saw the little girl under the tree, I thought about her at a glance, I started to get a water fog in the big eyes of the young field. I just wanted to stop these little ghosts. Suddenly I saw a small figure next to the swing. In the past.

"Hey, stop!" I saw a dazzling yellow hair, and the child wearing a sports sweater held a fist to rush behind them.

"What is it, your guy." Three children turned, see is a little ghost that looks smaller than they.

"I am a whirlpool! I am the future of the fire!" The child of the yellow hair shouted in three than the children who were still big than him.

"Future noodles? Hahaha, is your guy?" When you hear the yellow-haired child, the three bullied young children can not help but laugh.

"You are idiot ..." The image of shadow! "" Who is a yellow-haired child actually knotted a cross-printing, using a tolerance.

"Nani ?!" Seeing the white smoke of the two groups, three children were obviously scared.

As a result, the two shadows summoned, and the two shadows of the yellow hair summoned only a palm. They also jumped up on the ground. They used their sharp sound toward them: "I want to take you!"

"Hahaha!" Two little soybeans who saw the yellow-haired child summoned, three children's stomach smile, the yellow-haired child also kept the printed posture, and there was a sweating on the head.

At the moment, I saw this scene, and I can't help but laugh, and the cumbersome feelings were blown a lot. It is a future protagonist, an unexpected first ninja - a whirlpool.

It is estimated that the young field is to have a jealousy at this time, the Naruto, the child seems to have a trait that can infect others, this kind of sun cheerful character and the blood of the blood never given up, this is not seen In the world of the Ninja World, it is really so difficult to expensive, and the heart is thinking.

Seeing that the Naruto is to be fat, I went to you, and I waved my head and walked. Drink: "You have a few of your stay!"

After listening to the sound of the moment, several children turned their heads. I saw that I was obviously two heads more than they, it was obviously somewhat scared. I saw the baubles on the forehead of the moment. "What, Ninja also wants to manage Does our child? "

"My brother." At this time, the young fields were in the moment. Last year, they also met on the day.

"What, do you know him?" Almost the homogeneous Naruto walked over a handsome boy who was five or six years old, fainted to the top of the young field, a little uncomfortable mutter.

"Well, he is my brother, the genius in our family." The slashing people of the patterns are explained.

I am a little fun, watching the top three children, a big enemy, and I really think that these three children are a model that is not fear of power, one is the heir of the mounted monkey, the other is this world. The main character of the future - the son of the four generations, is called the Prince by the readers, and now the three passers-by doctors in the village have dare to bully them, and the moment is almost laugh.

At this time, I didn't know the miserable orphan of my own life. I also suffered from the villagers. Naturally, there is nothing to say, but the young lady is the big lady in the day, with the power of the moment, I have already found the surrounding two. Hidden two Days to protect them.

If you really have something to threaten the safety of the Tiantian security, the two guards will immediately jump out to teach these children how to be people.

Chapter 57 Naruto and Young Lantern (the fourth is even more)

"Do you still leave?"

I saw three children, there was a hand, and I was not worried about holding up a hand. Chakra was slightly moved, and a blue gave a spiral pill appeared in his hand.

"Running!" Seeing the spiral pill in the hands of the moment, although the three little farters did not know what it was, but probably Jeue was very powerful, suddenly sprinkled the legs and fled.

"Wow ... It's so powerful." I saw three children, and the Naruto died and stared at the spiral pills in the moment. I thought that there was especially to attract him.

At the moment, the spiral pill is retracted. Some tastes have to look at the nun. This is the protagonist of the world. He is in the spiral pill. This trick is in the world.