Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 43 of the Crash System

After a few children, I have been a little annoying from the back of the leaves. It seems to be a lot. Looking at the four years old, I won the people and the patterns. I was touched them two cute my heads. I laughed: "When I am not too early, my stomach is a bit hungry, I invite you two to eat one! "

"Really? I am so good." I heard this young goddess, I would like to ask him to eat a happy to pull, the Naruto suddenly cheered. The village has rejected him to say that he is a monster. I didn't expect this handsome big brother to be so good.

"But ... but the father is adult ..." I got a small head on the side, whispered.

"Nothing, I will have to explain him with him." I guess the hesitation of the young field, because the day, the day is strict, and she will return home on time this time.

Said, the moment of flashing seems to be unintentional to sweep the side, saying that there is no one to say: "You go back first. Young Tiantian, I will send her."

After that, the Naruto is strange to look up at the moment: "Who are you talking again?"

"It's none of your business, let's go," the moment is reached on the head and squatted on the head, twist them together to the street. "

This is a hidden two days to guard the guests, one of them says something to another, and the other will leave him quickly.


I pulled two little fart, through two streets, and came to the bustling center street in the woods.

Three people have walked to a door to the door, I just arrived at the door, and the hair was shouted in the door. "A uncle! Give me a bowl of the fork! Oh.!"

"Hey, it is a Naruto!" Seeing the Naruto went into the way, a lotus uncle was still hanging. "I also brought a friend to come!"

"Yeah, they are friends I know today! Today, this big brother is invited!" Naruto laughed into a line, from birth from birth, there was no good face, usually live Yida is a hunger, and I didn't expect to have two people who did not hate him today.

"Give me a piece of dolphin, what do you want to eat?" I sat down in front of the Taiwan, and I saw it next to you.

"Amount ... I followed my brother." The young lady is a big lady in the day, usually there is a little such a chance to sit outside with others. "

"Well, then two pieces of dolphins, thank you." At the moment, I saw a mistress, or I didn't change it. However, in the past few years, he has grown too much. I can't recognize myself. "

"Yeah, are you not having to have the little brother in the past few years?" At this time, it was a beautiful girl who drilled out behind the counter.

"I haven't seen it for a long time. Sure enough, it becomes a handsome guy, calamus priests have to explore the head from the counter, staring at the handsome face of the face.

"Amount, I haven't seen you for a long time." Looking at the calamus suddenly popped, I was a bit embarrassed. I didn't expect this girl to remember myself in the past few years.

"The big brother is good to be welcomed by the girl ..." The people who have been watching the moment, there is no envy of the mouth.

"Eating your face, don't talk nonsense," said a large bowl of hot, and a large bowl is already done, and it is in front of the Naruto.

After a while, three people had to pull the faces. In addition to the moment, in the store, the store is eating the raft, it is a little bit of the Naruto, and there is no peak, and there is a good look.

"Ha ... so full!" Naruto satisfied his stomach and slammed a table after playing, and said loudly: "Thank you, please take me today, my name is a whirlpool, remember My name, I will become a brightening!

"Naruto?" Looking at the Naruto self-confidence, the moment was smiled and touched him, stared at him. He said: "If it is you, I believe you can get it."

After listening to the moment, the Naruto was stunned. He thought that he heard that he said that he had to become a shadow, he would laugh at him as everyone, after all, this seems to be, how far is a dream The result is that it is so easy to have him.

I don't know if I have a fog, I don't know who my parents are, and I have never got anyone who has had anyone. I didn't expect that I met the big brother today asked him to eat. Also, he had to dream.

"It's not to be a nigger, you will be recognized by everyone, but it is recognized by everyone." He suddenly became interested, shamelessly plagiarized this unfair god to the Naruto: " If you want to be angry, remember this sentence. "

Looking at it was awkward by his mouth, listening to his own words, sitting there, repeatedly, I repeatedly made it in the mouth, and I put it back to the young fields. "Let's go Tian, ​​I will go back in Song. "

After paying the money, I took the top of the Tiantian to go back to the sun to go back to the sun, and I felt a burst of heart.

It seems that the mouth is really a skill that does not need to consume and power, think about the original, no longer, I love, Payne, Yuxi wave belt ... This is a powerful name, in a sense, in a sense They are all the mouths of the nun.

Strong, such as Luo, Penne, is directly called dead. Sacrifice yourself overdraft life resurrection wood. Then Su Zhibo belt soes, the pain is so long, in the end, the endurance battle is actually being defeated to persuade, the anti-water pouring the gofwood camp finally killed.

(Zhao Hao Zhao) ......

During the day, the family of family, Zongjia House.

"Is there still been coming back in the young field?" Sitting in the main hall in the main hall to protect the guard.

"Go back home, the day, I have sent a big lady back, I am on the road." The next day, the next day, to the guests to answer the way.

"That's good, what did you have to do it in the moment?" The supens will remember the beginning of his hand, and the Bashed the nature. His heart is a little uneasy, after all, the young field is he has a friend, and it is so much contradictory with his own family.

"Go back home, I just went to the moment to go to the moment ... I went to eat the raft." The hand has a little somewhat awkward.

"Well? Eat ramen?" The supens is stunned, this moment is thinking about. "Oh, it's okay, you will go ..."

"Hey, the difference, the guest is really wrong ..." Looking at the door outside the door, the supens is sigh, "If it is your words, what will be done again ..."

Chapter 58 Wet bone forest (fifth is fifth)

'Head brother, I am here. "I got the door of the master house, the young field stopped.

'Well, you go in, I will not go in. "I also stopped the footsteps on the young field, and what happened, he didn't want to see it again.

'Well, thank you for bringing me to eat ramen today, I am delicious, then I will see my brother. "The genius of the patterns of the patterns have a vagada, and they will go in the moment.

Today, what happened today, it was so special, but not only met the boy named whirlpool, and then saw her brother.

After sending the young land, from the day, I came out from the day, and I went along the road under the streetlight and returned to my home.

It is also a year, I haven't come back, open the door into the room, I found out that I didn't think about it in the family, but it was a dusty, and the bed was clean and clean. Necessary. It is often cleaned like someone.

Kill "that is stunned, who is it? Mei Ling aunt? Japan to the ring tone? Or. ... ?

I can imagine that people who will help themselves every day in the days they go out, only these are all.

Gently shake the head, remove the distracted thoughts in my mind, the moment it is on the door, reach out the right hand bit a 933 break finger, and it is rushing to the ground.

Tongling's technique !!! "

Well! A smoke circle out, and there is a lot of

"Little moment, what is going on so late?" Tongling came to the surrounding environment and asked.

' , I summon you, there is something, I want you to help me. "The brakes open the door to the hills.

'? What is it?'. .

'I want to ask me to take me to wet bones, I want to learn Xianke. "I am staring at the joy, saying firmly.

Learn Xianke? Is it a master telling you? '.

"Not the master teacher told me, I heard from other places, I know that the wet bone forest is a happy cactus and the Snake cactus of the Miao Mountain, there is an incredible force, so I I want to ask me to take me to the wet bone forest, let me learn the fairy. "At the moment, I continued myself.

the goal of.

' and stinky snake, the province is coming to us I know INO' Listening to the moment, MTOMM nodded to say: 'Well, I use reverse Tongli to take you back the bones, but Xianke is not everyone (CHFB) can learn, and there is a huge risk. ".

I understand that I will have a risk of learning Xianke, but I believe that I will definitely be successful, please take a road. '. At the moment, the lead continued.

Ok, since you stick to it, then put it on me. "Call in an instant, the worm 0 will make the flashy hand on its body.