Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 44, Chapter 44

At the moment, according to the instructions of TO, the hand is sticked to the mouth of the TO, and a smoke between the smoke is in the blink of a blink of a blink.

In an instant, I feel that I feel like a strange space. After a while, I immediately had a hard-working touch.

After the stability, the moment is twisted, and it is four weeks, only to see yourself and the joy is now in a strange, wood.

Why is it a strange. What about the woods, because the trend is discovered, even if the white eyes can save the edge, and these forests are not ordinary trees, but a huge trend, white matter, a bit A like beam, not, it should be said to be stalagmites.

The sky is not the sky of the world, showing a strange purple, and a huge fog is covered in the top of the head. The surrounding air is also particularly humid, and this feeling doesn't like this.

'We are here, here is a wet bone forest. '. The provisional moment is surrounded by the surroundings, and the worm is given to him. "The time is the same here, each of the ethnic groups, each with respective space world. We are in the world of life.

Wet bone wood. "

'You come with me, I will take you to my body 0 cactus. 'Rui ,,

In the wet non-marginal forest, it took about half an hour, and the worm TO took a chalk to come to a place to stand huge white stalagmite, under the huge white stalagmites, a white material composition, a group sitting Only a large unparalleled QE

Surrounded by densely lamely surrounded by this huge embarrassment, it seems that it seems to cover the creatures in the sky. The moment is particularly surprised. Make it muttered: "Is this a happy immortal?"

'You are the disciple of a hand. "The nine tail of the body in the body is also huge in the huge, it seems to be a voice that is passed from a long time, 'My borders tell me, you come here, you want to learn Is Xianke? "

'Yes, 0 cactus. "From the shocked, it will answer the way.

The wet bone forest is a lot of people to practice many years. I feel a familiar force from you, maybe you can succeed. "The old voice of the old, from the q , 'I blew, you tried him to wet bone pool." "Leading the , , ', come with me. "


After saying that the huge stalagmite stunned, the worms took a moment of turning to come to a pool, and the surroundings of the pool were placed in seven vertical eight.

'General Chakra is a mixture of human body energy and spiritual energy, while Xianke Chakra is the body's ability to mix natural energy on the basis of mental abilities, and the power of the general Chakra is even tens of times. Depending on the degree of practice. '. On the edge of the water pool, the aphid TO is carefully explained.

About Xianke's knowledge.

If you want to practice Xianke, you must have a huge Chakra volume. Moreover, it is necessary to have strong calm and control capabilities, and the three capability of perfect control is maintained to successfully enter the immortal mode. '. Pretty tongue is said, save a lot of TO stone statues on the side of the call,' You save these stone statues, all are in the past

Those who fail to refine the fairy, can not control the natural energy, and will not maintain balance. "

"This is the huge risk of practicing the model, do you still try it? '. After the pain, the worm Q will ignite the .

After listening to the words, the moment was spherant, in fact, for the understanding of the cactus mode, he already known from the original, just explained so much, let him have a more intuitive feel.

'Well, I must cultivate immortal patterns, I believe that I can succeed. "I still have a firm leader.

Ok, I also hope that you can succeed, and the wet bone forest has not been successfully cultivated into a fairy. From Chakra's quantity, you can just reach the standard. '. The onset of the worm is shot, and the feelings of the spiritual contract, he can clearly feel the moment of Chakra in the shadow

It is also much more inside.

I didn't expect the Chakra that was just in line with the standard. I was slightly smirk. I have a slight smile. I have such Chakra that is already a monster level, but the mong people still have the presence of the beginning of the initial generation. Fighter.

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Chapter 59 Decorating the Mode of Cactus (Sixth Sixth)

'The last time I successfully cultivated into a cactus mode, how long is it now?'. At the moment, some curious provinces surrounded these , these stone statues can be a living person, but now become one Moved stone statues, how can I feel that I can feel the demand for immortal patterns?


The last successful person cultivated into a cactus model, called a thousand-handles, and now it is about decades. 'In my mouth, I spit out of the moment to be surprised.

Do you have a thousand hand?! I didn't expect him?!

The moment I heard the words, my mouth was slightly opened, and I was relieved. Also, the initial generation of fires from the wet bone forest, so that the wet bone forest is sent to the agency, which seems to be in the reason.

'Miao Mountain's immortal model has amazing recovery ability and perceived ability, and the fairy model of the dragon cave has strong vitality and insight, and our wet bone forest camaman mode. It has the ability to enhance the application and physical strength. Each has its own characteristics. "I didn't care about the surprise. 0 continues to


Is it possible to enhance the skill and physical strength? It seems that it is really necessary to open the immortal model when you use Mu Qi to use Mu Qi, and you can't help but think of the use of wood.

'Take it soon! "Thinking of the ability of the Mount Mountaineering in the thousand-handed column, I can't help but feel hot, and I am eager to speak against the clams.

'Well, don't worry first, follow the way I taught you, sit down and carefully feel the natural energy, then slowly control it and your own Chakra touches together ...,' worms happy to sit down, fine Finely explained the method of cultivating Xianke Chakra.

According to the method of , the moment is slowly sitting next to the pool, and it is closed. However, suddenly, the fans of the frozen fruit in the instant is a crazy riot, rushing to rush to rush, and it will open the eyes directly.

What's going on ?! You have the natural energy in your body ... "I feel the fascinating fruit strength of the madness of the moment, the insect tongue is horrified," how can I absorb natural energy so quickly, and this number is the most ..., '

I heard the embarrassment of the embarrassment. At the moment, the spirit is flashing. It's okay. Sure enough!

As a natural demon fruit, the frozen fruit is after its transformation, his body is not anevant in absorbing the frozen force in natural energy, and even integrates with the natural power.

For the most difficult to control the natural energy of usual ninja, it is simply like an arm for the demon fruits of this natural system. It is just as simple as eating drinking water.

That is, after his body is retrofled by natural devil fruit, it is equivalent to a natural energy receiver.

Thinking of this, the moment is quickly taught, and then controls the energy of frozen fruit, then calls up a large number of Chakra, slowly manipulating two energy, gradually let them integrate together.

At first, the energy of Chakra and the frozen fruit is not excluded, but it is not integrated together, but it is like two strangers who are not coming, maintain their independence. However, after the moment of moment, the two capabilities seem to be gradually riding, and each other has accepted each other.

The gradual start is integrated into a piece.

Sitting on the side of the water pool, the moment is trying to take an hour, and finally born in the body, a huge new energy is born in the body, and they seem to maintain their own characteristics of Chakra and frozen fruits, but it seems to be different. Higher quality than two energy. I feel this new energy carefully.

Quantity, from its smooth appearance, moment is fully able to experience the most violent power.

Is this the Xianli Chakra, refined, so troublesome, flash opened his eyes, Bai Zhe's face was full of red monster road, and a red eye appeared around his eyes.

"This ... this is a fairy mode!" Soading on the moment, I saw a long time. At this time, I saw the red texture and eye shadow appeared on the flash, and there was a breath that was emitted. It was shocked, 'You actually Success so soon !? ".

It should be successful. '. Standing on the surface, put the head to the water, saving the changing from the surface of the surface, and the heart is dark:' Even ugly, but this texture seems to be a bit similar to the initial generation. .

How could I cultivate the immortal model so soon, people who have been cultivated in the past can practice success., 'Obviously, I will be immersed in an instant to cultivate into a fairy model, I don't dare. The confidence : 'No wonder the unclear fault said that he has a familiarity

The power, calling his physique is very special ..., '

··· ...... Seeking flowers ...

At the moment, I held my fists, I felt that my body was issued, and my body's strength was significantly higher than before.

"Try to call for melody, there is no increase in the increase ..., 'Thinking here, the moment, using the Xianji Chakra, which is just refining, and condenses the spiral pill in the palm.

Call! Call! Call! A surprise sound from the brakes, only two basketballs so big spiral appeared in the hands of the flash, the high-density rotating Chakra, the breeze blowing the long hair of the back.

Sure enough! '. The huge spiral pills in the hand, the excitement of the moment is evolved into the nature of the property,! !! A harsh sound burst from the hand, the moment A larger hand of the sword is doubled than the usual spiral hand.

"This kind of surgery ... There is an exaggerated drunk in the hands of the brakes, looking at the super large hand in the top of the head, and the m suddenly has a bad feeling, 'You will not be ...,'