Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 45 of Hueding Crash System

, After the eyes, after the dust, the moment and Q looked around, I saw a whole forest.

Being flatly, the ground also appeared to be the same traces by the YUAN bullet.

Stinky boy! You actually ruined the forest! '. The ruins of the distance, you will have a good time to jump,' How do I have a happy immortal! "

'Ah, P6B, it seems to be too drunk is too big ... less to violently jumping q q, ,. Just repairing the fairy, too excited, did not control ...,'

I learned the family's Xianli, and I also destroy people's forests. It seems that this matter is really not too thick. I'm also awkward, I just successfully cultivate into a fairy model is too excited.

"It's really mad ... Less province to the moment of a good admission attitude, Gu Juan has only continued to beads two sentences.

However, the power is really Daming ..., ' , just now, the fairy-fashioning spiral hand in the moment has indeed gave it difficult to describe it.

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Chapter 60 Goodbye Hall of Prescent (the seventh place)

'! The system detects that the host temporarily breaks through the bottleneck, breaking the boundary is successful, and congratulations to get the immortal mode. During this mode, the host is temporarily promoted, and the specific details, please understand more information. "

The system tips in the brain suddenly came out, scared in the moment, after listening to the contents of the prompt, I couldn't help it: 'System I found that you are getting more and more stealing, usually send details to me. I actually let me know. ".

This system is only responsible for suggesting the host, and helping the host break through the bottleneck, other time to thank you. "The sound of the system is so cold.

'Hey, you are not like this, you will chat with me before ...,'

'Hey, you are talking! "

Whether it shouts in the heart, the collapse system in my mind is still silent.

'22 zero

Surprisingly, is there a physiological period of the system? In the past, what is the problem with it. It is occasionally explained for himself. How can I become a virtue today? I will think about it.

It is wondering that it is strangely manifestation today, and it feels in vivo in vivo. The just fusion of Xianke Chakra suddenly exclusive, and the new refreshing is reduced to Chakra and frozen fruit energy.

With the changes in the body, the monsterous red texture and red eye shadows on the face are gradually faded until they disappear.

'The province comes to your cactus model is not very skilled, only one minute. "Signaling the immortal model of the immortal pattern disappeared, and the clams said.

'Well, it takes a long time to practice. "Said after an instance of the immortal mode.

The original rim people just started to cultivate into immortal patterns, and they need a long time to absorb natural energy. Later, through the shadow, absorb natural energy and refine Xianke Chakra supplied to the body in the battle, until the most When the world is tailored to absorb natural energy, it can continue to maintain

Cactus pattern.

And the thousand-handles rooms will soon quickly open the immortal model, and from the original war, he and the Yu Zhibo spheres, his cactus mode seems to last for a long time.

Your own cactus model is only entry, so it can be so easy to successfully cultivate the cactus mode, the starting point is higher than them, and there are many things that can be excavated.

With Xianke Chakra, even if the tail of the tail column, the six-pointed and big simmering night, the power of the five elevations and the power of the Wushu Yin Yang, the athletics also has the ability to resist, think of this, moment, I can't help but grip. Optic.

' , thank you for bringing me here, let me learn the cactoscum, and I am really sorry for the destruction caused here. "At the moment, turned to the martial arts."

'Forget it. Anyway, these Linzi will live longer sooner or later, and you can successfully learn the cactoscum like this so soon, I want to be happy immortals will be very happy. '. , .

The time of the Ninja World has been estimated for a long time, and I think I have to go back first. "At this time, I think of my wet bone. I have been almost a long time. The Ninja World is estimated to be bright at this time. How do I say that the three generations also hand it over the team leader of the Ninja Hospital.

I have, I can't wait late on the first day.

Ok, you have something to go back first, I also go to the schedule of the fairy ticket newspaper. "The province is going to go back, and nodded.

Well, but I will leave the shadow to continue cultivation, no problem. 'Rui's flashing is a hand, I have a series of smoke around, and I suddenly appeared dozens of shadow.

'So many images are cultivated here, so many information when I get back the shadow, are you living with your body? "The province is divided into so many shadows, and the 0 is awesome.

Don't worry, I am not done for the first time. "Listening to the words, the moment is slightly smile, when the leaves of the leaves, he has always used the shadow to go to synchronize, so long, he doesn't still stick to it.

After saying, the moment broke the finger, gently press it on the ground, extending with the black spell, a smoke after a smoke disappeared in the original place.

'Alternative to the future ninja world, there is an unimaginable figure ...,'

On the side of the water pool, the survival of a group of hot fires in the sky is divided into the fairy model.


After a group of smoke left, the moment had no signs in his own room.

I saved the sun that came in from outside, and I discovered that it was already in the morning. However, let's be surprised immediately that there is another person in his room.

' ?! "Suddenly stayed in the room, a beautiful girl of a purple hair was surprised to open a cherry mouth ...

'Uh? Federer !? "The moment is awkward, and it is a happy holiday in the room in your room.

How can you in my room? "The province did not see more than a year, and the stunned and fascinated portrait of the scene.

'I. ... Nang Shadow said that you can perform a special task, it can't come back for a long time, I sometimes don't have to pay, I will help you pack up the house ..., I look at the eye, I don't see you, the contour is more handsome. Junior, The eyes of the portraits become a bit complex, "Yesterday, I called the bulletin board yesterday.

Notice, congratulations on you ..., '

'Amount, you say that thing, nothing. "I heard the congratulations of the throne, and then I thought she said that she said should be her own way to the long-term medical class, 'Yes, don't have my key, how come in?".

What do you say? I am the Ninja in the dark, it is not easy to come in your home. 'When I heard the moment, the West gave him a bit of her eyes,' And, you will not tell me one, '

'Amount this. ... Yesterday, it is not a lot. It is going to find you today. ... ah haha, province, the eyes of the throne, and the moment is awkward.

Hall of the mouth is not intelligent to him, and there is no idea for the beautiful nv of the beautiful and unreasonable, and there is no idea. The relationship between the two before the darkness was not general. Although the portare is more than his 3.0 years old, how can he have a uncle soul?

The reason why there is no smashing this layer, part of the reason is because the moment is still small, a bigger part of the reason is the relationship between the mantra in the moment, and he doesn't know when he will not know when he will Will stand on the opposite side of the wooden leaves, so he is temporarily still in this regard.

There is no other idea.

The blame is a flash, and the thrive is curious: 'Are you using a spiritual surgery? ".

Yeah, I used Psychic in the spatial cultivation of the spiritual beast last night, just came back at home. "I laughed at the moment.

It turns out that you are still a passion for cultivation, but it is no wonder that we will exceed us so much ..., 'The portrait said, while pulling out the rabbit face mask,' Time is not early, I should go to duty. "

Chapter 61 New Tasks (Eighth Overseas Based)

I got an eye, I still worked on the darkness of the darkness, but I still overtilled the good posture. I went to the head: 'Go, thank you for helping me clean the house, I should go to the Ninja Hospital, after all It is the first day. "

'Well, I will come back to you again. You have to come to you!' Rui Hao stunned a smile, wearing a mask waved in the moment, instantly disappearing in an instant room.

Dedicated to the figures of the throne, feel the remaining temperatures in the air, and the moment shook his head and shakes his head, just finished it, and fell out.

After the Ninja Hospital, there is no special thing, and the injured ninja has been in the moment, and the injured ninja will be treated to the following other medical ninja treatment. Since it is not a war period, there is no too much wounded, the day on the first day of the first day

That is too unusual.