Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 46 of the Crash System

In the past day, the leisurely day has passed. In addition to the beginning of the moment, I will report it to the Ninja Hospital. Later, I simply use the shadow to fade in the past, and the remaining time is all used in cultivation. Of course, it will occasionally with the portrait and ring tones, they will go shopping, and they will be a shake this time.

Nothing has a few leisure time.

On this day, it was comfortable to lying in the medical class office to the brake of Erlangong leg, and there was a knock on the door.

'Come in. "

'At the moment, hello, the three generations of fire, please have passed. " ,

Three generations old man? I don't know what I have, I have a doubtful mood, and I will come to the fire office with the secret of the secret.

'Oh, the moment you come, take it. "

After the moment I came in, the three generations of ambitious smile, letting the pipe said to the moment.

'Thank you, Naruto. "

After entering the door, the moment found that in addition to the three generations, there were other four ninjas in the office. Some people were in the field, and they were awarded, and they sat next to the sofa next to them.

After sitting on the sofa, the Ninja's gaze in the scene has turned to him, and at the same time, it is also good to play the Ninja in the field.

Four ninja is uniform, wearing a green wooden, ninja vest, is in a curious look. At the moment, it seems that we want to find out the shadow of the white devil on the battlefield.

Suddenly, one of them was also curious to watch their own teenage caused the moment, black short hair, some micro rolls, the eyelashes of the eye, the green vest, the green vest set with a black mission, aged 3 The four-year-old look is distributed out of the momentum of many other people.

This guy is _._. The province of this young ninja, the heart seems to have emerged a familiar name.

'Cough, moment, today is called you, there is a new task to give you. "At this time, the three generations sound cough, attracting all people's care to the past.

'New task? "There are some curious provinces to three generations.

'Well, this is a S-class confidential task. 'Sharp, the three generations have brewed, explain the content of this mission with the people present, "After the end of the end of the endurance battle, there have been several other countries around our village to steal the information, we know When it is a fog, it will also happen to them.

After a few battles, I finally didn't let them take information. "

After saying that the three generations were donned, and the young ninja in the province was the present: 'Say here, I have to praise you once, especially the water, you do very well. "

Sure enough, he listened to the name spoiled from the three generations of mouth, and it was clear that this young ninja was allowed to stop the water.

At present, the talented ninja in the Yishabo family, the strength is exceeded, good at illusion and instant surgery, is known as a 'instantaneous water, - the most intensive illusion,'.

The original moment, knowing that this guy is the descendant of the three generations of the companion Yisha Mirror, which is both the tutor of Uzhibo A, is also the friend of Unechebo A, with the strongest illusion of Yi Zhibo Don't be hesitial, you have a talent with the Yuxi Bo lion phase.

Although the appearance of Unexpell Water Swage is just a race, its stunning strength and talent have deeply shocked every reader. The most powerful illusory gods can directly enter the brain of the opponent in the opponent without aware of the opponent, and completely revisit the will of the other party, let the workplace

The people who are eligible to have a monk, it is definitely a more horrible illusion than the month.

I don't know if he is now opening the flowers, there is no, calling the young face in front of him, and the heart is dark.

So, I will give you the task that I will sneak into the country, get the foggy intelligence. '. The people who have been present in the field, the three generations will turn the head to the moment:' At this moment, whether it is the insight of the white eye, whether the white eye is still a super-current medical nip, I believe that you have your ability to help

The water is going to execute this task together. "

And Su Zhihu soil, they go to the country to sprite the intelligence, it seems not bad, I seem to suddenly think of what I think of, I'm hurting on my face.

'If there is no other problem, you will start two days later. "I saved the strong interest on my face, three generations laughed: 'At this moment, add water, with your strength, this task is definitely no problem, I will wait for your good news."

'Yes! "The Wu Zhibo stopped the water team in the moment, and there were five people who were in the field.

After listening to the three generations of action instructions after hearing the three-generation action instructions, it came out of the office of the three generations.

Take the corridor of the fire office building.

'The Battlefield Let the Yunmei Demonstration White Devil Day to the Basket, than I want to be young than I think. "The Suchi Water Sanda Said Sanda, which is walking with the moment, said.

'That is all the comrades of the comrades, the big name of the moment, I am also awkward. "Wen said that there was a long-awaited water. It is a medium-sized pillar of Yishabo family compared to the genius of 400 long stages. It is obviously a bit of a grade.

'Give a prize, call it, three generations of adults are very instruments you. '. Two people have been drove, Yuxi Bo is laughing at the moment.

Hey, what white eyes devil, but it is a little ghost. "At this time, the Sui Zhiwei Water Team has a ninja disdain.

'Well? "I turned back and found that the remaining three players in the Yisha Water Hill, seem to be the members of the Yishabo family, in speech, the ninja of the Burbant has opened the scarlet-eyed eyes, two hooks jade in the eyes Rotate, it seems to have a great enemy.

Live your mouth, Yan, apologize! 'I heard the team member Yuxi inflammation, Yishiwei stopped his face and turned to the prostitute.

'This is what, what is the strongest genius of wood, WA is also, those boredies actually put him on your head _._.' '' Yushi inflammation is still dissatisfied.

For the so-called wooden ribbed genius of this force, Zhihui, the so-called wooden leaf, who flying away, Yisha, a young ninja, has long been complaining about him.

Yuxi Bo Water Just wanted to stop him to continue, there was already stopped, and I didn't know how to open it, and I said that there is a little Zhike inflammation:. What is the other person's provincial law? But you, It seems to have a lot of troublesome? "

Chapter 62 Yuxi Water (Ninth Ninth)

'We have been taking you long, what is the strongest genius, only our Sui Zhihui's instantaneous water is the strongest genius! "At this time, the other two Unexpectedly, the ninja also stepped up, one of them The glasses said.

'Cold, in the well, you!?'. Unexpected wave soaking water surprised by the two players.

'Please don't stop us, stop the captain, today we have to let this kid to see the power of our Yishabo family! "The remaining gray hair Uneche, Naruto, staring at the moment, said in the mouth, said to the Yisi wave stop .

'Oh ... _. If you have a few waste? "The day after tomorrow, I was going to the country to implement the task. Today, I have been provoked by Urcho, ninja in the three nests, and there is a little bit of fun, but the eyes are It is a cold.

'Do you dare to insult us ?! Now it is called you to shut up!' Listen to the moment, the first one of Yizhi Boxi can't help but rush, and a feet kick.

,! "

In addition, two Yishe family ninja eyes have flowers. Just see Yuxi Boxy fly out, like a broken kite, even the sound repairs are not sent, and the heavy squat is fainting in the wall.

It's so fast! Yuxi Bao Han and Su Zhibo well did not see the movement of the moment, Yishihu stopped the water, but the three hooks were written, and successfully captured the body of the moment.


'Can evil, I want to kill you! "

I saw that my companion was flying out in an instant, and the other two Unexpectedly, the neighborhood did not attack it.

When I saw the two people, I didn't see the volatility in my eyes. The hair was slightly smashed. The body was rapidly turned, and the body was wrapped around the ninja Yushu Han, the ghost general appeared in another Ninja. Bottary in front of the wave.

Clear! Clear! Clear! I saw a flash of hand, blinking, I played dozens of soft boxing on him, instantly blocking his body's point.

The ninja Yuxi, who was previously wrapped by him. At this time, it was still standing in the back of the moment. It was like a wood man, but his face seems to bear great pain.

'This is two' _ corpse , . .

It is a rabbit hair needle, just a moment of

This trick is very easy to detect the same level of enemies, but it is a hundred trials.

'Is really annoying flies. ', I am disdainful, I have a guy who can't play, and said it is lightly.