Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 47, Chapter 47

'Stop. '. Yushuo stopped water. To the moment, it is easy to clean up the three ethnic people. A moment suddenly appeared in front of the moment, and grabbed the brake of the moment.

So fast instant! Seeing that Su Zhiwei stopped in front of him, the moment of his eyes, even didn't react, it was a genius known as the instantaneous water!

'Here is the office building of the Nangjie, and it is not good to everyone. "Cut the wrist in the moment, the Unexpected Water Shunduo said.

'It is because it gives three generations of face, so I am in hand, or you think they are just like now? "Unlike weak staring at Yischi Water Water Water Water Water Eyes, the opening of the moment.

'Moreover, do you think this is my strength? "The moment called Unexpello Shui, and suddenly laughed with him. It took these three waste to go back and prepare it. See it. "

Dudu! After saying this, I've made a smoke in the air and disappeared in the air.

The shadow is scored! It's just his shadow!

This is also thoroughly shocked by Yuxi Wom, and the three moved people in the corridor, the stunned stunned.

Wet bone forest.

After receiving the shadow, the information passed through the shadow, and the moment is smirk, and I can't think of the task with Yisha Water.

Going to the country of water. Also. By the way, see if you can meet white and Jun Ma Lu ...

In front of you, a piece of no-shaped empty ground, I immediately took over all the shadings that were cultivating, a moment of huge cultivation information poured into his body, couldn't help but squat on the ground.

After a while, I wiped the fine sweat beads on my forehead, and I had a dozens of information for dozens of shadows to practice so many days, I felt the progress of cultivation, and I was happy.

'Very good, the progress of the immortal model seems to be very smooth ...,' After getting up, it is instant to refine the fairy Chakra.

Blinking, a lossless breath is scattered from the moment, I saw a red cactus face on my face, but I have the last time, the red texture on the end of this moment and the red texture on the forehead have disappeared No, only a red eye shadow was left in his corner.

After entering the immortal mode, the body will make different changes depending on the different natural energy properties of the absorbed natural energy. According to the cactus, it can determine the perfect level of the user's immortal model. The less the pattern appears on the face, and the fairy mode is more perfect.

Standing in the air, you can feel it carefully. You can enter the time of the cactoscale model. The time you can enter, the duration is probably extended to two hours, and the power has improved a lot.

Loosing the immortal mode, nodded at the moment, so many days of cactus, and other cultivation instantly did not fall.

The cultivation of the body's tattoo has been in synchronous, and the board gives the second-generation rigid scrolls, he has learned almost.

Water, water dragon bites (S-class)

Water and water breakpapers (S-class)

Water in the water (Class A)

Water, water instant (A level)

Illusion, black dark row (A level)

There are a total of more than a dozen scrubs on the scroll, and those who have some chicken ribs that seem to have some chicken ribs. For example, the B-class forces of the water, the water array, the moment (Nor Zhao Zhao) can make a better Its defensive powerful ice wall is replaced, so I have learned these five tolerance for yourself.

Although there is no moment of flying thunder in the scroll in the reel, the above-mentioned high-level illusion dark row of the first generation is also described.

This illusion is similar to the Nirvanian hooded used by the Pharmacist. It is a mid-range illusion that is released from the group. The user makes a dark environment, blocked the opponent's field of view, and takes all the bright illusion. In the dark world like a dark satin, even the strength is high

Strong people will also be forced to act.

"It's going to be ready for the day after tomorrow, and take a break in these two days. ', I thought about it, I didn't release the shadows in my moment to continue cultivation, but I used psychic to return to the Ninja World.

(You also have a word of 2200+, no one is more thoughtful than me, no one is more conscious than me? Loss yourself, cool readers).

Chapter 63 arrived in the country of water (the tenth of the shelves)

Two days later, there are woody villages.

In the morning, Yuxi Wosao has already been ready to go in the door of the village, and the moment will then appear in the gate of the village.

'The moment you are coming, the last time, I apologize to you. 'One of the patterns will come over, and Yu Zhihui will apologize to him slightly.

The rest of the three Unexpea family, although there is no talk, but in the eyes, it is very afraid of the moment, explaining that they have succeeded.

'Forget it, I won't be with a A ant. 'The apology of Yuxi Water, the performance of the moment is very light,' just when you want to perform the task. Don't add it again, otherwise I will turn them into three bodies. ''.

Do you hear it? ', At first glance, I didn't pursue it anymore, Yu Zhihui stopped, turned to ask three team members.

'Yes! "The ninja of the three Unecao watched his head, before the beginning of the stranded the strength of their strength, so that they did not dare to make another time.

Ok, let's go. '. I haven't ignored them, and I suddenly said that the sentence was taken out.

Let's keep up. ', Philosophy is beginning to act, and the Yuxi wave soaking water immediately, the team quickly followed the pace of the moment.

Three consecutive days, one 403, all the way, the four people finally came to the border of the water, in addition to the rest of the middle, the moment has always been in a speedless speed, just keeps with them. A distance, sprint it in front.

Although the country of the water is surrounded by seawater, there are still a special terrain of the beef. In addition, the size islands around the island also have a variety of different customs and habits, and the islanders who follow the customs are not a few. Because of the mainland, plus the ocean is a former endurance

Why is the reason why the Water is extremely intervention.

'The front is the country of water. '. Everyone sits on the boat, steadily driving on a metaphropo sea, and Yisi wave stopwater saw the remote gate of the distance.

When the ninja in the next entry inspection is solved by me, everyone follows me to enter. ', Tip micro formulate a combat plan, and the Yuxi wave stop said.

Soon, I took half an hour on the sea. The moment they had finally beach, step on the ground, first of all the people were printed into the huge water of the shore.

Several, entry inspections, come over! '

How many of you came from? What are you doing in the country? '. Standing at the gate of the city, two fog to take a copy of the Patho.

We are merchants who come from the country of Waze, to buy a batch of materials in your country ..., "province two on the fog, the eyes of Yuxi Water, quietly transformed into scarlet writing, II, this is us Identity certificate, let's take a look ..., '

The writing of the water, the two fog, the two fog, first shocked, and then the eyes began to be confused, and the identity certificate of the absence of the water is handed over, ', is it from the country of Wave? ..., '

"Well, the identity has confirmed that it is indeed no problem, release it. ', Two fog, turn around, let the companion open the door.

Magic surgery? The white eyes of the moment have just clear the lane to Xi Zhiwei, Chakra flows, the two foggy body Chakra instantly confused. Included in Unexpected Water Water.

Sure enough, it is the strongest illusion ninja. If it is not white, it is impossible to detect the traces of his illusion. ... See this scene, silently raising a bitter in his heart, this has not yet to show the flowers simple robs. .

Successfully passed through the pass inspection, the five people in the moment stepped into the territory of the water, and the water of the water on the road, the country is not only the name of the country, it still has a name is the country of fog, this It is also the origin of the name of the fog.

This country is almost filled with fog, such as fogging in the village, the whole is in the deep valley, the fog is filled, once the enemy invasion, the fog will open the junior, deep fog, not visible, not fog Northern people, after breaking, I am afraid I don't know.

The fog hidden village (CHFB) is on a separate archipelago, the only way to enter is to take the boat, or like a moment, rush on the sea.

'The village of the dense fog in front is the fog hidden. "I'm stopping the footsteps, I stand on the sea, looking at the island that is covered by a dense fog, and the Sui Zhishui is said.

'What to do next, put it flattering the door to guard, from the front of the village? "I asked in the opening of Yuxi Bao Drive, after all, this task real executor is still an Yisha Water team, but only The three generations call come and help them complete the task.

'Well, this time I will take them responsible for sneaking the fog hidden search intelligence, and the moment you are responsible for receiving us here. "Unexpell Water will quickly develop good tactics, and I said.

Ok, then you can't act. 'Listen to the arrangement of Yuxi Woshi, I'm nodding, anyway, he came over, it is a soy sauce.