Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 48, Chapter 48, Collaborational System

After the task is allocated, Yuxi Woshi will take three team members, and rapidly walk towards the misty village of the dense fog. At the moment, the leisurely sat on the water and stopped.

Is the blood mist village? Open the white eye, look at the fogy villages outside the distance of 2 kilometers away, so as to save the extent to which other village information is isolated from other villages, the moment should be in the four generations of water and shadow. Being Unexpell Belt Control, implementing a cruel rule, persecution of blood and relaxation ninja.

'Hey, don't want so much, there is a teammate who is instantaneous to stop the water, the implementation task is relaxed. "I think about it, I can't help but accept the white eyes, Yuxi Bao Shui is now sneaked into the village of the Blood Mist, and she is sitting with a leisurely sitting here, a sense of superiority.


The sun shines on the sea, and the shot is illuminated on the face of the moment. The feeling of the emissivity makes it a little drowsiness, simply releases a score to replace itself, and he is directly frozen directly on the sea. Ice bed is lying down and sleeps.

It is fascinating between the time, and the time does not know how long it has, and the sunset in the evening reflects the whole sea. The moment in my sleep is awakened by a noise.

The body, wake up, they came back! "The shadow next to the moment pushed the bang, pointed to a black line in the distance from the sea level.

Well? The moment is open, and I recovered the shadow. I heard the noise of the distance. I saw a black line that was getting more and more close to the sea level. It turned out to be a detrongous Ninja. Chasing the four black spots in front, is the four people of Unexpell Water.

'! Retreat quickly! We were discovered!'. I saw that Yishushu stopped water, while desperate use of instantaneous surgery flying to avoid a lot of hands on the back, while shouting in the moment.

Lying in the trough! Always stop this, what is it? Just say he reliably, this is only sold later ...

Chapter 64, the battle flexible (11th of the shelves)

"Fast chasing! Don't let them run!"

"The guy stolen the important intelligence of our village! Kill them!"

It is the ninja of the Wubo Yushu! Never let them go back !! ~ "

Chasing the large number of mist but scarred screams behind them, and a large number of hands and swords have not been lost.

The four-person waves of the waves avoid the big wave attack from the later hind, and shouting this will let it go.

"It's a teammate! ', I saw that they took a big fog to hide myself, and the first reaction was turned and one of them.

As a result, I just got a big ticket, I also came over, I went around, I thought about it, I was estimated that several Ninja, who should be the guardian of the Gate of the Gate, found that the companion was illusion, notifying others The mist followed.

I rely on, I see this scene of my face is green, Yishiyu is so water, don't be a god of God? Why use ordinary illusion, this is all surrounded.

When they stopped their a few times, the misty of the front and rear hits has also been surrounded by the five groups, and the surrounding laps is a ninja, and the water is unreasonable.

Is it getting it? '. The color of the face is the same as the pair of Yuxi Woshi, and squeezed these words from the teeth.

"Well, I got it. 'Past astholic, Yu Zhibo stopped the water, I have made a smile in my rest assured.

The smile in front of the philosophy, the moment is breathing, this guy should be a small child of the Naruto? The instantaneous water in the impression is calm and reliable, but it can not bring such a pothole.

What should we do now? "I swept the fog, the surrounding circle, asked the Yishiyu and the water.

Ask me what to do? I still want to ask you! At the moment, I opened the white eyes and observed the fog, I was surrounded by the front and rear, and I wandered a smile today. Zhe came today to avoid a hard battle.

You are the ninja of the wooden leaves, why are you going to our foggy village to steal information. At this time, the foggy ninja is automatically opened a road. I walked out of a teenager like a ten-year old. There was a long suture wound under the left eye. Holding a hook that is higher than others. Scepter.

Four generations of water shadows, Zhe came to estimate right. Now the fifth generation of water shadows have not been on the best, and now the fog is still in the hands of Yuxi Bo belt.

At the moment, the eyes were slightly narrow, and the four generations of the four-generation water shadows before the eyes were carefully attached to the current three-tail column.

"It is clear that you first sent ninja to sprout our village information, we came over to explore your purpose!" Yu Zhike inflammation in the water team shouted.

"Water and shadow, don't talk nonsense, let us grasp them, write the eyes and white eyes, haha ​​wants less than the three-generation rigid shadow, the old head is fainted, actually sent such a gift to us! '. One of the chin around two braids, the middle-aged fog, I said, my hand is holding a square shape.

The knife is covered with a spell of the explosion.

The knife is foam, from this strange knife, it is judged that the identity of this middle-aged ninja is one of the nobody.

'Installation, we want to kill it together. '. Unexpell water will be in the middle, and a formation is formed back to back.

'Hahaha, I still want to escape? I advise you to cast now.............!!'. A fog in the crowd, just in the chance, I just laded. I was so sad. Hold the head pain.

At the same time, the other more than a dozen fog around him also took the head and hugged over the ground, and the eyes were widened as if I saw something extremely horrible.

When I saw this sudden situation, I've been worried about Yuxi Woshi, and I saw a four-pool shape in the eyes of his scarlet writing.

Don't God, the heart is in my heart, I finally saw the strongest illusion of this legend. It seems that Yuxi Bao Shui is now using the right eye to manipulate multiple targets, this kind of pupil cooling time is the eyes that are taken away by the group.

And his left eye is awkward, that is the kind of pupil that can be permanently changed to others, the cooling time is ten years, which is the eyes that are handed over to Yisi Wa Wa.

With this eye of the eye, Unechybao wa is separated from the control of the earth-free in the fourth endurance battle, successfully turned to solve the pharmacist, unlocking the blind, and changing the entire battle.

Everyone is careful! That is the illusion of Yuxi Bo's written eye! No pear is eight, you have to deal with him with me! "At this point, a young mist of the right eye is shouted, and it is a large number of words and no pears. Ninja superblash rushed to the past.

Youth? See this whisker, the white eye clearly saw a white eye under his eyes, it is the trophy of the upper generation day to the family in the third endurance battle. .

··· ...... Flowers

Thinking of it, I can't help but use it. I found out the four generations of water and shadows. I found out that Chakra, who lived in the four generations. Although Chakra, which is like is drunk, but use white eyes, it will find him. Chakra is still incorporated with a disturbance, which is undoubtedly very high illusion in manipulation.


Sure enough, Yuxi wave belt _._. The province is here to laugh, save the green and no pears, and the large number of ninja rushed up, turned to Suzhi Bao Shui:. Borrowing today It's a war, they gave you four, and the four generations of water shadows will give it to me. "

After listening to the moment, Yischi Water also nodded, smashed the wax of Wanhua, and said: 'If you can't kill today, you must bring your information back to the village today. "

Listening to Yuxi Woshi, he did not even look at him. He couldn't help but appreciate him. Zhe came to this guy. He must be a monarch, perform any task, '

Don't worry, no one we die today. 'Rui's moment to expose a confident smile to Yishihao Shui, with a rapid printing of his hands.

'Illusion, black dark row !! "

Oh, almost all fogs were black, a big meat. I didn't see the dark environment. I have been placed on their head. When I was present, I lost my vision, and I couldn't help but panic.

Is illusion! I have no province! "

The surrounding fog is flourishing, and the eyes suddenly lost their eyes in the battle, and it is inevitable that there will be a hand.

Don't panic! Near your companions, injecting Chakra mutually control! "It is one of the five ninja villages, and some people immediately put forward the method of crack.

But the movement of the moment is faster, and when they are cracking illusion, it is already a good job in the hands of the flash.

Water, water break !! "

After a deep breath, a high-pressure water column for a bunch of elilled two-30 meters came out of the mouth, the head was slightly swayed, and the fog was twenty in the group. I haven't come to the illusion of illusion. At once, it was cut by a high pressure water column.

Blood, reddish sea surface.

(Don't say it, you will be on my face, and the content behind will start.).

Chapter 65 Four Generation Water Shadow (thank you for the twelfth)

"It is evil, it is actually killed by him!"