Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 49, Chapter 49

'Good illusion and water! "

The province of the ninja in his village was killed so many, and the remaining mist and angry and angry left.

Powerful. "Call in the moment to use two superb tolerance to kill so many enemies, Yiszhisu stopped the mouth, I couldn't help but spit two words, and the other three Yuxiliary Cuba in his team have already stayed. It's there.

'Don't care. "I didn't pay attention to their look, I was so good to remind it, because his white eyes have saved the four-generation water shadow, Chakra, which is in violent flow.

' ! !! "

The sauna is in the face of the next pressure, and he is centered on himself. The three tail Chakra suddenly broke out, and the surrounding sea was suddenly launched, it was like a tsunami to replace them.

Is it the power of the beast, it is really trouble, saving this disaster-like seaweigh, and I can't help it. And the province of this scene, Yuxi Boxy they stayed in place, this tuition has exceeded their band.

Death cream !! "

Deep sucking a sigh of breath, the coldness of the cold gathered in the instant, a white mist spurt, quickly formed a huge ice fog wall hit the Savoring alarm, I saw the sailing The huge waves were instantly frozen in the sea, and the crystal light flashed into a distinctive scene.

'The extent of this level. ... and his white eyes ... He is the white devil on the woody and clouds !!'. The rest of the fog, the province of the province and the attack of the mountain in the sea, some people I have already recognized the identity of the moment and shouted.

'White Eye Devil ... The day is the moment, the birth of the massage, the watches of the warehouse is opposed to a crystal clear huge wave ice sculpture, from the streak, not, it should be said that Yisi Bo is honesty. .

Didn't say his identity, the moment is gently stepped on the water, pulling it, jumping over the frozen huge waves, a violent turn, directly, I have a lot of whip legs, and smoking it down.

In the face of this insertion, it is strongly sicking, the strength of the legs and feet have not arrived, and the strong style of the face has been shaved on the face of the stream, and the body of the column is not selected, but no choice of dodge, but Directly raise the hook rights sticks to the hand.

Including the Savage Note, in the scene of someone in the scene, the four generations of water shadows were directly in the water, and the exaggerated waves were blown around.

Others don't know, I am very clear that I am very clear that I have made the body. If you really want to say, he has been working hard for so many years, and it is absolutely necessary to make strong tolerance in him. Above.

He has a simple leg in the province, not only has the destructive power of just palms, but the brunette of the bruises, and the huge strange force of the prime monster. If you are unknown, you wanted to use the body to resist, and I was in the water on the spot.

'Cough. After the 11 seconds float from the water wolf, Tong Xin stood on the water. I saw that the port of the sauce has begun to distorted, and the hook ruins that barely hold the hooks. The strange force of the moment is kicking.

'You have this old body, how can you have such body. "The unbelievable stalking of the savist is that it is only around ten years old, and the body of the body, this person, the column, can't stand.

'There are more things that you can't understand in the world! "There is a ridicule that is not in the mouth, the body of the moment gradually accelerates, and begins around the sauce, and aroused a lap.

A good action! The Savage stare at the position of the moment, trying to save the body shape of the copy, and found that this is entirely in vain. He can only reluctantly seeing a vain in front of him.

'Coral stick four combo !! "I don't want to sit in the sailing, raising the hooks in my hand, that is, coral sticks, thinking about the ruts around you.

Such a clear flaw! '. The cold voice came from the ear, and the heart was shocked. I just wanted to take a coral bar to resist. I saw it suddenly drilled from him.

Wooden big cyclone !! "

Seize the flaws on the stream, and the moment directly lifts a strong kick kicked the sauce of the sauce, and the whole people will kick the water.

'Gossip two hundred and fifty-six palm !! "

An invisible gossip field instantly sets two people, on the body of the door, the moment, the moment, I played two hundred and fifty-six palms, a speedless boxing shadow directly rub the hot flame in the air. , The power is almost almost better than the Akai to open the six-door peacock, and the top is also included.

Soft Chakra Nang.

The saga spurted a big blood, and the whole person flew out like a kite on the line. It took a long ripple on the water. If it is not the three tail of the three tails, Chakra drunk him is blocked by the blocked acupoints. I have already shed it into the sea.

"Water Shadowner !!" The other side of the frozen huge waves surrounded Yushuo Shui water their fog and seeing this scene.

'You still care about yourself! Yuxi Waizhong · Jie Yue Yan !! "The foggy in front of it involved the war, seeing the moment of the big hair, and the water, Yuxi waves If you don't want to show weakness, instant printing is spit out of a flame wrapped around the door.

"Yuxi Waizhong · Dizziness !!" Holding the flames in the hand too knife, Yisha Wah will stop the water. The blink of an eye appears in front of a group of fog, slamming, a huge flame shock wave I have a ninja in front of you. The scene is spectacular.

If this time, the short-term ghost in the moonlight is here to save the Knife and instantaneous surgery of Yuxi Woshi. At this moment, I believe that he will be crying in the toilet immediately, and the power is simply in the same day.

Okay !! Qing, you are tickering his illusion! Everyone is with me! "The province went to Yu Zhihu to stop the water in front of them, no pear is full of angry with an angry tape, and then rush again, and Yisizhi The flame of the waves is too knife to fight.

'I have to say that your strength makes me feel surprised, but it will be. "On the other side, I was hit by the sailing, and I stood up, and I was crazy and broke out, and I quickly formed a Chakra Grunge on my body. I have three Chakra tail behind them.

Tail is, "") 0 See the sauna broke out the form of the beast, and the moment did not feel panic, but it smiled.

Before the battlefield with the cloud, he and the eight tail columal Qilai have already gone too many times. Say that Chilaby is more powerful than the savity in front of you, isn't it like him?

Moreover, the strength of the warehouse is in the shadow, and it is also the kind of bottom, plus the illusion control of Unechello, and the strength can play more than 67%.

However, he has a situation that is more special, that is, the general people will not be affected by illusion, because once the human column force is illusion, the tail of the body will release Chakra wake up, so that the human column is detached from illusion.

After the sagittle is defeated by Unecho, it is self-contained in the body and the three tails in the body, so the three tail of the written eye control has no way to wake up the resident controlled body. .

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Chapter 66 kills the four generations of water (thank you for the thirteen of the book)

"Go to death! Coral !!" Violed, wrapped in the huge beast Chekla's palm. This trick is a tribute to the body of the body. Once he is hit by his hand The body part will lead to corals and act directly directly.


Mouth !! "

In the face of the paws of the warehouse, the moment of the beast is not flashing, it is also a punch, the frozen force is crazy, and a huge icebird shershed out.

The huge icebirds that are blown out quickly and the sauce hit the claws of the tail began together, and a huge icebird fly directly into frlanses. And the stream is directly lysed on a thick layer. Ice.

Ah !!! "

Feel the rapid penetration of your body into your body. The sauce can't help but send a wild beast.

Gradually, the tail beast in his body once had a bubble, and there were three huge tails behind the water behind it, and the body was slow, and the blink of a huge gray mouse monster.

Hey !!! 11 After the end of the beast, the three tails roar. The sound on the naked eye spreads on the sea.

Sanxuanwo ..., 'Looking at the monsters roaring before his eyes, huge sound waves have blown away the long hair before the moment, and the moment is still muttered.

That is. ... is it?! '. Is the homework with the mist-760-760-Bohydrison stopped the battle in the hand, saving the huge monster of the sea, saying.

To be honest, the real tail beast is also the first time today.

It is the body of the four generations of water and shadows !! "The water shadow of the lane to the camp released the tail beast body, and the huge monster image suddenly increased the fog of the fog on the field.

Yes, what is the huge monster that has a huge monster on the battlefield to help you attack the enemy more growing morale?

Sure enough. ...

The three tails grew up their mouths, starting crazy condensed Chakra, a huge black Chakra ball began to gradually formed.

Is it a tail beast jade? I said that you can't change your fresh tricks? If you don't have the hierarchy, you will have a whole, and you will put a tail beast. greet. 11 lanes are united with the tail of the beast jade, and the moment can't help it.

Everyone is flashing !! 11 Lane to the three tails, the beast jade is to complete, the cryogenic blue is also shouting toward other fog. After all, this trick is playing out, but there is no difference attack.


Water Captain! '. At this time, Yuxi Boxy, they also got the side of Yuxi Wave, and worried about the fear, and a fierce battle, at this time they have spread a large and small wound.