No way, I can only believe him now. '. Yuxi Bo stopped the water from the light of the moment, and the suspended heart did not know how to put it down.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Just when the three tails were still condensed with the beast jade, the two hands of the moment have completed a wind screw hand sword, holding two huge spiral hands, dramatic sound explosion caused all Ninja gaze.

'What is it ?!'. Every ninja is a question mark.

'The degree of wind attributes change ...,' Looking at the two huge spiral hands in the hands of the moment, Yu Zhibo stopped the hook in the water, but found that even his own writing is unable to see it. Attack frequency.

When I saw the tail of the tail, I was completed quickly, and one left one right shrewd the spiral hand in the hand, threw the past.

Shape! Shape!

Two consecutive dull giant sound came out, the two spiral hands sword hit the three-tailed, just condensed, first, first offered.


The huge shock waves came up from the tail beast jade, and the whole tail beast was violently exploded. The glare white light covered the sight of all people in the scene, as if a atomic bomb bombarded in the mouth of the three tail. .


So near the beast jade and two wind spiral hands, the sword was blown up, and the three tails sent a roaring through the clouds. The mark was gradually scattered in the eyes of the eyes, and slowly gradually narrowed. In the end, it turned into a watery lying on the water.

Water shadow !! ".

How can it be! Three tails ..., '

A large group of hunjubs next to see the huge beast of the invincible shadow people in their minds, even suddenly smashed back, and screamed.

Is this the white devil ..., 'province this scene Unexfitis they are also a bitter laugh, and the three days ago, they still spent this white devil, now I think it is really ridiculous.

"..., ', the power of the wind, Yishabo stopped the water, and the scarlet written eyes flashed and didn't know what to think.

'Can be evil ... actually let the three tails fall into the sleep ... The sauce of the sauce, said that the biggest heavy creation of the three tails, directly let the three tails in his body fall into a sleep condition.

How can I continue to play with me? "The sailing of the wolf is saved, and the moment is picked up. Some contemptuous

I have to kill you !! ', as if I haven't heard the moment, the wings are over-climbing the winds of the wings.

"Water, iron cannon bomb !!"

The hands were quickly printed, and the three tails were caught in a sleeping, and he temporarily lost the blessing of the tail beast. Crazy running all the exclusive Chakra, and the sauna released a huge water polo shell.

'"Lane to the sauna to do the final struggle, .. . ............ ....

Seeing the huge water polo shells, there is a trace of the frozen in the body, and a large number of colds are condensed in the palm, and the footsteps are empty and empty, and the highly condensed ice energy directly bombers directly under the foot.

Ice Age!


In addition to the five people in the moment and the Yuxi Woshi, all the fog is all cultivated as a lifelike ice sculpture, and the inexplicable brilliance is mapped under the sunset in the evening.

The cold wind blows, the five people left in the ice is drunk ...

'This. ... this is what power ... The corpse

'The environment you have changed directly ...,' Yuxi Biitis they have three eyes, the brain directly caught in a state, and the impact in front of them makes them temporarily lose their ability.

After the body underrestging, the moment is saved to frozen into an ice-free video, and the finger reached out gently on his forehead, and the upper half of the stream is directly broken and broken into the ground.

The task is completed, let's go ..., ' ,

Chapter 67 Xiao Ming (thank you for your fourteenth)

An architecture of a sector is present everywhere in a strange space.

The dead ..., a black man with a spiral mold on a face, whispered in the loss of the induction of the three-tail column.

Immediately, he smiled and laughed: 'Japan is it? Is it tied ... Hahahaha. ... "

A burst of smiles, echoing in this singular space.

On the huge ice cream around the village, a group of people is going to go back.

After the high-top medical niphon treatment, a group of people who stopped the water team had just experienced the injuries of the war.

Under the observation of the white eye, it was actually aware of one or two people still have lives in his ice era. If someone came over the timely time, there is still an opportunity to live.

But they didn't live his business. The only thing he wanted now is to find white and Jun Ma Lu, and then return to Huayi early, and find a way to win from the group, and the birds in the cage. The scroll of the curse.

At the moment, a group of people will come out of this huge ice origin, when they step on the land of the water, they followed the ninja when they came behind.

Stand! '. After a while, a Buddha's vivid voice came from the soul, and it couldn't stand back.

I saw a beautiful woman wearing a broken shoulder, and the long hair and charming beauty was covered with a brown long hair covered an eye. She brought her twisted mosaic to the moment.

According to Meitu? I have saved this Qian Xianyu ninja. I suddenly recognized her five-generation water shadows in one by one. The only known double blood in the original.

How? Is there something? "The provisional is the beauty of the beauty, and this original, he is quite appreciated, and the moment is turned into a smile.

'You are the ninja of the wooden leaves. It seems that you are the white eyes of the wooden leaves, and it has killed our so many Ninja, and also killed the gurt of the water and shadows. ... as the beauty of the Matthew, I'm not staring at the moment.

The beautiful sister, your shadow has created so many bloody cases and high pressure policies in the village. I will help you kill him. Do you have to be happy? '. At the moment, he said, he knows the controlled After four generations of water, you have always exercised bloody system and high in the foggy village.

Press policy, pressing all the ribbons of all blood, and the beauty of the beauty and her family, and the savist is definitely not a way.

It's just a gap! No matter how you kill the spoons and our so many Ninja. Today, your wooden leaves must give us a manner! "After the beauty of the United States, a family's ninja stood up.

'? Then what do you mean is to leave us?'. Adults live, I still have some things to handle ...

'You stay alone?' Listen to the moment, Yuxi wave soon is hop, immediately opposition: 'How do you, of course, I will go back to a corpse with us?

'Don't say, I have decided. "Seeing the opposition of the water, the moment is just a firm shook his head.

'You. One.' 'Just want to say something, for the first place of great eyes, recall the strength of his power, will have a good compromise,' Well, let's go back to live, you must live come back!"

'Well, let's go back first. 'Rui's moment to send Yuxi wave soaking water, four of them, gradually disappeared in the dark nights of the water.

However, it is a group of people who are drunk and they see a group of people in the beauty. They did not take the bodies, and they didn't smile, and they didn't intend to chase our few kills. The murderer of the dead water shadow. "

After listening to the wrong, I smiled like the beauty, but my eyes flashed a deep jealousy: 'No, our ninja detected that the four generations of water shadows appeared to have illusion of others. We speculate that there is anyone behind the scenes in control? In his village, he did not shoot him,

When we will also take his hand. "

'Isn't that good? You still stop me. '. The moment is ramping and shrugging.

'Next, we will declare to the village and the external situation, the four-generation water shadow is subject to the illusion of mysterious people, and the town is sneaked into the sun to kill the fog. "Illustratively turns forward, paused, and continued: 'But we will still make a challenge, chasing you, killing four