Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 51

The murderer of the water, so I remind you here. "

··· ... seeking flowers ······ ......

'? That is really thank you for your reminder. One of the villages, I don't want you to lose too much.. ''

I heard the shame in the moment, I was laughing in the moment and photographed two people, and two people were also taboo the strength of each other.

After all, after listening to the outside of the village, then the whole sea area outside the fog hidden village was frozen into ice origin, and so many mistakes, including the spoaches, were frozen into ice sculptures, as beautiful Ming, a group of people, I have been shocked.

At the moment, I also enhanced the beauty at the moment. After all, she had a certain degree of restraint to a certain extent to her own ice, although she still hid a lot of base cards, but they can Still don't want to show up so many bottom cards.

'Hehe, I said _._ "Suddenly staring at the beauty, I sent a lot of flowers,' The younger brother is still a very handsome man, if you grow up, my sister, I maybe Give you an unforgettable kiss of the soul. Factory

Through his eyes, you will move the sight to her sexy Cong's lips. I think you can breathe all the dissolution and high temperatures in her mouth. A cold.

'I believe that we will give you good time later. Your kiss will give it to me again.' 'Say the brakes and laugh, put your hands and turn around, follow the moment, Disappearing in the moon.

'Day, is it a fun person, two _.' 'The endless ice cream outside the village, like the beauty, disappeared in the night, muttering.

'Publishing a command, the wooden ninja day, the moment, the fog sprinting, and kills the four generations of water, let everyone catch up. '. It is already a pair of frost, and the ninja in the indifference is ordered.' It's time to go back to prepare, the next spoaches will be willing to

Get ._. '' O

Chapter 68 White (thank you for the fifteenth)

Three days later, a small town of the country border of the water.

The country of this day has floated the beautiful snow. Silver white flashes, and a thick layer of snow is piled up on the road.

The snowflakes sprinkled on the dress were pushed into the snow, and I took the bucket on the head, revealing the black long hair and handsome face.

'Boss, please give me a meatball and a Mingfish burning. '. After the passenger of the pub hall, I opened a few more people with the boss.

The three days of the three days of killing the four generations of water, like the plague generally spread in the trace of the country of water, and there are also this news in the endurance, but the strange thing is that although the fog hidden village released. The chasing order is very serious, but in fact, the number of ninja hiking in the country of water in the country is not increased.

More, but in turn, the hidden village is busy in the reform of the big knife.

I have been looking for three days in a row, or I didn't have a lot of my clues ..., 'At this time, I can't help but sigh. In the past few days, he has been looking for white falls around the country. But one is nothing.

Sure enough, in a big country. I want to have a person who is looking for casually on the street. This is the plot that will appear in the story.

In the long-term civil war consumption, now the four generations of water is also busy with the implementation of reform, otherwise this murderer is still in the streets of the water, I don't know that I have been chased. How much is it, I think in my heart.

What have you heard in the past few days? "

"Of course I heard that! The country of water has already issued a wanted order!"

"I didn't expect the spoaches to kill them outside the village ... plant.

Yes. I heard that it is a white eye of the village of Woody village. ... Who is the ocean?

When you eat the food you come, listen to the ordinary wine passenger talking to the neighborhood, this thing is to kill the water, this thing has passed to boil, and even ordinary people are also discussing.

'Boss, checkout. "

After eating, the moment put the money in the wine table, hurried out the pub, and his white eyes were too obvious, and then it would be inevitable will encounter unnecessary trouble.

'Forget it, I can't find it. After you come out, after coming out of the pub, I don't know if I don't know how to go to the bridge of the town. I went on the road, the pedestrians on the road wrapped up the cold clothes. It's rushing, and the lively shops on the street add a point to this dead heavy snowy day.


I am planning to leave this town. A long-haired child who is sitting suddenly in the bridge caused the attention of the moment, and the heart is secretly left: "Will not be so clever ...

Going to the child, the child was observed to come over and looked up with a pair of exquisite big eyes to the moment: 'Brother, do you have eaten? "

Provide a child in front of it, the clothes, the clothes, the same as the black long hair like an instance, revealing a beautiful face, which is a boy or girl.

'What's your name. 'The child before the scoop is very in line with the image in the moment of memory, but he still asked.

'My name is white ...,' The big eyes of the child looked at the handsome brother in front of him. There is a short period of time. "My brother is not the same as me, it's really beautiful ..., '

White, finally found you ... At the moment, there is a small pity in front of this.

The country of water and the country of fire are different. The blood seizure is in the fire country. It is a famous symbol that transcends ordinary people. Under the high pressure policy of the four-generation water shadows in the water, it is the presence of the bloody limit. It is considered an ominous person.

White is a descendant of the snow-of-family snow, born in a village that is always the next monarch, and people in the village are afraid of and hate the blood session. The white mother has a bloody limit and hides this secret for a long time. One of the white family has been in poor but peaceful life, until the white is also found

Under this ability. The father of white found this secret and leads a team of villagers. First kill the mother. When you are in the white poisonous hand, the white in the horror uses the bloody limit, killing everyone in the field with a cone. It turns into orphans overnight, and it is begging in the streets of the water country.

Because it is a beautiful teenager with a beautiful and black long hair, it is very kind, so it is often mistaken to be a girl (there are also many people who are furnished by the people, the girls are born, in fact white The information given by the official and officially shows that white is male.

Is there a few pseudonym in the second day?

White replaced into a silence, but also a low head, really, no one in this world needs me.

Who knows that a warm hand puts on his head, this Junxiu brother is saying: 'White, let me go, start today, I am your family ...,'

White has a big eyes, I don't dare to confuse the moment, and the lonely eyes have passed the glory: 'Do you need me? "

Family. ... Bai Xin silently chews these two words, since the mother was killed by her father, it was a memory that he had not touched for a long time. ...

'Well, I need you. "The excitement of the white eyes, the face showed a good smile on the face, and the other handed over the other hand, 'Take it with me."

'Well! "The hands of the people who have been handed out, and the white is desperately squeezed into the tears to drop. I nodded. I took a happy smile. I grabbed the hand of the moment, as if I grabbed one of him, it was not good. world.

I pulled it on the ground. I went carefully to go to my shoulders. I got almost six years old. Because I lacked nutrients for a long time, I looked at it. I took off my body's snow jacket, one Pulling on white.

'Let's go. "The moment pushed the extrusion, and I walked over the bridge in white shoulders. White tightly grabbed the coat of the brakes in the body, feel the warmth of the above, and the mouth of the mouth ranked happily smile. .

'That little ghost is the tool in our province. Do you want to take him away? "Just got down the bridge, a low voice passed into the moment and white ear.

The slightly opened the owner of the sound, and the moment of flashing on a face is blinded. The tall ninja on the head is sloping. The tall ninja of the foggy 5.2 is behind. There is also a huge dagger.

One of the seven people, the foggy, ghosts, one, one, one, 'moment gradually turned from the white body, raising the bucket on the head, whispering the ninja in front of him .

'Hey, I have heard the name of this uncle ...,' No more smashing, suddenly widened my eyes, because he saved the moment to turn around, a pair of eyes, 'you ... you are ... '

'Province of the province, I also recognize my identity ...,' I'm gradually waking down the fight on my head, I didn't expect or encountered it in this snowy town.

"I didn't expect it to meet the white devil who killed the four generations of water shadows ..., 'No more couldn't help but tighten the big knife behind the back, and said:. And there is also the same tool with me ...,' .

Chapter 69 Jun Ma Lu (thank you for your sixteenth)

'Tool?'. Wen Yaqi hangs the white blonde, continue to say: 'No, he is already my companion ...,'

Moreover, even if it is a tool, he is not you don't have to own it, and the heart is supplemented by the heart.

The white talent is placed in the whole tits, and it is also the best batch. It will not be poor than Uzhi Bo a. When the original white is very small, I am awakened the blood and snowflow. Ability, later was not brought about a few years later, there was almost endurance level.