Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 52 of Hueding Crack System

strength. This kind of niche is never used to use the degree of ninja, and it is simply a meal.

'Do you seem to have to do with me? "Seeing that no hand stretching into the behead big knife behind, it couldn't help but make a strong murder.

Feel the momentum of the body, no longer, the body is stiff, and the hard swallowed water. I finally slowly released the right hand of the handle.

'If you are your words, I still have to pay, I don't have the necessary thing for us ...,' In the moment, I don't want to have a compromise, although the teenager in front of you is so young, but after all, it is a power of killing the water. Intheal 27, he is a cold killer, but not a fool, this self-knowing him

Still there.

'Very wise choice. "There is no longer restless, and the moment is shining with white. You have saved this life for yourself, and I suddenly said in my heart.

Looking at the back of the moment, I can't help but hold the fist in my hands. I finally made it out ...

What is your name? "All the way, the white is in the curiosity, crossing the long mountain road, came to a village.

'My name. ... day, moment. '. The moment smiled and looked at the white and said his name.

The day is in the moment ..., 'gently low. It is firmly remembered in my heart again.

'Arrived. "

With the front line of white and one, I went into the village. I went casually found a hotel. I went in a room to let the white washed a shower. I went out to bought some shoching clothes, and I called some eating.

In the living room of the hotel, the flash is in the windows of the snowflakes, while the bath is taken back to the clothes, it is more beautiful, and the wolf is swallowing the food, and since the wandering After the street, he didn't have normal things that had a good thing.

'That ..., Q is the last food. White has some hesitated openings:. I still call you an adult ...,'

'What can you call it, it's just that the brother is also a brother, no matter what you call it, you just remember that you are my companion, we are a family. "I didn't return back in the beginning, continue to look at the snow outside the window.

'Partner, family ...,' lightly read these two words, Bai finally felt that he existed in this world, but soon his face was unrestfuling, but I ... I There is a confrontation limit of the confrontation ... less

'Cursed blood sessions ...,' I heard the white, I finally turned over the head and saved him, silently opened the eyes, and you looked at my eyes, I also had a bloody limit, in other countries This is the superb ability that transcends ordinary people, you shouldn't feel it for this ..., '

'Do you have a bloody limit?,' Baiyu has opened his eyes around his eyes after the eyes,. This is not a cursed ability ..., '

After listening to the explanation of the moment, Bai remembered his father, even because of the blood limit, and killing his mother, but also wants to kill him, an original warm family is fragmented. ...

'Hey ...,' I remembered my past, I can't help but sigh.

With the soil, everyone has their own pain and can't let go of the past, but because of Lin's death, you set off the blood fog policy of the water in the water, destroying so many people's life, do you want Do not apply to people, there must be a good reason to teach you this man in the future.

'Don't think about those who are unhappy, then I will take care of you and teach you to learn all kinds of tissue. "I have collected my thoughts, and I have said seriously.

Sold comprehension? "White doubtful province, he knew that the tips were the skills of those ninja murder, that is, the ability of his father killed his father. ...

'Yeah, don't you want to have powerful power? "Staring at the young juvenile like snow like snow, induce him:' Don't you want to protect people you want?"

'Protecting people you want?' Calling white, listening to it, what is good for his strength does not have much desire and pursuit of strength.

'Yes. ... There is no power, you can't protect your own important people ...,' The flash continues to follow the trick.

Power ... Suddenly a strong mind in the white mind flashes, yes, I want to protect people, I want. ... Protect the moment!

'At the moment, I want to learn to bear!'. Immediately, the eyes of the white eyes become extremely determined, and he lost his own important people, he would never call.

'Very good, start tomorrow, I will start teach you the skills of studying ninja. "Calling to himself, I finally buried a seed that pursued strength in the heart, and my face was full of smiles.

The wind and snow outside gradually become small, maybe tomorrow, will usher in the first sun in this winter.

This day, in the forest next to the countryside of the water.

'Is wrong, not the case, try again ...,' White will fall from the big tree again.

Because Bai has a lot of talented votes, the moment, the flash is now a lot of Chakra, but no one has taught him skill, so I will use Chakra-cutting trees to step on the cultivation method. White, take advantage of Today's snow, Touring the sun 880, let Bai come to the side

Mind in the forest.

'No, this time you have to succeed ...,' After climbing it, I fell again, biting the bite and continued to get Chakra to the beginning, put the big tree.

White doesn't like fighting, but in order to protect the needs of the people, he must stick to it.

At the bottom of the big tree, I went up and climb the tree again. I didn't know that fine sweat was covered with white and flawless face. The white is not commemorable, and at this moment, there is a big tree opposite the creek. A white-haired boy who is almost the same is sitting there. Park.

A beautiful person ._. Boy is amazed.

He is so hard, is it for what? What is the living tunuo? "Stone fell over the white, and the white hair boy was silent.

'Well? "Finally, there is still someone opposite the creek to look at himself and go back to Shen.

A white hair, a pair of green eyes, the skin is slightly pale, and the forehead is in the forehead, and the two Zhu Hong's imprint is dotted. It is a bit slogan.

You ._. Who? "White wiped his face with fine sweat, saving his opposite boy.

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Chapter 70 Big Snake Pills (thank you for your seventeenth chapter)

'Amount. ... Sorry! "The voice of the boy is a little. It seems to bother to disturb the beautiful teenager's cultivation.

'Nothing ... "White smiled and shook his head, some doubtful provinces,' you. ... Why is a person here?"

"A person. ..." Boy is soaky, silent underground, a pair of ice green eyes seems to be hidden in the past, there is a little inseparable, 'Yes, I have always been alone, I don't Know why I will be here ...

I don't know? "White, this white-haired boy's eyes seem to have passed by him, if not yesterday met the big people, is he still so desirable empty eyes?

Your eyes are very thinking about it ..., 'province opposite the boy, the white mouth hook out of the beautiful radians.

'Previous? "The boy looked at the white, from the white eyes, can save the things that he did not have to have.

Yes. ... But now I have encountered an instant ..., 'said here, the white face revealed a happy smile, will not be needed again ...,'.

Will not be needed. ... "White-haired boy silently read this sentence, there is a bit of the eyes, and it seems that there seems to be a little envious and period.

Looking at the white smile gradually expanded, it is beautiful and beautiful in the sun, and the white-haired boy is slightly fascinated.

Is the beautiful smile, is it because of the big man? So, will someone also smile like me? Suddenly, the color of the white-haired boy is getting more and more concentrated.

I hope you will also encounter people who need you in the future. ... "White twisted, continued to practice the cultivation.

Need me?

The boy is thinking, being disgusted by the family, is feared by the people, like a beast, like a hunt, like a combat tool, only in the battle, will only put him out, he is completely imagined. What existed in the world is there, and who will really need him?

Oh, it's really two cute children ..., '

A low sullen hoarse, some evil sounds suddenly remembered, white and white haired boy returned to the head, the philosophi saw a pale, with a pair of narrow snakes, the body sleepled, the long hair of a gray robes, I don't know what It has been standing on the water of the creek.

You are ..., 'The evil temperament and gallop the battlefield of the battlefield, and the breath is asked in white.