Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 53 of Hueding Crash System

It is you. ... "White Hair boy recognized the identity of this man in front of him, and before he was sent to the fog fight, he saw this person in the road, and said some strange words to him.

'Well? "I feel the pressure of the white, and the boy suddenly took a white bone knife from the palm of the palm, and jumped in the chest to the white.

'? "The long hair man is somewhat surprised, laughing and spitting a scarlet tongue from his mouth and said: It is a child of Hui Night, so you wake up the blood, and the battle has become Your instinct is not awkward, only excited ..., '.

Hui Night Jun Ma Lu ... Is this your name? "Long-haired man gently said the white-haired boy's name.

Boys, no, Jun Ma Lu spits out his name in the mouth of the man who meets the opposite side, and the eyes are more tight.

'Oh ...,' I feel the hostility of Jun Ma Lu, the long hair man is not moving, and the eyes will invest in white: So, can another lovely child, can you tell me your name? "

...... The strong momentum of the long hair man exuded out, the white is shocked.

I found two qualifications of the child, and the long-haired man was excited to lick the lips and slowly stretched the Chu hand. It seems to be a face that wants to take Mo and two children.

'His name is white ...

Suddenly, there should be that the sound of this forest is suddenly appeared, and the long hair man moves.

I didn't even have the appearance of him ... Long-haired man browed, turning his head just! I saw a black hair, and the teenager of the long clothes came toward them.

'I said, his name is white, is there any problem?'. After approaching, this long-awaited young boy standing in front of them, and a long-haired man's identity,. Legendary three Square of the big snake pill, '.

On the day ... Genius ninja, moment, Junming.! '

I recognized the identity of the moment, the wild looks in the eyes of the big snake pill became more intense: I can't think of this day, I have met so many outstanding children ....

This person is the reason why he is needed, and the existence is exhausted ..., 'Faced with a sudden appearance of the beautiful young teenager, Jun Ma Lu is a sideline of the province.

Oh, this world is really small, I didn't expect the small villages in the country of Water, they would meet the seniles of the three tolerance. ..., 'flash laughing.

The cloud-going expression seems to be talking to a kind friend, and people who don't know what she is standing in front of him, rather than that of the great snake pill.

Ok, I have been hurrying in time, otherwise it is almost digging the wall by the big snake pill. ... I don't know the heart of the smile, I have already opened it.

Jun Ma Lu, I also noticed it around it, the one who was watching his white hair boy, I am planning to find him with white out, I did not expect it here.

How is it, I'm going to sit in my village? '. Greed. .head.

The province has also hit my idea. ... see the greed of the big snake pill to him. He is barely, the smile on the face is unchanged, but the eyes become swearing:. Sorry, the Square, I I have to go back to the village to follow the three generations of fire. "". "

'Is it ... ".' 'Listening to the three generations, this seems to arouse the memories of Big Snake Pills. There are some slight gods on the face of the evil charm.

'That is really a pity, then I can only make you dizzy, then bring back my village to be a guest ... ".' 'The face of the god came to the face of the big snake, showed a trail, and the eyes.

Lateded snake hand!!

Suddenly, the big snake pill was shot, I saw him with a single hand, a thick python suddenly slammed out from the sleeves, bitten in the temple.

Gossip · Broken DI !!

Seeing the big snake pills suddenly shot (Zhao), the moment is also unfair, instantly open the white eye, one palm hit, a invisible Chakra shock wave sprayed, directly pull the big snake.

The battle between the two, it hits.

Water and water break !!

!!! , deep sucking, a slender high-pressure water column shot from his mouth, gently sweep, the big snake pill together with the big tree around, all are cut into Two paragraphs.

The big tree that constantly falls up, two teenagers who have dull, the two teenagers who have lived in front of them.

'You two to me later ...,' ................. . ...

In the so many opponents, the momentum of the big snake pill is the strongest, even if the beast and his battle, although it is powerful, but there is no strong fatal breath that the big snake pill is emitted. This is the breath that kills thousands of people who have brewed ...

Chapter 71, Guild Battle Pill (thank you for your 18th)

'Oh, I'm really worthy of the strongest genius of the wood, it is actually the second-generation Narc Shadow of the S-Class Water, and in a dust, the big snake pill is low.

'This should be handed to you? The province came to her in the province, you have a disciple. After the second _. "After the dust is set, I saw the body of the big snake pills were cut into two paragraphs, but the look on the face. It is safe, and I'm talking.

'Ming Second _.' 'It saves this shocked. The scene, I can't hurt the sound, and Jun Ma Lu, the side, widened.

'Provision of your body, it is not a human body _._.' 'G and saved the big snake pills and wounded out of the wounds and wounded out of countless snakes, from the new body. together. The white eyes of the moment is completely different from the average person, and the transit of Clarid's meridians and acupuncture

It is completely different from ordinary people.

'My body has been transformed many times, there is no thing in this world to kill me ._.' 'The new recovery is intact, the beginning of the big tongue. Head.

'There is no thing to kill you? Our province does not necessarily. "Listening to the big snake pills, I can't say it, and one of his natural demon, the ability of the demon can not say this.

'Oh ... _. Zhe is coming to kill the four generations of water shadows that the little ghost makes you become very arrogant, the moment. "The ministries in front of the time, seems to be a little despised, and the narrow snake of the big snake pill is taken out of the dangerous light, 'Just let the stone grade and shadow levels huge gap!"

Wan Snake Rope !!

The big snake pill is a mouth. He has opened an incredible angle. Then countless python crazy from his mouth, and the number of exaggerated Snake group has formed a huge wave, and sheaves the sky. The momentum is quickly turning over the moment, and the mouth of each python

I spit out a sword.

This quantity is really a legendary three tolerance. The teacher once the same time. It is more difficult to get wrapped more than the sauce. _. Looking at the hull tide of the huge waves of the eye, I can't help but heart Life.

Death frost!!

At the moment, I took a sigh of breath, and the white coldness broke out, and a white chill was quickly spit out from the mouth, formed a three-way ice fog wall, and the whole snake tide was frozen into huge ice sculptures.

Seeing this spectacular scenery, never experienced the Bolk and Jun Ma Lu, who had been fighting, standing in the moment, and opened his mouth. Bar, which has a great impact on their vision.

This kind of power is a frozen force that makes it out in the moment, and the big snake pill squats. This is the kind of odd ice in the rumor.

I haven't waited for him to return to God from the powerful power of flashless fruits, and the opposite moment has been marked.

Water, dragon bites!!

S-class powerful water suddenly launched! There is a water swirl close to ten meters under the feet of the big snake pill. It is constantly sprayed out of the rapid water flow, and the big snake pill is directly sprayed to the air. .

'This kind of water.......................................................... ..


I saw the water flow in the air, except for the attack of the big snake pill, even gathered into a huge dragon in a higher sky, roaring, swallowing him down, and the heavy hit on the ground.

Is this the battle of the ninja. 'Province, this gorgeous rushing, and a dizzying sickness of the two people in the moment and the big snake pills. Baihe Jun Ma Lu Two teenagers blinks Different worlds.

... ...

It's a strong water, you ..., 'said it hasn't finished it, the big snake pill is shrinking, and a fist in front of you has already enlarged.

The palm is accurately hit on the face of the big snake. I saw the face of the big snake pills twisted into an incredible shape. The whole person flew out like the shells. Five or six big trees along the way.