Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 54 of Hueding Crack System

The instantaneous arthole used in the water and water instantly, can instantly appear in various positions in the water, and the speed is twice that of ordinary instantaneous.

The faint-provincial big snake pill was blown out, and the moment was chasing the past, and the two (CIAB), a young (CIAB), a young, a young, a tearpper, and it was.

After following up the province of the big snake pill, I saw that his head has been stretched out completely, and the neck is like a snake. Go out old.

A vomiting voice came out, the twisted big snake pills on the ground supported the mouth. Par, actually reappeared out of a big snake pill from the mouth, it seems to be intact, there is no injury.

'Is so disgusting ...,' I saw this scene. White can't hinge it.

Big snake pills? Save the new big snake pills before the eyes, the heart is in the heart, this is a near-perfect higher than the body, use the outside body as a substitute, transferred itself from the mouth, the practicality is far more Replace the body.

The monster of the program ..., 'The new big snake pill is smirked, suddenly the eyes open, the mouth spills a blood, surprisingly:' Is wrong, there is a day, the Jellychari, the Jellychamber, really A genius

'You pass the body's body, the general body, even strange punches, I want to have a lot of role to you ...,' , inevitably say

So you actually integrate the monsters and the day to the soft punch. ... is a genius idea ..., 'said that the big snake pill is in the eyes of the eyes, and the hot brightening is burst.

There is still a destructive force just climb, but you didn't feel it, and the heart added a sentence in my heart.

'Japan's soft boxing Chakra can directly attacked the internal organs in the body, just a soft-retrofitted gratitude ... and your life is very powerful, but I think it should be Vickela ... The corpse is said to say While watching the big snake pill while looking at the white eyes.

Although Chakra in the big snake body is still very large, it will be clear that the flowers of the big snake pills just now have a lot of Chakra.

Oh. ... I almost forgot that your white eyes can save Chakra ... corpse to the eyes, the big snake pill can't help but extend the long tongue. Head, his banned no corpse is very fast It is necessary to complete, the body in front of the body as a container, seems to be a good choice.

Perfect appearance, young body, a high talent, amazing potential, white blood session, and rumor mysterious ice. ... all of this has evoked the strong interest in Big Snake Pill.

'Come on, I'm going to be the container I preparatory!' Hey, the big snake pill. Pakistan, a shovel of the sword, the bright sword is flashing, all people have not reacted, the body has been A long sword wore Xiong.

Gravy sword, empty, too knife!!

' !'. . .......

No. Never allow this happening!

A name called despair from the bottom of the white heart, his first hate himself!

Yes, there is no power, how can people protect themselves?

Chapter 72, eight discjustments (thank you for the nineteenth)

Between, the Chakra marks in the white body ruthless, and there were dozens of ice pins around the body, quickly moved towards the big snake!

Well? This is the bloody limiting industry? "Netherlands to the white power, the big snake pill quickly printed, blowing a wind in the mouth. Directly blown all the ice splashes all blow, and the white itself was also subject to this The wind blows down on the ground.

C gravity, one-one wind, big breakthrough !!.

Oh. ...

White, you step down, he can't hurt me. At this time, the slight sound of the moment passed in their ears.

' ?!'. In the white heard of the ground, he saw this voice. Surprise looked over.

I saw the chest that was pulled by the big snake splash sword. I didn't know when to become a ice, it was the elementalization of natural devil fruit.

Is the ability of a hypoglymous lamp? " Less log, '.

Although your grass is invincible, all physical attacks are invalid for me ..., 'Dial the grass, the grass, the moment. The big snake pill picks the eyebrows, and smiled. Have you played with me? ".

Is the physical attack? "The big snake pill slowly recovered the grass M sword, and some tricky provinces, this is not equal to abolishing most of his tolerance, it is really trouble ..., '.

No way ... I use that kind. Get playing with you, let you see my strongest sickness! Hahahaha ..., 'big snake pill suddenly laughed and laughed, and the white eyes of the moment, the white eyes of the moment, the tremendous Chakra was consumed.

Is it. ... .

I saw the big snake pills quickly have a huge white snake body. One then one, the big snake pills have already treated a huge incomparable eight-headed white snake, and the total forest countless trees are directly crushed into powder.

It turned out to be the strongest sterilization of the big snake !!

Do you want to fight so? The moment is almost than the eight tail of the eight tail than before. The white and Jun Ma Lu looked at the huge monsters suddenly shocked.

The huge snake head in the middle of the eight trunks. Zhang opened his mouth, the body of the big snake pill, laughed with the three people below:. This is my eighth! You are the first person to see it! "

Hey! Hey! Hey!

I didn't pay attention to the crazy laughing big snake pill, and I fought directly in my hands. I lost my sword to the snake head of the big snake pill.


After the middle of the snake head in the middle, the spiral hand sword directly fried a huge national ball, and the middle of the snake head along with the snake head next to it, fell into the bloody rain.

"Hey !!" The remaining six giant snakes next to them have a painful scream.

Ox, I didn't expect you to have such a wind. I'm don't hit the second _. '' The two snake heads were blown up, and the big snake pill actually drilled it next to a snake mouth. However, it is useless, my eight disciries are killed, they can regenerate. Factory

'It's troublesome, I really want to save the two snake heads in the middle, and he is not like the help of the original, and the artifacts like Ten boxes can be sealed. /, A big snake.

Mouth !! "

A punch, the ice is broke, a huge icebird brought the eight snakes, and burst two snakes, but the previous two snake heads have been fully restored.

It's a stubborn little ghost, go to death !! "The attack seems to be angered the big snake pill, I saw him controlling the rest of the five snakes, the head of the shacks.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the moment, pulling the white, pulling Jun Ma Lu, flying in the forest, running to avoid the attack of the eight big snakes, the ground is constantly being smashed by the big snake, splashing rock stinging white and Jun Ma Lu Face.

'Where can you hide! Hahahaha.

This is not a way, and the moment is flying, and the brain is fast and thoughts.

I didn't expect it. The big snake pill in the bee time is much stronger than the imagination. This kind of strength is close to the superh grade, and there is no way to use the trick _._.

Suddenly stopped, the moment was launched to grabbed the white and Jun Ma Lu, and the attack on the eight-year big snake was actually not moving.

'Well? Give up the little ghost. _ "The sputum is a bit awkward, but the big snake is still in a huge white snake, he hits him.

Occlast, I opened my eyes, and an invisible breath came out of his body, and it was more red eye shadow around him.

'This is _._. "The big snake pills carried out in the Dragon Cave of Xianli, I found out the change in the moment,' Cactus mode ?!"

"Heaven, in the world, only my unique !!" "The voice came out, it is like a light drink, and it is like a blue.

···· ...... seek flowers ······· ......

A horrible ice-free frozen force is crazy from the moment, and the ground endless ice piergence, the whole forest instantly, the ground has formed a dozens of huge icebergs, and the eight ravages that are still raging. It became an iceberg.

The whole huge forestization has made endless ice world!