Naruto's Jade Crash System

Rigs Crack System Chapter 55

Chakra, which combines natural energy, is the immortal Chakra, and the release of the tissue power will double. Also combined with Chakra's natural energy, launching natural devil's ability to double, after opening the cactus mode, the moment of the ice fruit ability directly across the general stage, temporarily

When it comes to a new height, it has reached the stage of demon fruit awakening.

If you say that the ice frozen before the ice is a hundred years of ice, the moment is now frozen is the millennium. Even if you expose it for half a year in the Sword, there will be no changes, unless it is like a flame like it. Can melt millennium.

The province has lost the eight-year big snake, and the moment is gently spit out of the mouth. This format is the top card that he can take it up, and suddenly consumes a lot of Xianke Chakra.

The moment is gradually collapsed, which suddenly increasing power, he is still uncomfortable.

Turning around and saw white and Jun Ma Lu, these two handsome positive Taji. It is now like a patient with dementia, and Zhang Da has a mouth. Palm light is sluggish to look at the whole piece of ice-in-the-arted forest, and dozens of huge wide wrapped icebergs.

'The big people in an instance. ... Is this the power of the Ninja? "White bordering Baba said in the heart, this is also a question of Jun Ma Lu.

'What should I say. ... nor a part of every ninja has such a powerful power. ... These will slowly explain it with you later. ', I have some helpless scratching, saving there will be a chance to explain them to the royal system of Ninja,' Let's leave. ',

Although the eight big snakes in front of you seem to have lost the signs of life, the means of the big snake pill is endless, and the moment cannot determine if he really killed him.

If the big snake pill changes the shape of the white phosphorus big snake, the neurotoxin is volatilized with the air, I am afraid that in addition to myself, the white and Jun Ma Lu have to die today.

Read and here, I quickly took two of them left the forest.

Afterwards, this round of ice-free forests and huge icebergs appeared in the space, as a symbol of the gods, often worship.

(White and Jun Ma Lu are the two gold medals receiving the protagonist. These two goods have a high growth).

Chapter 73 returning to the wooden leaves (thank you for the twentieth more than one)

Big snake pill should be not so easy to hang, he regenerates so many means, and there are so many bottom cards, I have not seen him, I'm thinking in the heart.

On the way to the road, the province and Jun Ma Lu have a worship of the eyes of the eyes, and the mouth is slightly raising, saves Jun Ma Lu. He knows that the existed is exhausted? "

Tang Xisu that exists? Wen Yan Jun Lu returned to the eyes, some confused shook his head.

I would like to see Jun Ma Lu's look, and I shook my head. This chaotic ninja world, full of problems, like Jun Ma Lu, a young boy, and often feel awesome, so I feel awesome. It is easily washed by the mouth of the big snake.

Everyone is born in this world. There must be their respective sorrows, you don't have to go to find a reason, you can live for yourself, for your own important people ..., 'one or two three three "On the side, the moment of the big quarter is the mouth."

'For yourself and live. ... For your own important people ... Shao Jun Ma Lu is a little obedient, save the white face, save the smile on the white face, the ice green eyes gradually issued a firm color……

The province came to his mouth or quite a development prospect. The province's Jun Ma Lu seems to find the answer, and the arc of the mouth is greater:. Jun Ma Lu, if you feel lonely, then Let's go with us and become our companion. ".

Yeah, just like a family ..., 'said next to the white and smile.

Peer, family ... _ Jun Ma Lu Heart is secretly monitored these two strange nouns, looked up and looked at the expressions of the province and the smile of Bai Shan Tao. I nodded for hard:. Well! "

When Betton on the side cheered:. Too good! There is a companion! "

At the moment, I saved them, I laughed, and I can change the fate of the two children in the original plot, this feeling is really good. At least, I don't want to be as weak as changing the destiny of the bad time. ...

With Bai and Jun Ma Lu returned to the original housing, packed up the bashing ceremony, and immediately took them into the road to return to the fire.

Because I didn't have an emergency, I had two little ghosts. On the way, I've been playing, and the three people appreciate the different humanistic landscapes along the way, just like a trip.

Of course, in the way, I also teach them the foundation of their two ninja. With two teenagers, they will soon learn the basic skills of Chakra-cutting trees and step on water.

For white, in addition to the Ninja Basis, some simple water rolls on the second-generation fire sputum will be taught him because white and their own Chakra properties are the properties of water and wind, and the moment is also White together with how to develop his blood semi-limiting boundaries.

And Jun Ma Lu, moment, teach him the body skills, after all, in line with the strong blood sustaining boundaries of the corpse, Jun Ma Lu's battle talent in the melee, almost surpass everyone, and in the development of blood, it is also Ma Lu provides a lot of inspiration and direction.

'Arrived. "

After arriving in the country of the fire, I finally took a small town of Bai and Jun Ma Lu to come to a small town of 'Shijie Street', which was the town of the orthodoxes and the coming. Located in the bustling area of ​​the Fire country, and it is a historic cultural heritage, the town is on

It is a business customer who is a traveler, and the pedestrians have Ninja.

'Many people ...,' After walking into the street, save the people around Sichuan, I can't help but make excitement.

And Jun Ma Lu is too white, still maintaining cool expressions and gestures, but the eyes also flashed a shilly radiance. After all, it is still a five-six-year-old child.

'Ok, today we are so fun ...,' province two little ghosts, I can't help but smin.

One day, two people who were originally fate in Lous, and Jun Ma, the experience of tragic children experienced a lot of fresh things. In addition to many delicious food, there are many fun, exhausted, these in the dark life they have passed, and they have never had.

'At the moment, is we staying here today? "Head wearing a ghost face, lining the province, said.

'Well, you need to stay here for a long time, I still have something to go back to the village, I will divide my shadow to accompany you. "I have touched the head of two children and said.

'Ah. ... ... ... ... ... .. .

'Is it the village of the big people grow up ...,' Jun Ma Lu also lifted a curious head.

'Yes. ... will have the opportunity to take you two ... The thoughts of the brakes seem to float far, some slightly, come over, come and pinch the face of two teenagers smile:. So I The shadow will guide you here, I have to take the progress of your practice when I come back, I am not happy.

Lazy! "

'Well, you have to come back soon! "

At the moment, I found an open hotel, paying more than a year, and two little ghosts took a break in the hotel for a night, I summoned a shadow to stay here, and I embarked on the wooden Leaf's road ...

From the path of short volume street to the wooden leaves, in the case of the moment, spent a day, he arrived in wooden leaves.

Come back, wooden leaves. "

The sunshine of the winter snow is looked up at the sign on the door of the wooden door, and the moment is discovered that he returns to this place every time, the mood is different.

As usual, simply handled the passing procedures, the moment I entered the door, I haven't walked to the street, I can call the noisy crowd inside.

I just wanted to take a footsteps, a breeze blown up the long hair of the two cheeks, two ninja with cat faces have appeared in front of him.

'At the moment, the Nangji adult will go to see him immediately after you come back. One of the secrets of the secret.

'Oh, this urgent ...,' moment is gently stepped up, it will stop, because this body is slightly thin, the secret, gave him a familiar feeling.

Helping? "The white eye called Chakra, Chakra, which was Yischo A, Chakra.

'I can't think of this, I really don't know you ...,' The secret of the Ninja slowly picks up the face mask on the face, and the face behind the face, a pair of scarlet written eyes, really Yisi Bo help

"It's really you. 2, how do you become a secret of the darkness." At the moment, the original A joined the dark department is ten years old, and he did not expect his own a few years in advance.

'Your footsteps are getting faster and faster, but I will not be easily opened by you ... There is a little surprised ... less, 0's face is a smile,' Quickly, the Nang Shadow is still waiting for you. ".

Ok, here is not a place where you speak, let us talk again. '. The moment is slightly nod, keeping two of them.

It seems that a growth is better than the original.

I remembered the three hooks in WA eyes in my mind, and my heart was dark, and I quickly accelerated the pace.

(Maybe I am really stupid to keep up with money, don't adhere to the principle of the original white gender, but I think the female role can be chased, why do you have to make a male role be a woman? Not disgusting?).