Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 56 of the Crash System

Chapter 74 Dispute (thank you for the twentieth one more)

Three generations of fire shadows.

'At this moment, what is going on here! "The province of the three generations in the office.

'What's going on ...,' The intestine is leaning against the wall, and the nails that are exhausted. "It's not a successful completion task ...

'Don't follow me! "The three generations seem to have an angry increased tone, and the death stared at this for him." You know what I mean. I sent you out is auxiliary water. Get an intelligence. You actually give me such a big scorpion! "

'At the time, you don't know ...,' Faced with the three generations of questioning, I also improved a tone, peaceful direct view of the three generations of eyes: 'Stealing intelligence was found, dispatched so much fog to surround us, Are we all dead? "

'...,' I heard the rebuttal, the three generations are also a stylus, 'Then you can't kill the four generations of water shadows! Do you know how much pressure we have in this matter ?! "

'The fog hidden more than once a time, we will make you out. Although the endurance war is over, the power savings in the village is still very good, and the mist of the war will continue to say it. At the moment, it is too powerful, but it is directly broken.

'You?' Tight. The eyes of the three generations 28, showing disdainful smiles on the face, '... you refer to your wooden row? "

'Then promise their requirements! Let me go out, I have no opinion ...,' I laugh, slightly ridicule: 'No, you are not the first time ... isn't it? "

'You! "Three generations have widened their eyes, looking for an excitement, like an angry, and like a unfortunate, and finally turned into a helpless sigh.

'Hey ...,' The fierce words seem to make him remember the thing that happened last year ....

Sacrifice the interests of a few people, go into the interests of all the people, in exchange for so-called. Peace II, ' Suddenly excited low,' Is this not a style of your high level? "


'Let's here. "The three generations of the pre-eyes, the moment suddenly worried about him as if it is old and old, thinking that this old man has always been in the maintenance, the bottom is a bit can't bear, 'No matter how, you decide yourself ...,'

After that, I walked out of the fire office.

It saves that thing, leaving it in his heart, it is indistinguishable ...

Looking for the back of the moment, the three generations of indiTe's faces have struggled expressions. 'For the village. ... really do you have to do this ... Is it right? "

After coming out of the Huang Shadow Office, walk in the street of the wooden leaves, the moment, feeling chest tightness, two sides of the people who are not in the crowd, more lining him seems to be in a separate world.

A chaotic thing in the brain, unable to walk, I don't know if the pedestrians on the road gradually decrease, I came to an empty exercise farm. Under the sunset, only empty swings were shaking in alone.

41! 41!

Two masks in black, the ninja appeared in front of the moment, stopped his way, said: "

However, the two eyes have a little fascinating, as if they have not heard half of the front of the front.

The province is unable to pay attention to the two, and the two roots organizes the Ninja to retreat one step, continue:. Tri-Tibetan adults let us remind you that the time agreed.

roll. '. It is still in the eyes, continue to move forward, just spit a word in your mouth.

The ,

Two root tissue ninja glance, the provisional moment is slightly moved, and the two root tissue ninja is tight, just want to respond.

I saw a slight, but the speed of wind and electricity quickly waved a few long green Chakra scarves in front of them.

At the moment, I recruited Chakra in my hand, and I continued to go forward, and the ninjas of the two roots in the back was still moving. Suddenly quietly fell to the ground lost breathing, there was no scar of the body.

Extension Edition Chakra surgery knife, short blink of blinking, the moment has just used the extended version of Chakra surgery to quickly cut off their neck and heart blood vessels in the body.

'I said to let you roll. Why don't you listen?

The mouth is gently whispering, and the moment in the direction of the village will continue to walk.

All the way, I know that the evening red r is introduced to the whole sky, stepping on the bunk leaves of the ground, and I have sent it back to God and find that I have never been there. There is a river in the distance. A elongated waterfall is rushed on the cliff upstream.

!!! '. Not far from the sound of the sword.

In the direction of the sound, I will step on the woods in the woods. I only see a small voice is going to cultivate the four targets seriously cultivated the sword and suffering.

Okay! Obviously, the movement of my brother is exactly the same, why always don't play?! '. The middle of the woods, a dark-haired lovely is a buttocks sitting on the ground, slightly breathing, the seven-zero earth on the ground is sprinkled Bitter.

The little figure is sitting on the ground. After thinking about it, standing up to the side of the river, and slowly joining six handprints.

Thermal !! Cough ...

Just smoked a sigh of relief, I want to release a fireball, I didn't expect it, but I still failed, in my mouth, I had a little 357 depressed seedlings, but caused a severe cough.

Yischo Sasuke, the moment I recognized the child's figure, like Naruto, the other protagonist of this world.

The chakra mobilization method in your body is wrong. '. Looking at him far away, after the instance of the exercise, the faint sound reminded.

Who ?! '. Sasukes tend to go back, and I will see a white juvenile boy who is comfortable to Yan Junxiu is standing in the height of the woods. A pair of pure white eyes are looking at him. You are the Ninja, a day,'

'You are a younger brother, Sasuke right?'. No ignore his surprised expression. The faint movement of the moment.

Here is the family of Yuxi Bo, why are you from the Ninja of the family? "Sasuke did not answer the moment, but it was a bit of a very vivid.

It turned out that this is the territory of the Yishabo family. "There is some mistakes in the flash, no wonder everyone has seen anyone, it is the territory of the Yishabo family.

I looked at the river in front of you, and the waterfall on the cliff, I was hired, it seems that there is a place where Nanchuan is, the original place will stop the water.

I am your brother's friend, is also his previous class of classmates. ", 'Some flavor philosophy should hold a bit of a little bit of the little, and the opening of the moment is abolished with his doubts.

(After breaking, a manuscript is gone, tired kidney falls out, I hope everyone will support me, and start the cage tomorrow.

Chapter 75 Sasuke (one more)

"My brother's friend? Tong class classmates?" Sasuke some bustard staring at the moment in front of it, his mouth.

'My name is the day, I don't know if your brother has mentioned me ... I have a smile to tell Sasher to introduce my name.

The day is in the moment. ... Suddenly sang the eyes, he remembers this name, usually in the family, even in the mouth of my brother, he often hears this name.

'Are you the strongest genius of the wood?'. Sasuke seems to have been interested, but there are some enemies of the power.

The strongest genius of the wooden leaves? What is the name. ... Anyway, the day is that my name is right. 'I heard Sasuke's mouth and spit out the title of the people in the village to fill their own, and there was something that I didn't agree.

I don't know if he is a bit of the tares. There are more fart in the eyes of Sasuke. I saw Sasuke some uncomfortable drums:. What is the strongest genius. My brother is the strongest genius! And I still have me, I will put you in the back! "

So you are so arrogant from small, I can't help but save the expression of the drums, I will save the left and right, ask: Is your brother yet? ".

He executed the task ... Hey, you just said that I release the way to release the way, why isn't it? '. Sasu help, some curious wine to the moment, this so-called wooden leaf is the strongest genius says he releases tick The way is wrong, but I want to hear his provincial law.

Amount. ... Although I won't fire, after you finish the synthesis, Chakra's mobilization method is wrong, there is no control of Chakra ..., 'Heart is slowly explained, this is really a truth, although he will not Fire, but in his eyes, you can easily save the deficiencies.

Is this this? '. After listening to Sasher, it is no wonder that I have no way to show success, how should I do?

Sasuang thought, returned to a handset, which is carefully controlled to control Chakra in the body, and a vomiting against the river below.