Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 57 of Hueding Crack System

Cough and cough ..., '

After a small flame spit out, Sasuke is still a cough, and almost burn it, or not. "

Hey. ... The corpse seeing another failure, and there is a bit helpless. I hook my finger to him. You save me to release it again. ...

At the moment, I slowly extended my hands and fingertorified a dozen handprints.

So fast! Sasuke some envyed the movement of the moment.

'You! Ok, after the completion, first slowly control the Chakra within the abdominal cavity, just like shouting with a breath: After the opening of the stitch, slowly explain, and then Such a breath releases Chakra in the belly to the corpse

Water in the water hits the rain !!

Kill "the mouth of the mouth, a rough water column quickly sprayed out from his mouth, aligned the sky straight horizon.

After the thick water column rushed to the sky, the threatened high-spirited high altitude, instantly dropped the dense water needle! The intensive level is like a sudden hit, the ten-meter forest of the country is avoided, each The push of the rapid fall will play a two fingers, but not see the ground.


! ! !

After continuous uninterrupted dense water, the trees and ground in the diameter of more than ten meters, all being hit by a thousand holes, full-eyed sputum.

Good. Good spectacular!

Sasukes replaced this gorgeous sorrow, surprised, said that this is a genius that is more powerful than my brother.

'Don't take care of it! Don't you write the way Chakra? "Save the help, and there is some impatient reach out in front of him.

'Amount, I will still remember it! "After the palm of his hand, the palm of his hand was tickled, and the proud of the face was flourished, and there was some pain in the pain.

Fire warming !! "

I have a new handset, Sasuke's brain flashes, I just transferd Chakra's breath, and Chakra suddenly turned, and I spit myself, a two-meter fireball sprayed out of his mouth.

Success !! 'Some of the fireballs who did not believe in themselves, Saso help jumped to jump.

'Oh ...,' Province, you will have a strong smile, and a smile is a smile. The troubles that are bored are also blown. It is a protagonist ...

'Protagonist?' It is a bit unclear what Hui, Sasuke is attracted by another voice.

'Protagonist? What do you mean? "Sasu help some unfolbeled lanes, don't understand the Huisi in his words.

'Maybe you will naturally understand ... .a, in front of you, the character is still aware of the Sasuke, and the moment will look at the other side. You are back. ".

'Brother ?! "Sasuke, turned around in the bottom of the moment, and province only to wearing the darkness of the darkness, and I didn't know when I was already in a naked tree.

'The value of the battle ...,' The moment of drunk lane, suddenly thinks about this extraordinary boy, seems to have a heavy burden of the sinking of the alivety and guarding the wooden leaves.

'Well, I haven't seen it for a long time. "You always have a distinct table, actually will come to our family's territory ...,' Staring in front of this, this is always in front of him. A eyes are somewhat complicated.

J. Ja. I have some unpleasant disputes with the Nang Shadow ... so the mood is not very good. I have come here for myself ..., 'I am very uncomfortable, but today I am here for the first time. ..., '

Strive to talk to the big people. ... Just when A is slightly thinking, Sasuke interrupted his thoughts.

'Brother! "Sasuke excitedly ran to the front of the touch, looked up:' I finally learned to have to bear it!"

Well ..., 'Smile and nodded, for Sasuke this brother, A seems to be so gentle.

It's really a controller. ... You are like this, Yuxi Boufar is also like this, the thousands of handles are like this. There is some slight slimming in the heart.

You will continue, I will go up and walk ..., 'I'm referring to the cliffs above the waterfall, showing that I will go casually, and leave the warm brothers who have been going on. I will leave them.

After bid farewell A (good Zhao) and Sasuke, a person took a walk from the cliff of the upper reaches of the South River, from this top, and even saved the village of the farther away from the far away, it seems particularly extra Shu Chang.

Wooden, wooden leaves. ... Listen to the waterfalls of the waterfall, looked at the wooden village in the beginning of Hua Lan, and lived in the nine years after they lived, and they couldn't help but feel some emotions.


After a familiar voice behind, I pulled back my thoughts, I looked back, I saw a shed and born young ninja, I still wore a green ninja vest.

After the water ?! ', after a slight mistake, the moment will be reacted immediately, this time this place, there is also VA, just on duty. ...

What two good friends have just been here? The brain in the brain has a bad Brain that has just been VA and the water here.

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Chapter 76 is a year (two even more)

'I didn't expect you to be here ...,' I have an instant, and the water seems to be a little happy, let it fall the equipment, and I will sit on the side of the moment. "I saw that you are not safe. It is too good ... less ... less

'Amount. ... Nothing, I said that the fog can't bear it. I don't want to fall, I will see the eyes of the water and the tone of care, I am somewhat embarrassing, I just finished him and a baby in my brain.

'Is also ah. ... You are the genius of our village ... The corpse will stop the water, sitting on the side of the moment, turning his eyes to the distance in the distance, and the look seems to be somewhat,' You said. ... if one day. ... Wood leaves and families have to choose one. Which one would you choose? "

Wood leaves and families have to choose one? When you hear the water, the heart is slightly moved, the contradiction between the province comes to the leaves and the Yisi Bo family, I don't know if the Yuxi Bo is now planning the rebellion. ?

'Wood leaves and family? "Received, and the moment will look at the horizon to the sky.' This is going to call you in your heart, family and partner, which is more ..., '

'Family and partner ...,' Listen to the moment, stop water is light and low: 'Family and partners are the most important things in my life ... I am really hard to choose ... corpse

The world doesn't have a good way to have a beautiful way ..., 'is sighing, stopping the water, I can't help but 3 out, I am helpless, suddenly turn the head to the moment,' I will be your words ... How do you choose? ? "

'I? "I saw that the water stared at you, the moment smiled, and the eyes of the sky were somewhat slightly." I don't have to be like you. One 347 is complicated, so many kinds of people, who is very simple, who For me, I will always remember it in my heart, who is not good to me, I will not forget. "

'I just need to care about those who I care, just, as for others ... I have nothing to do with me ...,' Gearly, I turned around the province to stop the water, saving the idea of ​​his heart contradictory, He and A were clamped between the village and the family, of course, don't want to hurt any party, it is no wonder that he will want to use it.

Don't go to the world to resolve the contradiction between the two parties.

It's a pity ... Later, I was destroyed by the old fox of this unscrupulous means. ... Thinking here, the moment I unconsciously touched the curse on the forehead. ...

'Is it just what you care about? I really envy you ...,' I save the move, stop the water sigh, 'If you can choose, I would rather choose to be like you, born in the family, at least It's now in the middle ..., '

I heard the words, I was awkward. He didn't expect Yishihu to stop water, there will be such an idea. Also, the child is not a fish, the people outside the surrounding, and people in the city want to go out, maybe in the water, like yourself, at least there is not much care and embrace.

'The time is not early ... Russia should go back. "I went for a moment, and I took the dust on the body. I said with the water, 'Today, you seem to be more than usual ...,'

(CIEJ). Want to go back? "Water also recovered his thoughts, stood up and smiled and said that the scarlet writing in the eyes flashed a inexplicable look, 'That's next time! I am very happy!" Can you have your friend ..., '

Friend ... Borrowing the eyes of the water, the heart of the water, the moment laughs, turn around and waves, 'then see it! And, you have to be careful to hide this person ...,'

'Group Hide ...,' Listening to the wrong words, stop water, some don't understand why suddenly say this, just want to ask something, but found that the back of the moment has long been.

Next time, I don't know if there is any opportunity to see it, Yuxi Wo is so water ... I'm going to my heart in my heart.

Soon Yue Zhi Bo will start the coup, it is necessary to be killed by the high-rise and Utiso A, and yourself. ... I don't know when I will stay. ...

Spring is coming to Qiu, after a cold winter, more time has been in the past.