Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 58 of Hueding Crack System

In addition to making the shadow to the Ninja Hospital duty, and uninterrupted cultivation every day, the remaining time is occasionally and the portrait and the ring tone. These two girls go out to leisure, and the feelings of the portrait. Just grow. Just No one has not smashed the yarn.

Since the last disparity, there is still a lot of things in the year, and it is sometimes going there to handover the task there. The last time two people are very tacit. No one will mention it.

Wet bone forest.

'! The system detects that the host wood Ye Cyclone has arrived in the bottleneck, breaking the boundary is successful, and congratulations to the host. "

'! The system detects that the host gossip · The broken hike has arrived in the bottleneck, breaking the boundary is successful, congratulations to win the gods. "

'! The system has detected that the host gossip has arrived in the bottleneck, breaking the boundary is successful, congratulations to the host to get the gossip palm, vacuum back. "

In this year, the ability of Chakra and frozen fruits in the moment had not reached the critical point, but these three body surgery, but broke through a higher level.

After the first-grade wooden large whirlwind reached the bottleneck, according to the momentous idea evolved into a dragon strike, powerfully kicked out a dragon shape, the power was upgraded several times, the dragon Hit this name is also a moment of raging.

Use a powerful kick to compress the air and then diffuse, the air gun is in the shape of the dragon, if the moment to open the immortal mode, the power can even be able to open the seven doors with the original Ri Akai Phase it is up and down.

If you have the opportunity to evolve into the next stage in the future, it is the last day, and if you don't know if you can reach the power of Night Kay.

Eight gossip, hike, evil into the gods, if the next stage is evolved, it has become a big simmer of the night, the body of the eighty gods, the blood seas, the blood, the power is natural Summary, it is absolutely devastating.

And the gossip palm · After the breakthrough bottleneck, it also entered into the eight-hole in the moment. It turned into the sky. The whole body released Chakra high speed rotation, forming a layer of vacuum wall in the surface layer, defensive power back Duble day.

Finally, the immortal model, in the moment of dozens of shadows, and finally, finally achieved the most perfect stage.

, Immortal mode !! "

At the moment, an invisible breath has been emitted from him. The huge Xianke Chakra quickly formed in the body, but the difference is that his face actually does not have a trace of any immortal face, as if there is anything No general, but there is a gorgeous and big white


The royal gown on the white background is worn on the moment, and the black black has no wind. At first, the province seems to be the gods, and then it is like the mortal flying, and it is simply.

'This is also too handsome ...,' Surprised province's own white rhymes, and the white rhymes have been spoken.

In the past, he was particularly wondering why Naruto opened an immortal model, and the six models would get out of space, and I didn't expect this happening today.

'Fairy law, hit the rain !! "

The hands are quickly printed, and I will take a breath in the body to mobilize the fairy Chakra, and a thick high-speed water flow is quickly raised to the high altitude. Suddenly in the air, the intensive water needle is continuously, covering approximately fifty on the air. The range of meters, each water needle has smashed the ground than the deep pit of the fist.

It is so exaggerated, and the power of the sickness is probably three times. ... Visited this power, the moment is a little shocked, and then try again.

Sheng Dragon !!

Almost in a transient manner, the moment is moved, and it appears on the white stone blender forest outside the dozens of meters. It is a huge dragon shape to be like an air. Cannon, roaring in the air, suddenly a few tens of stone blends stand up, in Guang

A buffered wet bone forest set off a walk.

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Chapter 77 Medical Values ​​and Narcated Candidates (Sancai More)


Tens of tens of high-spirited bamboo shoots, raised the sky dust, and the moment of ignorance, this power, the body is almost ten times. ... Even if it is a full day, Akai opened the seven The door, the moment is also confident, you can learn from the body.

And the most horrible thing is that the perfect cactus mode can be turned on instantly, then until the Xianke Chakra consumes, that is, it is more than the persistent force, you can completely take out eight armor.

The reason why it does not practice eight-door armor, one is not a cultivation method, and the second is that eight gates for the body's damage is too big, and it is a ban in overdraft life.

Although the increase in physical surgery will never reach the full opening of eight gates, it is the extent of eight-door armor, but winning is safe and lasting, there is also a sense of perception for the mood of the smear surgery. All aspects of the bonus.

And the immortal model has a characteristic, that is, with ordinary Chakrabi, using ordinary Chakra people will become more tired, and using Xianke Chakra, people will become more and more spiritual, it is also cheating. Forms.

'The model is worthy of the plug-in, which is exclusive to the protagonist ...,' I saw the power of the cactus, nodded at the moment.

If the original protagonist, the Naruto will rely on immortal cactus models, and will increase from one nothing, the small rookie, the real strength, can definitely fight the six-way Penne, the immortal model is not the same.

'Odor boy! You ruined our wet bone forest! "" The sound of anger came from behind, the body was stiff, and suddenly saw the clams and was angry.

'I can't afford to make a badger! Next, I will pay for you again ... I still have to go in advance!'. At an instant, I will release the cactus mode, bite the finger, one hand, put the hand on the ground, the ground extends the spell, directly A sound of crying, a smog disappeared in the original place.

This stinky boy, I really don't know if he is going to wet bone wood is or wrong ... After the disappearance of the , standing in the place where the original place is muttered: 'I don't think he actually cultivated into a thousand years. No one can practice the perfect immortal model ..., '

After a smoke. The moment suddenly appeared in the day of the day.

'It is not prepared ... It's time to go to the group to hold the reel of the mantra, you are in the sky, and the sky group of the sky is flying. The sharp look at the sharpness seems to have broken the whole green bend.

Tangjie office building.

Interior, three generations, group hidden, sleepless, water households, four wooden high-level high-rise are discussing the contents of the meeting.

' ... In the past year, the Ninja mortality rate of the Woody Ninja Hospital is actually 0 ?!'. The sleeple is on the hands of a piece of data, and the old lips are slightly jitter.

Yes, and this information shows that the mortality of the ninja in the mission is also a surprising data of nearly 60% of the death rate in the process of performing the task. "Another wooden long water household also stared at the data report on the hand.

Oh ..., 'three generations shake the pipe on the smoking pipe, put the soot inside into the ashtray on the table, laugh and say: "This is the day of the moment, last year, the medical class leader's data ...,'

"Moreover, last year, the medical compass he developed, it is indeed a major achievement of the current endurance ninja team allocation ..., 'Sitting in the most Sunday Tibet is also cold and cold, thinking that last year is actually cool, even him The two hands sent in the past were also killed, and his face couldn't help but sink.

Since it is a talent that I use. That don't blame me to ruin you in hand, but I will go to help it ... I thought here, I couldn't help but hold the crutches in my hand.

Medical character. It is also one of the biggest harvest and results in the past year. It is a kind of medical tolerance that has been developed for half a year. Like the principle of explosion, the medical check of the fairy medicine is injected into the medical check of the fairy medicine through special techniques. Although the medical effect is not as good as palm

However, the advantage is that it can be carried with you, as long as the ninja is injured when the task is executed outside. It immediately took out the medical compass that the moment is developed. It is a post. Immediately reach the fast healing effect.

Through this medical person, the Ninja casualty rate of the mutual in the year declined in this year, which is undoubtedly huge for the contribution to the village. Popular speaking, we have survived a ninja. In the overall power of our part, we will pick a task, and the enemy will pick a task.

Below, this is undoubtedly unmeasureable for the overall strength of a village.

Moreover, the ninja team can be equipped with this convenient medical compament, in addition to greatly reduce the casualty rate, can reduce the configuration of the team medical ninja, increase the main ninja configuration, this is the ability to complete the main strength and task of the Ninja team The improvement is also huge.

···· ...... Ask for flowers ······ ......

It is also no wonder that you will have this kind of hiding, it is true, with this medical person, the general four people's Ninja team, this medical compatibility is equivalent to an invisible fifth ninja, more than a more medical ninja. '. Three generations are rare to agree on the views of the group, and they are deeply nodded.

The fool, the huge value behind this medical conformation, no one can save it.

"This day, it is indeed a rare genius. Although I gave us a big hassle last year, in general, I brought us a difficult to estimate worth one, 'The sleeper next to my face is on my face. Wrinkle, eyes turn to three generations, 'So you call us today


' ...,' three generations deeply suck a smoke, brewing for a while, finally said: "I want to put the day into the list of Nangjie candidates ... less.


Never !! "