Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 59 of Hueding Cracks

After listening to the three generations, the other three people in the school were shocked. The group is directly opened against: 'The child is too light, how can I choose to choose a look! ".

Nothing is not a problem, but not immediately let him be a shadow, so it is a candidate ..., 'Listen to the opposition of the group, the three generations continue to say faintly.

'Hey, I don't have no reason ... The water insignificant side of the corpse seems to be agreed,' coming to the brain strength, this child is indeed enough, the identity, he is a documentary disciple , The spirit of work, he is the last and cloud of the greatest hero, and he serves as a medical class.

And research and development of this medical harmonic. Indeed that the leaves have brought huge benefits ... strict.

But don't forget that he is a person in the day! "Tibetan hidden in the cold voice, reminding everyone in the seat," Do you think that the position of the fire can be handed over to a hunger that is controlled by the day?! "

After listening to the group, the other three people in the seat also seem to be cold drunken, and the court has fallen into a moment of silence. Finally, the three generations broke the silence.

'The identity of the family, is not too big ...,' three generations put down the smoke stripes in the hand, flashing a sharp light in the old eyes, "I can take the status of the fire, I will ask the day to send the day to the guests, and release the day. The manta control of the moment. I believe that the relationship with the day should still sell me.

Face ... "

' ... ...

Chapter 78 is all over the tares (four even more)

"Oh ..." At this time, the other two wooden high-rise is old, seems to be convinced by the three generations. 'Sailing you said, there is still a feasible. Having a wooden leaf is also a young man. ... .

You ..., 'Triper saw that two other people also agreed, and suddenly worried.

'That's no problem, it is settled! "Directly jumped through the toughness of the group, and the three generations of direct classes made a decision.' Then I immediately develop a shadow candidate list, and it will be included in the day. ".

Hey! "The province has already decided this motion, and the group has a face, and the sleeves will be got up. I hope that you will not regret it in the future!"

After walking out of the Huang Ying Office, the color of the group is simply like dripping, the position of the fire has always been the goal of his Kai Shu, and the day is not the Ninja him used to use, and it can only use some very means ... ...

However, all this happened in the Office, I don't know at all.

He is now a boulevard behind the Wooden Ninja Hospital, which is the trail of Sakura, which is the small nickname.

You are coming, star. "Sitting on the seat next to the trail, I feel that the wind came back later, the head didn't return.

"Today, I actively, I wanted to come out, I want to do it ..." I always consistently showed the sunset of the cold and gorgeous image. At this moment, it seems like a blind girl in love, and there is a slightly spoiled.

And she was originally duty today, but she didn't wearing a dark dress, but a light-colored kimono, and she came home to go home. Dress up.

'Today, I call you, I have something to say to you ...,' People see the dress today to dress up, and the moment seems to be a bit bare.

'Well? Is there something? "Punner's serious expression seems to be a little confused, when she is together, there is very few such serious expressions.

'I gotta go. "I stared at the eyes of the throne and said softly.

Are you going? Walking to Nah? 'Listening to the moment, the throne, suddenly inexplicably let her react, but the philosophy is a serious expression, her heart suddenly has a shortcoming. The premonition.

Do you have to go out to perform a task? It doesn't matter, I can wait for you. ... Prescentre, smile and say.

'I refer to leaving the leaves, may be the way of rebellious, hopped with the smile of the throne, and suddenly I feel so cruel.

Leaving. ... The rebellion ..., '

Are you joking? Are you doing? You are an uptake, you are the squad leader of the wooden medical class, you have such a wonderful future in the wood. ... "The thrive suddenly laughed, the cold eyebrows The eyes of the moment seem to want to find the answer from it, 'So you must be joking with me? "

'You are coldly drunk. "By the performance of the port, the moment suddenly feels some inexplicable pain, 'I will come back, I will be back! Just take a few years, I have to come back, no one can pass me! "

'Why do you want to do this ._.' 'I heard that it would come back, however, the portrait is simple, but it seems that the tears in the eyes seem to fall at any time.

'On the one hand, because of my forehead, I still have some reason I can't explain it with you. "At the moment, I refer to the spell of my forehead, and suddenly hugged her. , 'In short, you believe me, I will be back: Ok? "

At that moment, the moment, the whole person suddenly was like a stiff, and the trembling and hugged it. The tears finally couldn't help but fell down: 'You must come back, you have to promise me _ . ''

'I promise you second _.' 'At this moment, the portrait of the tightness, saying softly in her ear:' And, wait for me to come back, let's officially interaction ._. Ok? ''

The portrait of the arms was gently trembled, and the embrace, saved the face of the face and whispered to the ground: 'Then I will wait for you, you must come back. "

'Ok. '. Wipe to wipe the tears on the face of the evening, gently print the lips in her forehead.

At this moment, it seems to become eternal.

Root tissue base.

After bid farewell to the portrait and the ring tone, the moment recalled all the shadows, only one person came to the door of the root organization of the forest.

Slowly open the door on the upper hexagon, revealing the dark passage inside, and the dark hole looks like a monster who chooses people.

Who ?! "See some of the entrance to the organizational base, and the forest directly flashed two root tissues.

The day is now, you will tell the group, I will come to the previous agreement ... The ninja circle of two roots of the roots is placed, and the moment is flat.

'Yuxing, etc., I will go to the Triper.

After the province of him, the moment and another ninja were in the same place, there was no expression on his face, and he didn't know what thoughtful in thinking.

After a while, the Ninja in which I went back was returned, and I said to myself: 'Please come with me...'

The ninja took the road in front of it, and the moment followed him to enter the walkway. After two long aisles, the dark wall lights were hanged on both sides, and the old long lives of the two people.

Ninja is really a lot.

The stairs of the layer, crossing the large half of the underground world, the previous ninja finally took the moment to the group, still the last house, still sitting in a huge stone chair.

"I didn't expect that you will take the initiative to come today. It is a pleasure to come to the _._ The stone chair has passed the hidden laughter. I didn't have to come back from the fire office. I didn't expect the moment to take the initiative to see it. he.

'I am to fulfill the previous agreement. "There is no nonsense to hide, and the moment is there to be drunk.

'? Zhe is indeed a smart person, finally wanted to understand?'. Group 2.8 hibernate to hear the moment, revealing the light of the light, finally to fall to his hand?

As long as he has mastered him, it will push him to the position of the noodles, so that you can control the wooden leaves after the scene, you can think of the content of the meeting before the fire office, the group is not commended.

I don't have much to say nonsense, where is it? "There is no vacant to hide the idea in my heart, and the moment is straight to his eyes.

'Hehehe ._The young man is no tolerance, two _.' 'Treasure smile, waving, putting a hand, putting the head to his ear,' I will take the thing.. .. ''

After leaving the hand, the group is looking at the moment, and the slow opening:., Although you are about to join us, but I think you have a certain understanding of us or lack of a certain understanding.

(The rebellion is too jowl, 0 from the moment is relatively high

Chapter 79 Torn the face (five even more)

"Well?" The immersed face of the moment was picked up, and it was interested to hit the group. As he continued.

'The root is an underground organization. "Tip micro-organizational language, the group looked at the moment: ' is a hot shadow, he must stand in front of the positive and strong image, but this world has two sides, there is dark , There is a nirief that is like a niguo, who must protect the wooden leaves.

However, there is a tissue such that the root is in the dark. Only in this way, the wooden leaves can maintain a subtle balance, peace can be long-term ..., '

'So what?' Listening to the long story of the group, I can't understand it.