Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 61

When everyone discovered the figure in the moment, the moment has been killed in their crowd to fly ten ninja.

It's too fast! In the moment, the body is in the increase in the model, no one can capture his movements, but in turn, there will be a few ninja, which will be bombed out, except for bone fragmentation. The internal organs are also broken, and they have never gone on the ground.

Lift !! "

When the moment is a light, no one has a clear movement of the province, but suddenly a big dragon shape is the wind, as if a strong air gun, in the air, flying directly, take ten ninja directly Fly out.

'This body. ... how may someone will reach this power ?! "The call is in the mouth, whispering the alleys in front of the lane, the body of the moment seems to be exceeded know.

Blink between.

The philosophy is in the hands of the elite ninja, and the hidden heart seems to be cut by a knife. To know what these ninja is not a Chinese cabbage, put it outside to one by one is a nectarity and special endurance elite, each is spent for many years.


Town Hidden adults, let's come! "At this point, a semi-cross section next to the group stood up, and the province is actually the old age.

Take the root of the root of the body's gratitude, but the speed of the moment is too fast, my heart is turning my body, there is no way to target him ..., 'Tang Hao is another orange long-haired ninja speaks, it is The ninja school followed the mountain in the same class in the moment. He was hit by the Ninja School.

I have received it in the root organization.

"'J, let me go, the wind, you assisted me!" The teenager wearing a half-plane mask, biting the black gloves on his hands with his teeth, and only see him after taking off him. Two hands were suddenly covered with a dark purple substance, not only on his neck, the whole body covered

This substance is.

The oil woman taking the root. ... "While using the body traces, the ninja in the group hiding, and the perspective of three hundred and sixty degrees in the white eye has been paying attention to the one fell swimming in the group.

Oil's oil woman taking roots and mountains in the mountains of the mountains. The province's two teenage ninja, the two teenage ninja standing around the group, and suddenly recognize their identity.

Especially the oil-based nanoscale poisonous insects covered by the oil gnake, and suddenly cause the opportunity of the moment, although the medical tutor is comparable to the order, but he will not want to try it easily. Once it is sticky (money) to a point, it is entirely possible to directly fatal.

Ice Emperor !! "

At the moment, I was hit, and a A road to the extreme ice is quickly burst. The frozen force quickly joined a frost dragon in the air. After roaring, I swallowed the past.

Not good! Protect the group hide !! "

I saw the frost dragon that hit the face, I haven't touched myself, the mountain wind and oil women have already felt breathing and immediately wanted to block the group.

However, the speed of the frost dragon is too fast, I want to block the wind and oil women in front of the group, I only feel that the body is cold, and the individual bodies have been frozen into ice.

The attack target of the province to the frost dragon is ourselves, and there is no time to pass the question, and it is directly pulled down one of the hands, and it is blocked before you.

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Chapter 81 Budget Motor (two more)


The Ninja that was pulled in front of the group to block the arcrack, and was hit by the frost dragon, frozen into an ice sculpture on the ground.

The Tuanzang saw quickly on the side, avoided the remaining frozen of the frost dragon, Yu Wei's unlimited frozen force hit the stone chair and conference table he just sat, it was frozen into a huge Ice cubes.

This guy, actually made a meat shield under his hand. Just see this scene, it can't help but also.

'Oh, this is what you said? "The moment stopped the movement of the hand, looking at the ninja before retreating to the group, some ridicule on the face,' Take the life under his hand as a block ._. ''

'This is nothing wrong with it.' Faces with the mids of the moment, a group of ninja in the surroundings of the group,. In order to protect this peace, all the sacrifices they do are worth it. They are all unknown heroes in the shadow of leaves. '' '

'The crown is also a limit.' 'Listening to the group, I don't want my face, I'm anger to laugh:' Since them is for the so-called guardian wood leaf guardian, then why don't you die? You Why don't you worry about this unknown hero? "

'Just say, because I am the leader of the root, I am a person who may change the changer to change the endurance, so their sacrifice is worth the value ._.' 'Tibetan no 147 anger Instead, continue to hide behind the hand, he said to the moment.

A group of roots in front of you, as if it is like a number machine and tool, as long as the group is sang, even if the group is committed, it is estimated that they will never have a brow.

In the moment, I can't help but organize all the people, including the group, including the group hiding, now he finally understands the highest realm of brainwashing, not only to brainwash the brain, but will brain it first.

'I admit that although I have made a high enough evaluation of you, I found that I still underestimate your strength. One.' 'Tibetan Tibetan said, while staring at the stare, it seems to have Tough decisions, 'breaking common sense, sturdy, and even super-class medical tuition

There is also the powerful unlike ice ability _._. ''

'Have to say, you have grown for a powerful existence that is impossible to be controlled by any force. "I said that I have paused here, and I broke out the fierce murder. 'Since I couldn't get you, in order not to make you become a shortcomings of the wood, I saved it. I can only kill you!"

'Kill me ?! I really don't know where you are confident, do you have these waste? Or do you still think that you hide behind these waste?' I heard that I would like to kill yourself, I can't help it, Now that his hand has been killed so much by himself, but he has not hurts a hair.

The only thing that threatens yourself in the group is the suicidal seal.

Wait ._. ? The moment seems to suddenly think of what to do, dozens of roots in front of you, the face has finally changed.

Because of him. In the past dozens of roots tissue, began to gradually took off the clothes, revealing the four like curse in the body.

'You won't think ._.' 'Hearts have some sashimi to say, I can't think of the group, I have hidden such a killing steel to deal with myself, dozens of ninja suicide launch, four icons seal, result What happens to be really difficult.

I can't think of this. One. '' The Trumpet exclusive appearance seems to recognize this seal, feel a little surprised, but it will be drunk, 'But everything is over, so many people start together · Four images seal, even if the initial generation of fire and Yizhibin spots are also difficult to escape one dead _. ''

At the moment, the speed of growth and the power showing, has made the group to feel a serious threat, since it will not stand in him, the group must kill the moment today, it is absolutely impossible to give it a moment. Narrow, or standing on the three generations of opportunities.

I have retired a few steps later, and the Tibetan Tibetan tens of ninja issued a directive: 'On! Kill him! "

I heard the Directive of the Group, the dozens of ninja immediately showed the instantaneous surgery. The moth fired in the moment, and it was worked directly to the moment. The four elephant seals were killed.

At first, the dozens of ninja scattered in their own, dense (CICB) tens of ninja, looking at the four elephant seals, under this kill, but the face of the moment reveals a trace Falling smile.

Capturing this silk smile on the face, I don't know why, I don't know why I am so strong, I have a strong crisis.

He has experienced numerous life and death, he relying on this kind of life, and has not known how many times of life, almost we have worn, and a write call in the group has begun to turn. _

Drums !!! "

In the face of the roots of the sky, it is necessary to pay with him with him. The moment is just a slightly rising, and it is gently spit out five words.

Suddenly, the temperature of the air suddenly changed, a fragrant to describe the frozen force in words, suddenly broke out from the moment, and instantly frozen the whole hall. In the moment, the space and time of the surroundment, it is actually given by this powerful frozen.

Seeing all the people in the whole hall, all the people in the whole hall are there, still maintaining the previous look and gesture. I'm looking at dozens of tenures in the half-air, I smiled, and I broke out the Chakra surgery knife with nearly 20 meters, and quickly watched them.


After the moment, the footsteps did not stop, and they were shot directly around the group, and the Chakra operated knife shrewd from his neck, and then reached out from his clothes, and suddenly took out a reel.

After doing this everything, the freezing force in the surrounding time and space scattered, and time suddenly started to recover, dozens of ninja, who jumped in the half-air, and there were still group hidden, directly Ground.

'Well, it is really not small. One moment I feel that I have almost consumed half of the Xianke Chakra, and I can't help but laugh on my face.

Dr. Tutomo, is a flash of refreshments! Reddes in the world, broke out to strong frozen force, freeze the entire time and space with absolute zero temperature, in this time and space Only in the moment I can live freely, it is the moment to open the immortal mode.

One of the ultimate big tricks that can be launched.