Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 62 of Hueding Cracks

At the moment, I only can use it once a day, although I can only freeze time and space for a two second, but the time in one or two seconds is enough for him to do a lot.

'What happened?!".

Group Tibetan adult ?! "

After the freeze is released, there are dozens of companions around them, and their group hidden adults have fallen on the ground, and the remaining root organizers are exchanging, and it is incredible to look at everything that happened before his eyes.

After all, the time and space around you were blown out. In addition to the ideological events of all people outside the moment, I still paused at that moment. In their weased, just. To dozens of companions, I will kill the flash. It is going to start the four-like seal, suddenly disappeared, then a blink of an eye

The companions of the department fall, and even the group hiding adults also fell on the ground.

This is simply like an unplanned dream building ...

Chapter 82 solves the curse (three even more)

"Hahahaha ..."

I didn't pay attention to the ninja around the place. I stood in the moment in front of the group, I looked at the reel on my hand. I can't help but laugh.

He has been waiting for a long time. Since the world through the world, the cage in the cage has always been like a sword hanging on the top of his head, and the heart will always hold his heart.

Now, he finally got this decapitation of the bird cambus in the cage, as long as he solved the spell, he was the eagle that flying the sky, no need to worry about anyone's restriction.

Seeing the neighborhoods around him. They didn't dare to move around the bodies of the group, and the moment smiled and slowly opened the reel of the hand.

The reel is indeed true. After a closer look, after the content on the scroll, clearly understand the method of the curse, immediately bite the finger to apply his blood on the reel, and then start the print.

... Shen.. . ...

After more than a dozen complex hand printed, the moment was light, and suddenly the mind was like a big breeze, as if a regiment has been gradually being erased in his brain, and the ability to cover the white eyes is It has enhanced a certain degree of view, only 359 horizons, and finally

The country is full of three hundred and sixty degrees without dead angle.

The moment is gently extracted, disassemble the white bandage. The people present on the field only see the forehead. I, the word imprint is gradually faded until they disappeared, revealing the original Bai Zhe Gao's forehead.

At the same time. During the day, a family house.

The parents who are sitting in the middle of the drunken chamber, and suddenly the parents are old, and suddenly the eyes are open. At that, someone unlocked the yard's curse! "

'Come! Let's call the family ninja! Some people solve the curse of the family! Don't hesitate to grab him!' The old man shouts, some people unwave the day to inherit the thousands of years of curse, he I have worried about the seriousness of things.

This tared. ... The day of thousands of years, the family of family, and has been severely threatened.

'Hahaha ...,'

The moment is once again loud, and the appearance is even bitter, no one knows that he has waited for a long time, and no one knows that he is more eager to now. The true freedom.

From this moment, he would never be blended, and it will never be a bird in the cage of people. He has broken the cage of the family to a family fate!

Since then. The sky is high, the birds are flying. The sea is wide, the dragon is boiled!!

'I don't think of the curse in you ...'

'Town Hidden adults, you are fine ...,' Suddenly appear next to the group, the rest of the roots in the field are exciting.

'Well? I evil. Support? ...,' disappeared in the newly appeared in the newly appeared, and it was a bit surprised, but it was not surprised, the head did not retreat:. Yishabo family sacrifice bright to exchange short Time freely manipulates the illusory and reality of the pole, which will be unfavorable to be unfavorable.

The attack is a reality ..., '

'I can't think of you, I will know? Is there any Zhibo A and Yuxi Bao Shui to tell you ...,' I heard the moment, I learned that I evil this Uneero family of Yuxi, a group Surprised, looking at a write-eyed eye in his hand, his face began to save

stand up.

'What happened? Is it a time-space? It's a small group of people who have just been in the moment, I can't help but feel deeply, that kind of ability to kill dozens of ninja, including themselves Let him feel the death.

If he is not just aware of his own dangerous instinct, I will have a true body, I will have a real body, I will think about it: "I am wrong, I am not a time-space, I can instantly kill, including me. Dozens of ninja, even directly from me ..., '

'This ability ... should still be on time space, it is an unknown taboating ability ... Sure enough, you are an extremely dangerous person ...,' Tunang happiness is a lot of strangers, the eyes are not The tremble was stopped.

Just now, he is instantly, but he can't react with the ability, he is not able to determine that the moment can still be displayed again.

'You continue! Don't kill him at the price!' The restriction of the residue is said to the remaining ninja in the field, and he turned back to a moment, and even escapeed outside.

After a fight, the taboo of the moment is endless, and the strength has completely exceeded his budget. By sacrificing a written eye to start the evil spirits to escape a dead group, there is no confidence in this victory. .

'Oh, let your hand to send dead, but you are fearful to death ...,' , , just want to go to chase him, but the rest of the root organization Ninja received a group , I will not die directly, I'm holding the same thought only, I'm successful, but I successfully dragged.

At the moment of the moment.

···· ...... seeking flowers

Boom! Boom! Boom!

'Fairy screw hand sword !! "

In the moment, I kicked a few bodies to ignite the Ninja who was rushing to fight against him, and then quickly got a huge spiral hand in the hand, directly put all the Ninja on the site. They all killed.

'This is the root ...,' By thinking about death, I will continue to think about the ninja of myself, I'm discovering that I can't understand it. The performance of the TRC is undoubtedly used as a tool that can sacrifice at any time, but these ninja still seems to have nothing to do.

Is it so successful? Every day, I hid in the darkness of some people who haven't seen people. Do they really recognize the scorpion of the legendary shadow to become a shadow of a guardian wood?

I can't solve it, but the action on the hand did not stop, no matter what the idea and carrying of these ninja, as long as they blocked in his face, then they can only die.

It seems to be ruined and pulled, but only a few breathing skills, the moment has solved the remaining root tissue ninja on the field, looking at the direction of the group to escape, speed up his footsteps.

When I was exported to the root organization, I suddenly observed on both sides of the exit channel. It has been covered with hundreds of Zhang Dynasty, and the corner of a disdain, burying the trap, on the one hand, I am covered with me. Foot, on the one hand, try to kill me, really

In the face of hundreds of openings in the channel, the moment is not flashing, but accelerates the speed directly rushed.

Booming ...

Hundreds of shots were detonated at the same time, and the explosion of the earthquake continued to pass, the channel of the root tissue base quickly collapsed, and the filled smoke was stirred.

"It's really a bad thing ..., 'diffuse dust, slowly get out of a figure," For the way to kill me and you can escape the opportunity, I don't hesitate to burn so much. Life's survived ..., '

I saw the moment from the dust from the dust, the ice of the body faded, gradually returned to the original body, the destroyed explosion caused such a point temperature, which could not cause a little damage to his elementalization.

However, the moment is a flash, he found a hundred ninja around the woods, and observed the observation of the white eyes, found that more Ninja is coming to this side.

"Hey, it turned out to move the soldiers ... less moment, he knew that the hidden signal and the huge explosion of the college have attracted countless ninja to the wooden leaves.

The moment is turned, and the direction of the woody rock is bruised ...

Chapter 83 confrontation (four consecutive)


A few bitter blank sounds sounded, and the huge wooden leafystone was on the air, and the flash of the rapid gallop stopped.