Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 63 of the Capaci Yushu System

Three generations old man.

Stop the moment, save a few bitterness of the tied to the ground, and the elderly in front of him, and a group of wooden risks he brought.

'. One. The three generations stand in front of the moment, at this time, he wearing the battle dress, and the eyes flapped in the eyes, there was shock, sad, and lost,. Tony said that you have theft of the thief The printing rod, privately unlocked the spell, and attacking the leaves of the wooden leaves without reason, killing more than 100 wooden and ninja.

He said that it is said that there is a laughter, a pair of white eyes have no conscience, the three generations of a group of wooden ninja, which have an endurance, and perseverance. If you count the big group of four four zero that is coming on, the neighborhood of the neighborhood, almost half of the ninja will gather here.

'Tell me, this is true!?' The three generations of Shen Sheng said, suddenly he worried about the slight forehead of the moment, the above representative of the curse of the family, has disappeared, 'You are really solving Opened the curse of the family to Person, 2 _. ''

'Ming ._.' ' , ._. ''

Looking at the little smile on the face, the three generations suddenly felt that he seems to have never really understood the teenager in front of you, and the sound said: 'Transaction? Do you have any transactions? "

'This is very simple, he thinks me to do things for him, eradicate all the injustices that he sit on the spot position, and as a reply, he gives me the reel of the day to the curse, just this. "The moment is sourly written, and even if it is interested, it is interested in the surrounding wooden ninja, as if it is in the stone.

Interesting things.

'Just ._Russa is not interested in a sinny, for the old foxes of the dedicated means, so I shot his reel, the matter of things is like this. I said, no one knows what he is thinking about this moment.

'Treasure ... _, listen to the moment, the three generations of lightweight, the name of the Tibetan Tibetan, everything I did in the darkness, although the three generations can't be said to be, but at least a little bit of knowledge, read is When the childhood companions and his starting point are also for the sake of wood, the three generations have always been in the behavior.

I didn't expect today _._.

'._. Today, another protagonist is in _._.' ' . .......

'Day is now! You have committed it difficult for an unscrupulous crime! I don't want to pick it up!? "After the arrival, I saw the moment that was surrounded by the Wood-Leaf Ninja, and the group was immediately loud.

'Is it a bundle? I have always been empty................. Haha smile, turn around and burst with the group and shrug.

'Japan, what is going on ?!'. At this time, the other two high-rise of the leaves, the sleeper Xiaochun and the water household also rushed here, and then followed by a big ninth of the family.

'Day is now! Sure enough is you! You are self-explained in the day of the curse!'. Leading this day to the ninja at the beginning of the elder, the end of the elders.

'At this moment, you know what you are doing ?! How can you have a method of unlocking a curse ?!' The old to the sufficiency and the surprises, and it is eager to say.

'Hahahaha ...,' flash laughs and cares for your forehead, looks at the day before the day, and the day, the day: 'I remember that I have said that the day of the family to the family is a ignorant. Existence, it is very early before the excuse of the slavery. Oh, yes, solve the spell

The method of E-mouth is that the group is handed over to me. "

After listening to the words, I can't refute him, and the day to the sufficient is directly turned to ask questions: "Tri-Tang adult, please explain why you will have a method of unlocking the day to a curse in the day!"

"This ...," faces the question of the day to the sunshine, the group is in the case, and he hasn't thought about how to explain why he will have a method of unlocking the day to a mantra.

I will see the monk of the group. The ninja in each of the big and small families in the scene cannot help others. It immediately realized that the Tibetan Tibetan wants to penetrate the respective families of the wooden leaves, and suddenly hope to the hidden look of the group began to get not good.

No matter how it is. The day, you kill the roots of more than 100 wooden leaves, this is the fact that you can't change. You now give up the resistance to our back to accept the survey! "At this time, the high-rise of the leaves is small spring sound. Say ...

'Accept the survey? Oh ...,' I heard the slightly in Xiachun, the mouth of the mouth M out of the disdainful radians, 'I think you may have a mistake ... First, I don't think I have something to have to be investigated. Second, as long as I think, I can kill you now, so don't use this tone with me again.

speak. "

On the other hand, I opened the immortal mode just released, and the invisible momentum was developed from the moment, between the gods, the ground on the ground.

"This is ... There is a breath that there is a breath of the body, and a gorgeous white robe that suddenly left on him, the three generations immediately recognized this, the shocking province is now: 'What do you? Time to practice a cactoscum ..., '

'Protecting the Naruto !!'. The powerful momentum that suddenly dissembled on the moment, and the changes in the shape, the surrounding wooden ninja is immediately nervous, and the guard is ready to go in front of the three generations.

'! What are you doing! Don't rude to the Nangjie adults and the people of the people! "This is a teammate in Kakasi and the big and big and these moments.

Cell! At this moment! "Akai House, there is also a new one to help these comrades who stayed in a battlefield in a battlefield, and they have made the moment.

It's so sad, 'Faced with their discouragement, the moment is just gently shaking his head, sigh:' Since the daily difference is being sent out by the high-rise of the wooden leaves, I will have already taken it, only 1.0 One flavor to meet the interests of most people and to trample in a small number of people. Provincial bustling wooden leaves

Under the village, who knows how much sin? "

For example, the body of the initial generation of the first generation of the original, there is a big wood ... What is the innocent person countless times in the laboratory's bed, the pain struggle is to study the results, do you know? "The moment continues to be self Said, save a group of wooden ninja around, flashing in the eyes

'You don't know at all, because you are the most of the people who are taking a small number of people. "

At this time, I heard the secret of my body. I didn't have a few ninja who loudly to the side of the group. "It's really a boring! On the moment, I will kill the same villain, and keep the wooden leaves old, Everyone will immediately kill him !! "

Chapter 84, one touch (five consecutive)

"Don't! 'I heard that the group is suddenly ordered, and the three generations immediately responded to the way.

But when it is too late, I heard the group ordered. That group hiding usually insert the ninja in the mortgage. Directly, if the arrow of the disorders is generally shot.

'Oh ... I don't have to measure ...,' I saw a few ninja that I rushed to him. I opened the cold smile on my face, and the green Chakra was clear.

After the increase of the immortal mode, nearly 20 meters of the extended version of the Chakra surgery knife, it is easy to wavily waves, and the Ninja rushing is directly quietly in the ground.

'... corpse! See between between the eyes, the ninja, a good fortune, will take the life, as if it is harvesting straw, and other ninjas present in the scene can not help but take a breath.

Wind, vacuum jade !! "

At this time, Tibetan also took the lead in shot, after the player was quickly launched, the mouth was countless air bullets shot towards the moment. He can't let the moment will continue to live. It will only leak his secrets who don't see it.

The province see the rumored tolerance of the group, and the moment is a glimpse. It is gently, and the whole instant disappears in the original place.

In the next 28 seconds, I once again appeared in front of everyone, I have already jumped high on the head of the group, and I stretched it. Directly bombarded with Thunder and the Potential Power directly hidden, and the group hiding the whole person was smashed on the ground. The whole ground was smashed out of a big pit. The crack has been turtle.

Surrounded by the ninja feet.

A good action! "At this time, there was a write-eyed cardi. He turned the jade in the eyes, he suddenly found that his writing wheel did not capture his writing.

"What is power ... The body and other ninja without super dynamic vision, obviously shocking in the huge power of the moment, and even hit the ground into this.

'Shouting, is it a shadow ... It seems that I will be exploded by me in the morning, so I secretly use the shadow to release the ...,' province's group to explode, it turns into a smoke, I am somewhat unconscious.

'Japan, can't go on this way! First take him again! "I was going to sleep Xiaochun. I saw the moment, I was aunt, and I started an eager to say, she I don't want to wait for myself to be exploded.

'... The corpse is thinking about how it should be considered, and the water sighway next to it has been loud: "Everyone! Give me this free arrogant!"

'You ...,' three generations of eyes have a big eyes, I didn't expect water household temples and sleep Xiaochun directly to order their ninja under their own.

In the white eyes, a group of ninja in his own, and a cold smile on his face, gently reached your palm. A huge chakra hand sword quickly formed in his hand.

'Fairy screw hand sword !! "

Hey! Hey! Hey! The high-scocked burst burst in the hands of the moment, stimulating the eardrum of the ninja in the field.

"This is ... The nephew scholastic formed in the body of the corpse, three generations of pupils, and immediately quickly print.

"The soil, the soil !!" "The tall soil is rapidly formed in front of the three generations, and the huge scale is far better than the soot wall of the ninja in the root tissue base.

After throwing the spiral hand in the hand, the Ninja, who was thrown out of the hand, the moment directly opened the elements to stand in the same place, the wings time, a big dazzling white light four shots. All the Ninja in the field closed. Double eyes.

After the dust, hiding in a ninja behind the three generations of soil. I saw a high-end soil wall, and I have been destroyed, and the land on the moment, I have no longer existed, and it is a nearly 100 meters. Great pothole.